Zelensky went down the streets of Kyiv and said, “We are marching for victory”!

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky has announced that Ukraine has reached a new turning point in the war.

Ukrainian leaders said they did not know how long the war would last, “it is impossible to say the number of days we have to free Ukrainian land, but we can still do it. Is a strategic turning point as it has already been reached. “

For the first time he went to the open area and talked

In Kyiv, outdoors, with a Ukrainian flag-raised building behind, Zelensky said, “We are heading for victory.” “Ukrainians continue to defend their homeland, one inch to the invaders. Will not leave. ” .. “

“Russia should be punished for attacking the humanitarian corridor,” Zelensky said. “Russians are looking for soldiers hired from Syria. Everything will be thrown into the hell of war,” he said.

“Russia’s move is our success.”

“We have fought for freedom for 16 days, four times longer than our enemies expected,” said Zelensky, praising Russia’s decision to hire from the Middle East as a result of Ukraine’s success.

“Evolution continues”

Regarding the evacuation that took place today, Mr. Zelensky said, “There were 12 evacuation today. The evacuation is continuing. The Ukrainian army is taking steps to ensure a safe evacuation. Intruders If we interfere with evacuation, the world will do so. ” “We will plant land this spring, just like every spring. We will do this as much as we can. When we protect your freedom, everyone must be like an army. Get results. We must do our best to win. To win, we need to resist and fight with all our might. “

Again against the EU

“We have made a strategic breakthrough and are already on the way to goals and victory. This is a patriotic war. Reserves and hired soldiers from Syria are being recruited across Russia. They are all thrown into the hell of war. “Then he again called on the EU with the words,” We need a stronger step from the EU. “

Emphasizing that the existing sanctions did not stop Russia, Zelensky said, “In Chernihiv, the invaders did everything to make people thirsty. There is no electricity and no heating system in the area. This is a humanitarian disaster. In Doniplo, invaders destroyed shoe factories and their homes and bombed kindergartens. For what? How did they do? Can they threaten Russia? They are Sumi region, Mario Paul, Kalkov, Rusk with rocket, Ivana-Frankovsk. Sanctions against Russia “We are working on new sanctions with our partners. Russia Must pay the price of this war every day. Yesterday there was a meeting of leaders of the European Union. We know. Who supported us in this silent meeting. 60% of the European Union, which is the majority of Ukraine. “The European Union should do more for us and ourselves. The entire European people are waiting.”

Jet against Putin’s movement!

“They will come from the Middle East to fight Russia,” Zelensky said shortly after Russian leader Putin announced that he would get help from Syria. Putin said Ukraine’s acceptance of foreign troops was not compliant with the law, but Russia was justified in doing the same.

Immediately after this statement, Russian leaders actively evaluated the negotiating measures at an evaluation meeting with Belarusian President Rocaschenko, using the phrase “diplomatic progress” in the war.