Zelensky: Ukrainian Muslims need to protect their country with weapons during Ramadan

Ukraine And on the 31st day of the war with Russia, the diplomatic movement of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to stop Russia continues. He addressed politicians at the Doha Forum in Doha, the capital of Qatar, and Zelensky touched on the upcoming Ramadan and the possible food crisis in the world.

Zelensky began his speech by greeting Qatar, saying, “I want to speak to you as you know. Esseram Alaikum. These words are the basic values ​​of peace and are now present in Ukraine. No. Because Russia has decided to invade. Ukraine and bring it under its own colony They came and took what was not theirs like the old empire Russia 28 times larger than Ukraine and one of the largest countries in the world but it’s not enough for them The administration wants to rob us of our land and use our people like workers But for 31 days, Ukraine is 28 times larger than itself and resists the country.

Will Russia stop after occupying Ukraine? Colonial demands never end. Russia wants a resurgence of an era that did not live in peace. You are doing your best to ensure that there is justice among your people, but we have been seeking justice for 31 days. Thank you for the support of the United Nations, but that is not justice. Injustice is what Russia has done to Ukraine. They threaten and threaten nuclear weapons. They are threatening not only the country but the whole world with nuclear weapons. Now, these issues are being discussed as to what can be done if nuclear and chemical weapons are used in the world.

Zelensky: Ukrainian Muslims need to protect their country with weapons during Ramadan

Ukraine provided nuclear weapons, which was the third largest in the world in the 90s. In return, he received a written guarantee for the security of countries, including Russia, for other countries. These promises did not provide our guarantee. We had to fight Russia, one of the countries that promised security. This is a classic example of fraud. What do other countries do? Do they also want to have nuclear weapons to protect themselves from possible attacks? “This is very dangerous for everyone,” he said.

“Look at our city, especially the devastating city of Mariupol. Ukraine is a country of various nationalities and religions. One million people,” said Zelensky, who said the mosque was also damaged by the Russian bomb. These Muslims live in Ukraine. There were 4,000 Muslims in the city of Mariupol alone. There were about 80 people in the Mariupol mosque in three weeks, including children, women and the elderly. All roads Has been closed and Russian troops are blocking humanitarian aid from entering the area. Now there is nothing.

Zelensky: Ukrainian Muslims need to protect their country with weapons during Ramadan

They are bombing day and night, destroying 90 percent of the city. Here, a thousand people died, but Russia was not punished for it. He was also not punished for the occupation of Crimea, where Muslims live. The Russian occupation over the last 31 days destroyed 59 places of worship, including mosques, churches, 200 schools and dozens of hospitals. Again, 10 million Ukrainians became refugees and more than 3.5 million Ukrainians had to leave the country. Moreover, most of them are women and children. This is considered a refugee crisis. But this is nothing more than that. The real crisis is ahead. “

“Ukraine is one of the most important oil, wheat and corn exporters in the world, after the Covid-19 epidemic,” Zelensky emphasized that it is painful for Ukraine to cultivate its land. Unrecoverable and at risk. Russians are mining Ukrainian land and using agricultural machinery and fuel tanks to prevent grain planting. They have occupied our port. Our country has enough food, but prevention of exports will hurt many countries. Islamic countries, Latin American countries and other countries will suffer. We prevent the global grain crisis All sanctions imposed on Russia are to enforce it peacefully.

Zelensky: Ukrainian Muslims need to protect their country with weapons during Ramadan

It takes time to cancel the purchase of Russian gas and oil in Europe. Qatar is a promising partner in terms of energy. The future of Europe depends on your sanctions. Increase the production of energy resources. Russia should not use energy issues as a world-threatening weapon. Ramadan begins a week later. You don’t have to explain to anyone the importance and implications of this month. The whole world knows and respects this. Ukrainian Muslims need to have weapons to protect their country and freedom during Ramadan. We must work more together to ensure that the month of Ramadan does not cast a shadow on Russia by making it hope for peace. We must uphold an international order for everyone, not just Ukraine. We must work for peace in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Somalia. Ukraine will live longer. “

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