Zelensky told opposition journalists from Russia: referendums cannot be held when there are soldiers

Wall – An online interview with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Russian opposition journalists has been partially published. The Russian Federation Information Technology and Mass Media Supervisory Authority (Roskomnadzor) yesterday warned against the release of the interview.

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When asked about the city of Mariupol under Russian attack, Zelensky said: It’s clear who caused this. All doorways to the city of Mariupol are closed. The port will be mined. It is clear that it is a humanitarian disaster. It is impossible to bring medicine, food or water there. Russian troops fire at a humanitarian convoy. According to our data, more than 2,000 children have died. The exact location of them is unknown. There are soldiers in Mariupol. The Russian army went there. But there are men who don’t answer the phone. “

Regarding the Western country’s decision to ban Russian athletes, artists and musicians, Zelensky also opposes the suspension of Ukrainian film director Sergei Loznitsa, who opposes these boycotts, from the Ukrainian Film Academy. I don’t know. In many cases I don’t know why he was fired. I think it’s a mistake. “They may have done it. But the decision to boycott Russian athletes is the right decision. Even for those who aren’t politically involved. You can. “I feel the pain we experience, but at least you know. That’s why boycotts are to understand exactly that people should at least feel uncomfortable when they die there. “

A Russian opposition journalist asked Zelensky that “whether refugees leaving the country will participate in the referendum” can be voted on on Russia’s six-point reconciliation against Ukraine. Zelenskiy answered the question as follows: “There are ballot boxes abroad. These ballot boxes are used in the same way as presidential and parliamentary elections. This is fine, but 90% of the Ukrainians who left want to return the day. Russian soldiers will withdraw. If there are soldiers on the territory of the country, there will be no ballot. “Who has troops from other states without legal grounds or armed illegal or legal formations? Does not count the results of the vote .. It is impossible. This is what happened in Crimea. Why? Because there were soldiers there. “

Mr Zelensky gave a green light to the agreement with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, saying, “We need to reach an agreement with the Russian president, and in order to reach an agreement, he must get out of his position on his own feet. If the army withdraws, the guarantor approves the agreement. Meeting with President Putin “We must make an agreement. If our soldiers are in the middle, the guarantor signs nothing. No. Johnson, Byden, Putin, Duda? If there are soldiers to sit and talk to? Therefore, there is no need to make legal changes. The Russian side first changes the law and then withdraws the tank. they said.”

When Russian journalist Slovyov reminded the defense that if Russia did not enter Ukraine, Ukraine would enter Donbus, according to an intelligence document released by the Russian Defense Ministry, Zelensky said: “From 2019, I told President Putin that he would not start operations on all channels, including today’s channel. I would not reclaim land by military means. Believe me, I Was looking for another option. I don’t know what this document is. “

In response to the claims of the Russian biological laboratory in Ukraine, Zelenskiy said: I want to, but I don’t have one. ” (External news)