Yurumazvral Championship Candidate-TRTSpor


In a statement to AA correspondents, Yurmaz Vral recalled that the Turkish Air Force met the F-16 on its return from the 2002 World Cup, noting the fact that this success embraced all segments. Did. social.

Despite this power, experienced coaches who advocate the inability to manage football properly in Turkey said the leagues they want to compete with, such as Spain, England, Germany and Italy, are very professional.

Before the professional requirements were met in Turkey, the coach said, “Here, let’s make this team the champion.” “It’s impossible to get some talented players, and you can’t get the rhetoric of a’successful teacher’,” Vural said. He said.

Vural has announced that he has signed 38 contracts with 30 teams from all regions of Turkey in his 36-year coaching career, stating that lasting success can only be achieved with the right system and not with individual efforts. I emphasized.


“They are all my brothers, but I don’t think that’s right in principle.”

Yılmaz Vural has criticized former soccer players Emre Belözoglu and Nuri Shahin for coaching without a professional license.

“They aren’t coaches yet. They’re all precious people. They come from football and play at the international level,” Vral said, saying he can’t be a coach without a professional license. Otherwise, however, in a bad example, it would confuse the system. “

Vural said it would take almost 10 years to become a licensee, saying:

“As soon as he quits football, without any effort, just because he played in the past, you take the man to a very important job, while the license fee is 10. You will be given a million lira. This is a lot of money. “He who plays the ball today will be the coach tomorrow.” If he says, the problem is closed. Otherwise, no one will respect education. “

“Turkish football runs without principles and rules. I’m angry that these brothers don’t speak after the match,” said Vral, who was criticized for the matter and licensed. I want to hear from him why. ” They lost, why did they win? My brother is coming out … you are being fooled. You open the newspaper, you are not a coach, this is it. After that, the Federation cannot find a Turkish coach to take to the nationals Turkish team, it needs to bring foreigners. ” He said.

Regarding the performance of the national football team Stefan Kuntz, Vral said, “I won a match against countries that are behind in football. This does not mean he was successful. Looking at the games he played, it is still. Chaos. Not at the level of defeating top-level teams. “

“Trabzonspor will once again be one of the key candidates for the championship.”

Yılmaz Vural said Trabzonspor, who won the Super League in the 2021-202 season, delivered the message, “The more successful you do this job, the more successful you will be.”

Trabzonspor explained that it was the most compact team in terms of this year’s team, and Vral said the teams of the other champion candidate teams were more problematic.

Emphasizing that Trabzonspor has an established management team, coaches and player groups, Vral said, “Given the situation of this year’s team, Trabzonspor will once again be one of the key candidates for the championship.” Told. He concluded by saying.