Youth Sports, “There is a Match in the Neighborhood” Champion-Erzurum News


The local champion of the project, which has a neighborhood match, was announced at the BŞB Olympic National Garden Carpet Field. The trophy for Youth Spor, the champion of the match in the neighborhood, was presented by Mehmet Sekmen, President of BŞB.

Erzurum –Youth Spor won the state championship in the “There is a Neighborhood Match” project, where children playing in Erzurumspor’s infrastructure defeated Sabancı Junior High School 2-1 in the final final. The blue-white have passed the group match and want to go to the Grand Final in the garden of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. On the other hand, the “I have a match in my neighborhood” cup ceremony wasn’t looking for the Champions League. BŞB Chairman Mehmet Sekmen presented the champion team trophy. The “There is a Match in the Neighborhood” project, which started on July 3 at Erzurum Stadium, ended with the final match at Astroturfing in the Metropolitan Olympic National Park.

Due to bad weather and field conditions, the Erzurum final of the “There is a neighborhood match” project was held on the BŞB carpet field. Harbişspor and Ömer Nasuhi Bilmen Middle School faced each other in the bronze medal match, but the championship match was between Genç Spor and Sabancı Junior High School. The breathtaking finals will be Erzurum Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Sekmen, Oltu Mayor Nekmetintashchi, Former Director Ender Uznoul, Youth Sports Minister Badal Osturk, BB Erzurumspor Vice President Ahmetdal, Erzurumspor Soccer Manager Musa Performed by Farvirazor, Infrastructure Management Coordinator. , Youth & Sports Yaktier District Manager Suat Yılmaz, BŞB Sports Manager MuzafferŞahin, ASKF President Selahattin Codur, State Representative Burhanettin Andiç, Amateur Football Association President Ferit Karakoca, TÜMSAD President Muharrem Baydan.

Harbişspor and Ömer Nasuhi Bilmen Middle School finished third in the whistle-blowing match of Cihan Çelebi. Ömer Nasuhi Bilmen Secondary School won the battle and finished third.

“There is a match in the neighborhood” The final round of the Erzurum State Championship took place between Genç Spor and Sabancı Middle School. The fact that almost all players on the two teams were running the ball on Erzurum Spor’s infrastructure brought different excitement to the match.

Selim Demir’s match was cruel. A small talent to become a future soccer star has demonstrated their skills in front of protocols and sports fans.


He won the breathtaking match 2-1 and became the state champion of the Erzurum Youth Sports Neighborhood Match Project under the control of technical boss Shahin Yaxan. Blue and white will successfully compete in a group match to play in the semi-finals and then win the Grand Final at the Capitol.

The awards ceremony at the Metropolitan Municipal Carpet Field in the Olympic Park Nations Garden made the Champions League awards ceremony very colorful.

Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Sekmen, Oltu Mayor Nekmettin Tashchi, Youth Sports Director Bardal Osturk and other guests presented medals and cups for the teams that entered the first four teams.

“All teams participating in this meaningful tournament hosted by the Speaker of Parliament and the Ministry of Youth and Sports are champions in our eyes, so 16 teams will participate in the medal cup,” said Mayor Mehmet Sekmen of the Erzurum metropolitan area. Presenting the track suit. Thanks to Mustafa Shentop and Dr. Mehmet Muharlem Casapol, Minister of Youth Sports. Congratulations to the State Youth Sports Department for this successful organization. As Metropolitan City, we are at the door. I am very happy to be able to open our facility to our little children, “he said.

Erzurum Youth Sports Secretary Bardahl Ozturk and Oltu Mayor Nekmettin Tashchi also hoped that the champion team would take part in the battle at the Capitol and bring the championship trophy to Erzurum.

The match will be held in the form of a team of seven main athletes and four reserve athletes, with a 20-minute meeting on artificial turf on two circuits. The final match will also be held at the Parliament Building. The Grand National Assembly of Turkey will give a tablet to the players of the first team, an electric scooter to the players of the second team, and a drone to the players of the third team. Source: UAV