Yasin Oral: Sport occupies an important position in our goal of creating the future

Yasin Oral, CEO of Paribu, said sports play an important role in Paribu’s goal of “creating the future”, a platform that provides cryptocurrency trading services. He said they realized Team Paris in 2021 because they believe Turkey could become a sporting country and the awareness of successful athletes is low. Orally answered Fanatic’s question:

What is Parisb’s view of sports investment?

Parisb believes that technology is not the only way to build the world of tomorrow today. He also believes that it is also about adopting the fields of environment, arts, sports, culture and education. From this perspective, we strive to benefit society. Contributing to the development of sports is one of our top priorities. It is very valuable to meet common values ​​and achievements with the unity of sports and to accompany the success of young people with the support we provide. We sincerely believe that the support and development of sports and athletes will further enhance their success. For this reason, our primary goal is to contribute to the development of Turkish sports through investment in sports.

Can you briefly talk about the origin and purpose of Team Paris?

Turkey has the potential to become a sporting country and has very successful athletes, but unfortunately they are not well known except in some popular areas. Unfortunately, especially in individual sports, athletes can be alone and cannot find the support they need. In establishing Team Paris, we primarily wanted to support successful athletes in individual chapters, with the aim of their success as a model for young people. We wanted to compete in areas such as swimming, gymnastics and windsurfing to make Turkey’s leading athletes on the international stage feel more than just themselves. In this way, he was with Eda Erdem, Ahmed Ondel, Dilara Uralp, Ilke Aujuxel, Celta Shanle, Nida Ellis Ustundag and Belfe Sankaku. This year, with the participation of Dilara Bozan, Dennis Serin Unluda and Fatma Uruk, we expanded our staff and turned Team Paris into a team of 10 people.

What do you think of Team Paris’ philosophy?

We believe that creating the future should include not only sports, but also technology and art. From this perspective, we established Team Paris. Our aim is to believe and take responsibility for Turkey’s potential to become a sporting country, to ensure gender equality in sports, to train future athletes and to bring these athletes together with proven athletes. Is to lay the foundation for. Their value.

Why do you support athletes nationwide?

It is a great motivation for both our successful athletes and the athletes who take them as an example to receive the support they deserve, not just one of our successful athletes. This motivation lies in the philosophy of Team Paris. We acted in the belief that we needed to show athletes fighting for the future of Turkish sports that they were not alone.

“We aim to expand our staff every year.”

What value does this sponsorship bring to your brand?

We are more interested in contributing to the Team Paris project in Turkish sports than in contributing to the brand. The most important point we set out in the departure story is to set an example for others and pave the way for tomorrow’s athletes with the support we provide to today’s athletes. We believe that we should support athletes running from success to success today and embrace their success together to mobilize tomorrow’s athletes. Based on this understanding, we would like to expand the staff of Team Paris every year. In this way, Team Parisb becomes a growing team by adding new athletes to the body. It will be our greatest contribution that the support we provide to Turkish sports and athletes inspires others.

“Our philosophy is to ensure gender equality in sports.”

With the participation of new athletes, eight out of a team of ten Parisive teams will be women.

Ensuring gender equality in sports is also part of Team Paris’ philosophy. The struggle and success of Eda Erdem, Dilara Uralp, Ilke Aujuxel, Nida Ellis Ustunder, Belfe Sankaku, Dilara Bozan, Dennis Serin Unluder and Fatma Uruk lead Turkish women. Our aim is to eliminate as much as possible the disadvantages experienced by female athletes and to draw attention to them. Today, when a child decides to become an athlete, we want him to see a successful athlete who grew up in our country. With this approach, we continue to support Turkish sports and our athletes.