Xavi’s Kerem Akturkoll’s confession at Galatasaray!

Barcelona will face Galatasaray in the UEFA Europa League. Xavi Hernandez made a statement at a press conference.


“You should defeat Galatasaray”

“We are very excited. We are experiencing a UEFA Europa League tournament that creates enthusiasm and excitement. We felt very good before Naples. Our shape is very good and we don’t want to drop it. Must play and continue luck. Win the Galatasaray match. I want to win the Galatasaray and succeed in this tournament. “Also, I need to insist on this play model that gives something. I have. It would be very difficult to go to Turkey without winning here. “


“I have a good relationship with Laporta.”

I have a good relationship with President Joan Laporta. He is not double-sided. He is a natural leader and has a great team. We are on good terms with Mateo and Jordi. Laporta likes to talk face-to-face and speak openly. I enjoy being together.


“Rapids are my best friend”

Domenec Trent is my best friend. He came to Qatar five months ago and met there. I saw Al Sadd training. He is a very experienced and great coach who uses the same soccer model as me. I will challenge us tomorrow.


“G.SARAY’s position in the league is not equal to its quality.”

The Turkish League is another different experience for him. I think it will be a great success in Turkey. The dome has this quality and talent. Galatasaray’s position in the league is not comparable to its quality. Galatasaray will far exceed the league rankings in a short period of time, and I think this situation will be resolved.


“We have two goals.”

“We have two goals: to get a Champions League visa in Liga and to win the UEFA Europa League. That is our dream of the Europa League, but how well Liga finishes the season. And it shows how well things go. These two are the goals of our season. “


“I have no experience in this tournament.”

We do not consider ourselves to be one of the UEFA Europa League favorites. I have no experience with this tournament. In my opinion, Sevilla is my favorite. We are just one of the candidates, but we need to show them in the field. There are only illusions created by Barcelona. All matches are Barcelona tests. I haven’t achieved anything yet. We just have to continue.


“Rotate with G.SARAY MATCH”

Rotate in a Galatasaray match. Because the player is tired. They played a lot and they are not in good condition. Use different players for midfield and attack. The more active players actually showed better performance.


Real Madrid-PSG match description

I don’t know if Bernabeu is Messi’s garden. Leo wondered at Bernabeu, but he did so in many places, not just Bernabeu. It will be a great match, and I want my friends to win. Leo and Neymar are my friends. I will do my best for them.



Galatasaray is a very compact team. I saw the dome gradually build its own model. There are talented actors like Kerem Aktür koğlu who personally surprise me …


“G.SARAY can cause problems in the United States”

Galatasaray has the property of causing problems. So we have to afflict them when we have the ball.


“We are in a good point”

I am happy and happy in many ways. Koeman was playing soccer with a different model than us. Changing that model has never been so easy. It took time, but it has improved significantly over time. We are in good condition and in a good place, but we haven’t achieved anything yet. Our goals are ongoing and we are trying to reach these goals.


“I’m looking at the present, not the future.”

I am looking at the present, not the future. My players don’t know when the opportunity will come, but they have to work hard for it. So it’s painful to exclude my good performers like Martin, Riki, Oscar and Eric. I insist that they continue to work hard.


“No one says” no “because I arrived.”

“You’ve seen me with Harland, but I don’t know. For all football players, Barcelona is the place they’ve always wanted. Say no to Barcelona since I came here. No soccer player isn’t! If you’re talking to a soccer player, talk about the model of the game, training. Talk about clubs, big cities, Barcelona. “Convince the players who talked about coming to Barça. I’m trying. This is a great opportunity. “

2nd place

“PENA is doing a good job at G.SARAY”

Inacio Penha made a very bold decision. Here he was competing with Ter Stegen and Neto. He went to Galatasaray, but we are watching him every match. I think he did a very good job at Galatasaray. Our view of Pena is that he will return to Barcelona in a much better way and then continue with him.


Comments on Koeman-Laporta’s Relationship

I don’t want to comment on the relationship between Koeman and President Laporta. Koeman has always been one of my favorite soccer players. I have a lot of respect for him. He is our legend and he helped me a lot when I was the coach of Barcelona B. As an icon, he took on the job during difficult times in the club. He played with young people, made bold decisions, and fought everyone for young players. When asked about Koeman, I’ll just tell you the good words!