World Nomad Games Introduced-TRTSpor

In addition to Minister Casapol and Minister Bilal Erdogan, Deputy Ahmet Kılch of the AK Party, Baghdad Amreiev, Secretary-General of the Turkish National Organization, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the World Nomadic Competition, and Hakan Kazanchi, Chairman of the Turkish Traditional Sports Federation, are also members of the ministry. I attended a meeting held at the headquarters.

Minister Casapol said at a conference that began with the introduction of the World Nomad Games around Lake Iznik: “As Turkey, these games will be a new milestone in our country’s sports research and sports tourism. This is a program that excites us all and we are preparing every day. As a ministry, we All infrastructure in these games. We run this organization in the strongest way. Traditional sports are short. “In a short period of time, it is of great interest both in our country and on the international stage. It has aroused recognition. Bilal Erdogan, Presidential Federation of World Ethnosports, has devoted a great deal of effort and dedication to this recognition. “ Said.

Kasapoğlu emphasizes that sport is an element of solidarity between the two countries, saying: “Traditional sports are a common heritage of the Turkish world on this occasion. The World Nomad Games are one of the most important relics imposed on us in this context. Leadership and dedication in this regard. Special thanks to Kyrgyzstan for this, not only as a sporting activity, which is a normal activity, but also as a sporting activity, which is a normal activity. ” We consider maintaining this trust to be one of our top priorities. Responsibility. ” I used a phrase.

Explaining that they will play the match in the best possible way, hosted by Bursa, Casapoul continued his words:

“We all know Bursa’s position in history and its mission as a capital in many regions. In this sense, it is also important that Bursa will become the cultural capital of the Turkish world in 2022. World Nomads Games are also especially important. From the perspective of Turkish sports culture. With all the stakeholders, we are heading towards institutionalization. “In the steps we take, the world nomadic games are higher in the world sports sector. Raising the level is one of our goals, and we are happy to bring back the historical memories of the nomads as well as the Turks and enter an important turning point. “

Recalling that Turkey currently has four traditional sports federations, Minister Casapol said interest in traditional sports is increasing day by day.

Mr. Casapoul emphasized that the World Nomad Games are also important to the Turkic Council, saying: “The law of dreams in the sports world has also been passed. This is also an important start to our sports law. It turns out to be an important guide to illuminate our path. We have Infrastructure shows that we are doing a lot of things, the most successful international sports organizations in every region of our country. 4. We will once again prove this at the World Nomadic Convention. This year again. We will hold a special event. We will hold the 5th Islamic Solidarity Convention. Konya in the best possible way. ” He said.

Bilal Erdogan: Being held in Iznik has very serious implications

Bilal Erdogan, President of the World National Sports Federation, emphasized that they had a very important day. “In 2015 we established a coalition in Bishkek in connection with the World Nomad Games, but in 2014 the first World Nomad Games were held, especially to support the organization, which is traditional in the world. We set out to grow, spread and enhance the sport. 2016’We have done a lot of work with the Kyrgyzstan team and contributed to the formation of the second and third games of 2018. In this context, Thanks to Kirghistan for successfully performing the first three. The second thanks are that the leaders of the Turkish world, who make up the Turkish national organization today, deserve it. I think so. They also showed their willingness to own this project and helped organize these games. Since 2014. “ I made that evaluation.

Erdogan emphasized that the geography that keeps traditional sports in the world is the Turkish world, he said: “The World Nomad Games continued to be held each year with the participation of many countries and athletes. During that time, we continued to grow as the World Ethnic Sports Federation. We are a traditional sports organization in more than 80 countries. So far, we have continued to support traditional sports with the Ministry of Sport in 13 countries. “Public agencies and Ministry of Sport in these countries have opened branches and traditions. We strive to support traditional sports. “ I used a phrase.

Erdogan recalled that the game was interrupted for two years due to a new type of coronavirus epidemic. “The fact that the game is held in Iznik is also very serious. Believe me. Knowing Iznik Lake, we know that it is the pearl of our country as a country. I think I ignored Iznik. Despite its deep historical past, I hope this World Nomadic Tournament Iznik will take place. He said.

Bilal Erdogan said that nomadic culture has the virtues of providing peace and tranquility to humanity again, “remembering to take this opportunity to host the Istanbul Folk Sports Cultural Festival that we had to take. I would like to take a two-year break at Istanbul Ataturk International Airport from June 9th to 12th. We will work to promote all traditional sports, “he concludes. ..

Hakan Kazancı provided information about the game

Hakan Kazanchi, Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the 4th World Nomadic Games, provided information on pre-convention preparations.

Kazancı recalled that 19 countries participated in the game. The first game was held in 2014. “Hopefully, more than 100 countries will participate in the 4th World Nomad Games and more than 3000 athletes will participate. The game in Iznik, one of the first capitals of the Ottoman Empire, is First and only in the world traditional sports branch. Our field area is clearly defined. 473,000 square meters. Mud and swamp parts were cleared with construction debris. The ground is about 40 Made appropriate by filling and arranging 10,000 areas There are 6 road entrances on the premises. All work was done by protecting the environment. Our main goal is to make it It was to clean. There is a 1,000 spectator tribune that can accommodate about 5 people. “ I used a phrase.

Ahmet Kılıç, Deputy Ahmet Kılıç of AK Party Bursa, said he would organize a very meaningful organization and was excited to hold a game that was postponed for two years for a pandemic.

The Secretary-General of the Organization of Turkic has provided information on the history of the game and said that the 4th World Nomad Games in Bursa will be announced worldwide with the help of Turkey.