World Figure Skating Championships begins-TRTSpor

After the olympic games

As it is the biggest race of the year, the world championships, which are expected to be very exciting, will be a little overshadowed by the year the Olympics are held. This shadow is due to the fact that some Olympic medalists have decided to retire or take a break before the World Championships. In fact, you won’t be able to see many of the skaters on the Olympic podium at this year’s World Championships. But this time, there is another reason why there are no medalist skaters, other than the general reason for quitting sports and getting injured. Due to the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war, the ISU has banned Russian and Belarusian athletes and officers from attending ISU events until further notice. This ban has divided the community that closely follows figure skating. Some believe that Russia’s absence, which has established a major advantage in ice skating, especially for single women and doubles, has been lost, while others do not.

Opposition to quad jump techniques and women’s scores

Those who think that Russia’s non-participation in the championship is a profit, not a defeat, have expressed their views on quadruple jumps and points in women’s singles races. The techniques of the real quad-jump monsters Camilla Varieva, Anna Shelvakova and Alexandra Trusova have been criticized for these jumps. The most critical aspect is that Barriera hangs on a jump linked from the upper body after a quad toe loop jump, and Shelvakova misuses or inaccurately uses the skate edge at the beginning of the flip and Lutz jumps. It is also the subject of great criticism that these names make some of the rotations (forward rotations) that need to be done in the air before rising from the ice. Trusova, on the other hand, is most criticized for the way her program appears only as a jump preparation and jump, the lack of connection, and the weakness of her artistic side. When Alexandra Trusova left Eteri Tutberidze and began her work with Evgeni Plushenko in May 2020, the quad Lutz technique, edge clarity and artistic aspects of the jump start began to improve. I understand. However, after she worked with Plushenko for a year, she returned to Tutberidze, and Tulsois seems to have retreated in her artistic terms after this return. Despite criticism, the trio’s high technical and artistic scores at the competition bring praise to some ice skating enthusiasts, but others blame the referee for not being objective on many platforms. increase. Of course, the arrows are aimed at their trainer Eteri Tutberidze and their choreographer Daniel Greykangause, and their talents and strengths are clear.

If you don’t have a Russian skater, you probably won’t have a female skater trying a quartet at the World Championships. Alysa Liu of the United States, who made a quad Lutz jump while competing in the junior, explained that she was not going to try it anymore because her body could not easily allow the quad jump after she started competing as an adult. did. None of the female skaters in the championship can try more quad jumps. Ice skating enthusiasts who responded to the above criticism said it was better to see a program full of triple jumps made with solid techniques than to see a program full of triple jumps made with the wrong technique. I am. Championship. On the other hand, some spectators see quad jumps as a symbol of the progress of sports and think that the more difficult they are, the more exciting the competition will be. Again, some ice skating enthusiasts disagree with the criticism that Russian skaters are getting higher artistic scores than they deserve, and the choreography of Varieva and Shelvakova is a musical sensation. It is claimed that the reflection will bring great joy to the audience. In fact, this isn’t a new debate, it’s been a hot topic in the ice skating community for years. However, at the end of the race ban imposed on Russia after the war, it is even more angry among believers who say “what kind of championship will we watch?”

Women’s short program favorites

These three Russian names will not participate in the women’s short program starting at 13:00 tomorrow, so the medals’ favorites will be skaters from Japan, South Korea and the United States. Kaori Sakamoto, who participated in the world championships with the Olympic bronze medal, recorded a perfect series and high score throughout the season. Sakamoto, still 22 years old, seems to be technically and artistically mature. She wants to take advantage of the triple Axel, but she can finish the short program with a clean skate. The names that can defeat Sakamoto by the point difference of the triple Axel are Shinba Higuchi of Japan, You Young of South Korea, and Alysa Liu of the United States. In yesterday’s training, all three names tried the triple Axel. If they decide to include the triple Axel in their short program and apply it well, they will also earn points in the free program. Let’s just say that Higuchi and your highlights aren’t just triple Axels. Wakaba Higuchi, who finished the Olympics in 5th place, is the 2018 world runner-up. 6th place in the Olympics You will be competing in the World Championships for the first time, but the history of the Grand Prix and the Four Continents Championships is good. In addition, he is the 2020 Youth Olympic Champion.

The names we mentioned are prominent names for the race to be in the top three, but there are many names that should not be overlooked in a short program where a total of 33 skaters compete. Madeline Caesars of Canada, Loena Hendrix of Belgium, Karen Chen of the United States, Elisa Brezinova of the Czech Republic, Jenni Saarinen of Finland, Anastasia Gubanova compete for Georgia, Mana Kawabe of Japan, Hein Lee of South Korea, The name is Josephine Tarjegard of Sweden, where Ekaterina Kurakova competes for Poland.

So what about couples?

The Doubles Short Program, which will start tomorrow evening at 20.30 CET, will not host both Olympic champion Chinese couple Sui Wenjing / Konhan and the Russian couple who ranked second, third and fourth in the Olympics. Hmm. The China Skating Federation has not sent the skater to the World Championships this year and has not issued an official statement on why. The absence of these two countries will seriously hurt the level of the couple’s struggle.
Riku Miura / Ryuichi Kihara seemed to be able to bring medals to Japan at the Grand Prix tournament, even though they had been skating together for two years because no couple had completed the Olympics in the top five. Probably one of the top three biggest candidates in the world championships. 6th-place American couple Alexa Knierim / Brandon Frazier and 8th-place compatriot Ashley Cain-Gribble / Timothy Rudak will be the biggest rivals of the Japanese couple. Canada, which has previously won world championship and Olympic medals at Jamie SalĂ© / David Pelletier and Meagan Duhamel / Eric Radford, seeks to find a place in the top five. One of the names fighting for Canada is Eric Redford, who left Meagan Duhamel after winning the bronze medal at the 2018 Olympics and formed a duo with Vanessa James of France last year. The James / Redford duo haven’t had serious success yet, but could improve without a Chinese and Russian couple.