Women’s meetings at TAXiM are problematic, women’s meetings are not.

“For public safety and other reasons, certain places, places and meetings are banned. Taksim is one of these squares. Women who meet at Taksim have problems,” said Derya Yanık, Minister of Family and Social Services. Yes. March 8th or some other reason. ”


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Family Social Services Minister Derya Yanık evaluated the agenda by answering questions on the Habertürk TV broadcast.

Celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8, Yanık said that, in fact, each symbolic day was created to draw attention to the issue.

Minister Januk said: “Specifically speaking about March 8th, under the title of Women’s Rights to Work, women should be able to benefit equally from opportunities and provide opportunities. March 8th; What we did, The other thing we have to do is the day we see these as opportunities to talk. Women’s issues are not limited to one day. We are talking about social, economic and social issues. ” Stated.

Regarding the demonstration held in Taksim on March 8th, International Women’s Day, Minister Januk said:

“The issue of Taksim has been much discussed in all protests since ancient times. Under normal circumstances, you don’t need permission to hold demonstrations or rallies. People do so when they want to express their views on all topics. However, meetings are prohibited due to location, location, security, etc. Taksim is one of them. There is a problem with women’s meetings in Taksim, not for reasons such as March 8th. . “

Istanbul Convention

“Did the withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention increase violence against women?” Answered the question, “It cannot be said that the withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention in Turkey increased violence against women. The struggle for rights is not a new struggle. It is not a process that began with the Istanbul Convention. The fight against violence against violence is not a process that began with the Istanbul Convention, “he said.

“Istanbul,” said Minister Januk, said the Istanbul Convention emerged as part of the struggle for women’s rights, protection of women from all kinds of violence, and women’s participation in social, political and economic life. The Convention is the will of the members and parties of the Council of Europe. Text. The entire acquisition produced is important. Many different groups have made points of discussion within this framework text. “

Burning said stricter penalties for violence against women were on the agenda, noting that the new regulations would not reduce actions that do not show concrete signs of regret in attacks on women.

Minister Januk pointed out that penalties for crimes such as intentional injury, murder and torture will be strengthened, saying, “There was no discrimination between men and women. Now, because of the worsening consequences of crimes against women, The definition of crime against women is implicit. The lower limit for crimes committed by married and divorced persons has been raised to 9 months. Relentless pursuit is considered a crime and an arrest warrant will be issued if necessary. Crimes against spouses or divorced spouses are included in the crime catalog.

As a ministry, explaining that it is possible to gather their work on violence against women under the two headings “preventive services” and “protective services”, Yanık continued his words: rice field.

“Within preventive services, awareness of violence, education, access to justice, full public mobilization. From the creation of protection mechanisms used by women in the face of the threat of violence, our Alo 183 hotline. , Ministry of Interior KADES application, implementation of measures within the scope of Judiciary No. 6284, efforts to prevent direct violence. On the other hand, financial empowerment of women, increase of employment of women, activities to promote home production, etc. There are many topics. Within the scope of protection services are women’s protection centers and violence prevention centers. From the moment we apply to the violence prevention and surveillance center for people under threat of violence. Serve. If he needs legal assistance, we will provide it immediately. She needs protection. We will take her to a women’s shelter immediately. We make confidentiality decisions when exposed to serious threats. We are creating mechanisms to establish the safety of life. “

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