With “win-win”, the global sports sponsorship economy reaches $ 57 billion


Participated in sponsorship projects for over 20 years Lana Ercan GyunWorking for 17 years in the tourism group of Alarco Holding, where they do business Teguh BabrightHe suggested that:

-Turn your sponsorship project into a business.

Lana Ercan Gyun When Teguh BabrightThe steps to turn the issue of sponsorship into a business they have established coincided with the time of the pandemic. Starting with the main idea, I rolled up my sleeves:

-Sponsorship provides double-sided benefits. Sponsors consider profits to be part of marketing. Those who receive sponsorship support make the organization, work, and activities financially comfortable.

The two partners designed this business for a new era, outsourced software, and decided on its name in line with sponsorship issues.

● We-link-you…


The following is a description of the work performed.

● We-link-You are a digital sponsorship platform. The dual-mechanism we-link-you platform, which serves both the project side and the sponsor side, acts as a bridge between innovative projects and visionary brands.

Recently Teguh BabrightWe discussed the global and Turkish sponsorship sector and the new business model that came into effect 6-7 months ago.

-Added a whole new perspective to the sponsorship process. This is because it has been done in the traditional way for years, making it more accessible and faster, adapting to the digital world, and executing all transactions on a single platform.

He explained how the system works:

-Brands have access to a wide variety of different categories of projects that add value to their brands, all of which can be viewed and evaluated at the same time. They can complete sponsorship through a single platform.

He emphasized an increase in sponsorship:

-It is possible to measure the impact of sponsorship from social media. Reflections appear. Companies consider sponsorship a subpart of marketing.

“We-link-you” He pointed out that there are nearly 15 projects on his website and gave an example.

● Transanatolia 2022: Two female rally racers are looking to sponsor an eight-day challenging race from Hatay to Eskisehir.

● Büyükada Night Run: We are looking for sponsors of the night running organization to be held in October.

● Mamut Art 10th Anniversary: It will be held from the end of September to the beginning of October.

● Saffet EmreTonguc: He shares nearly 40 years of experience with applications. You can travel the world with this app. Brands can own this app.

Teguh BabrightStarting with the Nike and Adidas examples, we asked about the financial aspects of the sponsorship economy.

-Nike’s sponsorship agreement for 2021 is estimated to exceed $ 600 million. Adidas is second with $ 343 million in spending.

He focused on data on sponsorships in sports categories around the world.

-Globally, sponsorship in the sports category in 2020 was approximately $ 57 billion. It is expected to reach $ 90 billion by 2027.

He illustrated the situation in Turkey through information disclosed by three major clubs:

● Galatasaray: According to the data released, the annual sponsor revenue is 207 million TL.

● Besiktas: According to previous data released, it was second with 196 million lira. He is estimated to have risen to number one on the Rain contract.

● Fenerbahce: According to the data released, the total annual sponsor revenue is 186 million TL.

He then emphasized the following about sponsorship:

-Companies and institutions can reach an audience that cannot be reached under normal conditions through sponsorship. In sponsorship, it would be beneficial if the stones thrown were a little bigger. That way, it might be more noticeable.

“We-link-you”The following features have been highlighted.

-We have a very transparent system.

When talking about the sponsorship economy, examples of brands such as Nike and Adidas are given from all over the world. The brand in question is explaining the spending on sponsorship.

“We-link-you”It seems that we have created a platform environment that transparently brings together the parties regarding sponsorship.

same “Clear air” Can’t I create it for the costs incurred?

He signed 500,000 books for his sector and constantly increased the information

AYTERM Plumbing committee Ahmet OzakutakuI posted a link in December 2020:

● www.gunesisi.com

Then he called:

-Our brother Rüknettin Küçükçalı is a doyen in our industry. He has prepared and written many books about our industry. It was a very educational and informative service. He is now sharing books for free on the internet.

I clicked on the link at the bottom of the cover of many books, M.Sc. Mechanical Engineer Rüknettin Kucukcali I saw the signed article:

-Shared your experience with mechanical installations, seminars, symposium papers, articles published in technical journals, and 32 books. The book was prepared by teamwork and updated regularly. A total of more than 500,000 books have been published.

Rüknettin KucukcaliHe said Isısan Books contains theoretical and practical information that can be used in projects and practices.

-We have delivered books to the Plumbing Projects Bureau, Plumbing Contractors, Plumbing Engineers, Building Bureaus, Application Teams, Operators, Universities and Faculty of Engineering and College Libraries.

Then he added:

-This time, I would like to deliver the latest version (12 books) of Isısan Books on the Internet. My purpose is to keep the information intact and easily reach a larger audience. Duplication of knowledge by sharing.

When reading the extension of the linkRüknettin KucukcaliI also confirmed the role of. 1972 Graduated from ITU Faculty of Mechanical Engineering KüçükçalıHe worked at Türbosan and Sungurlar. He founded Ishisan in 1975. He sold 80% of Ishisan to Buderus in December 2002 and served as chairman of the company’s board of directors until November 2008.

In November 2008, during his 33 years of work at Ishisan, he sent the following message:

● “Horizontal management” Adopted“Everyone can do it freely and well” We said.. Those who responsibly dream of their work will be more successful...

● From Ishisan “Because something is wrong” No“We have very well-equipped young staff, so everything is fine.” I will go.

● Sorry: Big differences in income distribution, poor ecological balance, political pollution.

Sad news about Eid al-Adha Nurettin Kucukcali Gave:

-I lost my brother Rüknettin Küçükçalı.

Next Ahmet OzakutakuShare on social media:

-Oh, my beautiful brother, you left me like a vacation-paid kid. You have been my master, mentor, and guide for 35 years in my life.

Rüknettin KucukcaliWish God’s mercy …