With Allah’s permission, this is diesel, fertilizer, medicine, seeds, commodity prices, I don’t want them to worry about it.

Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Forestry Vahit Kirisci To the manufacturer “With Allah’s permission, this is diesel, fertilizer, medicine, seeds, commodity prices. We are worth producing, not consuming. First produce, then consume. Others People also consume it. Therefore, they should definitely and definitely not worry about the exorbitant price of these inputs from production inputs. ” He called.

Kirişci, AKP Vice Chairman Julide Sariero Guru MP visited MHP Adana President.

In a meeting with Chairman Bünyamin Avcı of the State of MHP, Kirişci touched on the importance of uniting the People’s Union.

The union has stated that it is very important for the elections scheduled for 2023, Mr. Kirishi said:“We can easily see that there is true integrity, unity, friendship and solidarity between the prestigious President and the prestigious President Dr. Devlet Bacheli. Two prominent Adanas The party will bring our Adana. “ He said.

MHP President Avcı also said the city’s People’s Union is preparing for unity and solidarity for the 2023 elections. Minister Kirishi talked about the importance of the agriculture and forestry sector when he visited the President of AKP with his aides.

Emphasizing the need for nature, Kirişci said:

“If we neglect our work and do it imperfectly and imperfectly, there is no structure that the industry cannot overthrow.”

“There is no place for this sector to be touched because it is so important, strategic and essential. There is no reason why you cannot succeed if you touch it well. There is no structure that cannot be overthrown if you neglect this sector. Our work Will do imperfections or imperfections. I will tell you that, we serve millions of guests and guests coming to this country and are also responsible for exporting the country’s surplus products. It’s a sector. We hope our Lord, your prayers, and our efforts will make us successful.

Adana pointed out that the two rivers and the fertile plains are important places, and Kirishi told the producers:

“Manufacturers should not worry about input prices”

“With Allah’s permission, this is diesel, fertilizer, medicine, seeds, commodity prices. I don’t worry about it to them, I take care of their fields, vineyards, gardens, barns, sheds, enclosures. We want you to be. We are worth producing, not by consuming. We produce first, then we also consume. People other than us also consume. Therefore, they should definitely and definitely not worry about the production inputs and the exorbitant prices of these inputs. Now, a pandemic has occurred and then the war between the two neighboring countries has caused confusion. There is an unpredictable series of developments. Please let me know. “No one is unaffected by this. This affects everyone, the whole world. Fortunately. I. We have Adana, but fortunately there are 81 states like Adana. All of these 81 states have their product, the production of this product. We have the production of plants and animals. Has a very dynamic food sector that turns them into food. There is also a feed sector. There are trade marketing companies capable of marketing in the month. “

Kirişci explained the advantages of Turkey’s geographical location, “We used to say,’This is a bridge between two continents.’ No, it’s not just a bridge. It’s also a very big, deep, ancient culture. Started by the President of Africa. It has become a country that has established serious relations with the Balkan Peninsula and the Caucasus and is trying to reflect those relations in trade. Fill the bottom, top, right and left sides of its wardbridge. You can reach 55 countries in 5 hours. “ I made that evaluation.

AKP President of Adana Mehmet Ay He also informed Minister Kirishi about his work. (AA)