Wings For Life World Run leaves hope for spinal paralysis

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Wings for Life World Run 2022, to be held on Sunday, May 8th, will be held in Izmir, Japan, with the support of the Izmir metropolitan area to fund research on the treatment of spinal cord paralysis around the world. Will be. Ford Turkey’s main sponsorship. The announcement of the race, which will start at 14:00, took place today at a press conference held at the Cultural Center of the Historical Coal Gas Plant in Izmir. At a press conference hosted by Mayor of Izmir Tunç Soyer and President of the Turkish Spinal Paralysis Association Semla Chetinkaya, the inspiring finish line of the race, the Ford branded catch vehicle, was also introduced. In addition to the meeting; Izmir Youth and Sports Provincial Director Murato Eskich, Ford Turkey Marketing Manager Tarat Ishoul, Red Bull Athlete Hazarne Hill, Red Bull Athlete Dario Costa will also be attending to drive the Ford Kuga Catch Vehicle.

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“It’s no coincidence that Izmir is preferred.”

Mayor Tunch Soyer of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is pleased to be able to host the world’s largest charity run again, saying: Despite the pandemics we have experienced, we have hosted many sporting events and hosted international tournaments. As you know, we won the run at the Half Marathon on September 9th and the Marathon Izmir on May 19th. It’s no coincidence that Izmir was selected for the Wings for Life World Run race. The fact that our city continues to host this tournament is a result of the growing value we put in sports. This international organization, which serves such a valuable purpose, will be held in Turkey for the seventh time in the world and for the fifth time in Izmir. “

“Increase hope with Wings for Life”

Semura Çetinkaya, President of the Turkish Spinal Cord Paralysis Association, said: “Because of spinal cord paralysis, more than 3 million people in Turkey and around the world continue to live in wheelchairs. That is why all research on the treatment of spinal cord paralysis is so important for these people to sustain their lives. As a TOFD, we are pleased to be able to support the mission of the Wings For Life Foundation for this disease for which there is no cure yet. We hope that the Wings For Life World Run will raise expectations for the treatment of spinal cord paralysis. hoping.”

“This is a very special event.”

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Murat Eskich, Minister of Youth and Sports, Izmir, who attended the press conference, said: People do good together. If we are healthy today, we may be unhealthy tomorrow. At this event, people get together to help others. If the goal is to help others, it’s a very special job. We also attach great importance to this. The kindness of our society is not dead. Our people are almost competing to help each other. Thanks to such an organization, sports contribute significantly to the unity and solidarity of the world. Thanks to everyone who has a share in this organization. “

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“We leave the key and run if good.”

As Ford Turkey, as the main sponsor of the Wings for Life World Run since 2016, they are very pleased to be able to participate in one of the most important charity runs in the world. Live the Future Today’s motto is to create a better environment with technologies and services that support an active life. We are working for the future of today and have everyone take action. Ford invites people to adopt an active lifestyle to create the busiest team by saying, “Leave the key and run if you like,” at this year’s Wings for Life World Run. To do. With the world’s only concept, this valuable organization has achieved the same goal by forming a team spirit with employees, dealers and suppliers since its first year in Turkey. This year we aim to double the performance of the last few years and work with the team to improve our running and donation records. Invite everyone to Izmir on May 8th, share this pride with us and say, “Let’s run together for good.”

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“I’m happy to be able to use the capture tool”

Red Bull athlete Dario Costa is a 2021 European Rally Cup champion Red Bull athlete and uses one of the Castrol Ford team’s Turkish pilot Ali Turkan and two separate Ford Kuga catching vehicles. .. We must know this and live. That’s why the Wings for Life Foundation works for all of us. Wings for Life World Run gives people a chance to give hope just by running. “I’m very happy to be here with the handle of the catch car at this special event,” he said.

“The more we are, the more we hope.”

Hazarnehill, one of Turkey’s most successful female athletics athletes, emphasized that it is very important for her to participate in this meaningful run. Red Bull athletes said, “When one end of the world is noon and the other end is night, the whole world is running wholeheartedly for the same purpose. And everyone who participates in this organization. Is looking for hope for spinal cord palsy. There is hope. The bigger we are, the more we are on their side. On Sunday, Izmills will strengthen these steps. I’m looking forward to seeing it, “he said.