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For many years, I have been a journalist at numerous events in the UK and around the world, from the G20 Summit to NATO meetings, European and global football and other sporting events. You’ve never come across a well-organized event like the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament without sacrificing quality. The value given to athletes, their relatives, journalists, and everyone involved in the tournament, and the rules that are applied with the utmost care, make this tournament perfect. This year, colors and activities have come to the tournament. The tournament could not be held in 2020 due to Covid and was played in 2021 with a limited audience.

1 year income comes in 2 weeks

In addition to being a huge sports organization, Wimbledon is a big economy … The tournament’s contribution to the UK economy was £ 327m before Covid, or 6.6 billion TL … this year. Is expected to increase. Adrian Mills, chairman of the Wimbledon Businessmen’s Association and renowned television host, said that the lifestyle, pace and energy of England as a whole changed during the tournament: “Bars, restaurants and streets have a festive atmosphere. Visitors will be provided with a complete VIP service. This will create a very important economic asset for the country. Wimbledon city merchants have made a fair amount of money in the last two weeks. ” He says.

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Package of 23,000 bananas and 112,000 strawberries


The two-week tournament attracts about 39,000 spectators daily, including royalty and celebrities. One of the most interesting parts of the tournament is the traditional strawberry and cream presentation. During the championship, the audience will consume about 112,000 strawberry packages and 7,000 liters of cream. Strawberries are specially produced for Wimbledon and freshly picked strawberries are brought to court every morning. In the 13-day championship, 150,000 alcoholic cocktails, 23,000 bananas, 300,000 teas and coffees, 250,000 waters, 190,000 sandwiches, 177,000 hot dishes, 13 It consumes 15,000 ice creams, 30,000 fish and some potatoes, 30,000 liters of milk and 12,000 kg of salmon.

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Wimbledon Consumer Championship

Roger Federer will soon go to change your shoes

In the tournament, which was attended by a total of 584 players and 475,000 812 people, the number of visitors was 20,000 tennis ball key chains, 11,000 men’s towels, 9,000 women’s towels and 8,000. Buy a wristband, 6,300 signed tennis balls.

More than 300 referees and about 300 ball collectors participate in the tournament. Ball collectors receive intensive training months in advance to act quickly and accurately during the tournament.

Tennis players must wear white in tournaments where dark green and purple have been recognized as official colors since 1909. For example, in 2013 Roger Federer was told to change his shoes for the next match because his soles were orange.

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Tournament champions will only be given a small copy of the trophy they lifted. After the ceremony, the athlete is alone with the trophy for just a few minutes.

A total of 856 million TL awards will be distributed

This year, Wimbledon will be distributing a total of $ 49.55 million in prize money. Both male and female champions will receive $ 2.5 million.

Yücebaş has managed the game for 12 years.

“Participating in a match on the court is a completely different experience and adrenaline,” said Mutlu Yücebaş, the first Turkish referee to work in Wimbledon for 12 years, two weeks in a row, including the center court. .. Yousebash said: All decisions are made instantly, “he said.