Will Smith and Chris Rock leave their mark on the ceremony … who said what at the Oscar Clasp?

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I think it’s fiction

Oktay Kaynarca: “I honestly believed that this event was fictitious. It’s the much talked about Mizan Seine scene. When you look at the buckle, you’re a pro. The guy wasn’t surprised at all and didn’t even stumble. “

What you say to a man

Selen Görgüzel: “Here, the man does not talk about his wife, he does not talk about her. Adams Will Smith. When people get married, they are” in illness and health “in front of all witnesses.” I promise. This slap is proof of Will Smith’s heartfelt promise. Congratulations to Will Smith for being able to stand beside his wife with such great love in any situation. This slap is a slap in which a beloved man slaps in his heart and strips all his attributes. “

Very ugly

Ata Demi Rail: “If you say there’s nothing left on stage, think again! What’s this? Very sad, very ugly!”

Bless your hands

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Demet Akarin: “The man has been married for 25 years. I did a lot to his wife, who was very important. You are Adam, Will Smith.”

Right …

Koshkun Saba: “I have a sensuality with my sick wife, a woman. Will Smith is very right. But his reaction should not have been violence.”

Both are wrong

Nirgan Bergan: “Both are wrong. The presenter insulted the actor’s wife. It’s also wrong for the player to punch.”

They vomit a grudge

Turgay Tanülkü: “Both are wrong. They basically hate each other and hate their reaction to it. I think they used the woman to vomit a grudge. I think it was the woman who was hurt.” rice field.

Violence has no gender

Gem Wousel: “All women, including my wife, praise Will Smith, by saying,” You are a man. ” What if the presenter who spoke those words was a woman? You will say the opposite. Violence has no gender. “

One of a few

Ece Early: “Violence is by no means an aid, but it shouldn’t be a place to joke about health problems. The man has already answered. Will Smith is one of the few remaining men.”

It was a fake even if I cried

Gokce: “I think it’s a game. Then she cried and apologized, it seemed very fake to me. I also have to state that I’m never previewing with violence. I also oppose male violence against men and female violence against men. “

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He will beat in his story

Belma Cancigar: “I’m surprised. There’s a story about Will Smith’s masculinity. As a woman, I’m even more surprised. If he beats him in his words while he’s giving a speech. Wouldn’t it be more elegant? “

Will Smith, who won the “Starring Actor Award”, slapped Chris Rock, who was making fun of his wife, on stage. Shocked Locke said: This is a great night in the history of television, “he continued.

Why did you make a Smith shot?

Night host Chris Rock joked about Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.In reference to the movie “GI Jane,” in which Demi Moore shaved her head, a famous comedian told Jada Pinkett Smith, “Jada, I love you,” who had to shave her head because of ringworm. GI Jane
2 Immediately. I’m looking forward to seeing it. ”
Will Smith laughed at first, but his reaction was harsh when he noticed his wife’s face down. The actor who stood up and went on stage slapped Chris Rock on live broadcast. After Smith returned to his seat, he shouted at Rock, “Don’t say my wife’s name,” and the broadcast was interrupted.

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Will Smith and Chris Rock leave their mark on the ceremony ... who said what on the Oscar buckle?

No assault report

Initially, Will Smith’s slap in comedian Chris Rock was perceived as the Mise-en-Sene scene. However, when the Los Angeles Police Department intervened, it turned out that the incident was not fictitious. It turns out that the academy wanted to file a complaint with Chris Rock, but the famous comedian did not complain and refused to receive reports of the assault.

“Open marriage” controversy

After Will Smith’s reaction to the joke about his wife, the allegations about the couple’s marriage re-emerged. Two men who have been married since 1997 had “open marriage”, that is, they were alleged to have met others. “Our relationship began as a monogamy, but has evolved since then,” a famous actor told GQ Magazine in the past few months. Last year, it was revealed that Jada Pinkett Smith had a relationship with rapper August Alsina.

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Will Smith and Chris Rock leave their mark on the ceremony ... who said what on the Oscar buckle?

Will Smith, who was previously nominated for two Oscars, managed to win the award for his third nomination. But it wasn’t acting, it was the “slap” performance that graced the night.

The most beautiful thing I have ever seen

Actress Tiffany Haddish commented on the slap event as “the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” Hadish, who defends Will Smith, said: Isn’t that what my wife should do? That is protection. It means the world to me. This view may not be shared in the world, but I believe it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and that there are still men who love and care for their wives. The actress said Jada Pinkett Smith was also happy with her husband’s actions. She said, “I saw her during her commercial. She was grateful for her husband’s actions.”

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Will Smith and Chris Rock leave their mark on the ceremony ... who said what on the Oscar buckle?

Nicole Kidman’s reaction in the audience at the time of the slap was an event. Thousands of shares were created the moment a famous actor was shocked. One of the comments was, “Nicole Kidman must win the Oscar for’Best Response to Will Smith Slap Chris Rock’!”

Will Smith and Chris Rock leave their mark on the ceremony ... who said what on the Oscar buckle?

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith continued to hold hands and watch the ceremony after the event.