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Ryan Babel said he was a very emotional and affectionate person in life off the field, saying, “I’m sensitive and emotional, but of course I shouldn’t show this in football, and I’m always impressed. You need to give. If you show it, people may perceive it as a weakness, but of course, after all, we are humans, and of course we also have emotions and emotions. I’m usually an emotional and affectionate person, “he said.

“It was a season without luck”

In appreciation of Galatasaray’s performance this season, the 35-year-old soccer player said: “The main thing is team continuity. Unfortunately, this season was an unlucky season for the team. But we’ve been playing with completely different teams for the past three years, which makes it an unlucky season. It might be.”

“I love Fatih Terim”

Regarding Fatih Terim’s appearance, Babel said, “I had the opportunity to spend more time on the torrent and play in almost every match, but I really liked Fatih Terim, which is the club’s policy after all. As Galatasaray players, we know how much pressure our coaches are under. They are not always able to do what they want. As players, we are media, fans, Or from within the club, I know what they’re dealing with. Therefore, I’m always trying to be a professional and always devoting myself. It will be like this until the last match. ” He said.

“The election was held at a bad time”

The presidential election in Galatasaray took place at a bad time for the club, saying the club needs stability, and a Dutch soccer player said in a statement to DHA: Place at a very bad time. For example, two weeks before the PSV Eindhoven match I played in last year’s Champions League qualifying, some players were absent, but no coaches. This situation causes a delay. In the last few weeks of this season, no one, including teachers, knows how this period will develop. We are in a process that affects everyone. “If you need stability, you need to avoid that,” he said.

“The most important thing is the right structure and foundation.”

He pointed out that the most important thing in a club is not to move players, but to create the right structure, and experienced players said, “In fact, talking about such things would be rude to teammates. But this is true; the most important thing is the structure, and you can’t build things without the foundation. This affects both the coach by the management and the player by the coach, therefore the whole ladder. Steps are affected. For example, at the beginning of last season, I was able to train with only nine players for three weeks, and because I didn’t have a coach, I went to a European match with a missing player. I participated. Therefore, such things do not make the preseason healthy and make it difficult for the team to recover in the continuation of the season. I am familiar with this as an experienced player who played at Ajax in Liverpool. After all, we need to lay a solid foundation for this business. I think that’s why this season has passed this way. “

“We should all be together, but there is nothing wrong with each other.”

A star soccer player said it was not correct to charge someone for the results of this season, “I think the first thing to ask is what the club represents, because it can be expressed in many ways. I don’t think players, coaches and management should consider it a contempt, but it also includes fans, because together we are part of Galatasaray. Changing the president when fans don’t want it. We should not blame each other, but work together toward our goals. “

“I don’t look for comments”

Babel also commented on negative comments from fans about the fact that he had too many opportunities to play during Domènec Torrent’s day.

“I don’t understand Turkish, so I don’t mind the comments. At the end of the day, the teacher decides by playing a person who deserves it. First of all, you need to be healthy, you Must not be overweight and you must be able to do the exercise well. Apart from that, I can add some quality to the game. This is the teacher’s fair decision. is”

“I have the opportunity to play with very good players.”

In the last three seasons of Galatasaray, Babel said he had the opportunity to play with some of the best players. He had the opportunity to play with a very good player. Falcao, for example, was seriously injured when he got here. People may have an opinion about his high salary, which should be respected. However, he had to be treated earlier than the injury, and Falcao had a hard time. He played with great players, but it’s a bit of a problem that different players come in and change from season to season. Continuing a stable team is important to me, I believe it, “he said.

“Gedson has helped us a lot.”

Gedson Fernandez is a very good soccer player and has a good relationship with him, Babel said, “Gedson Fernandez could have contributed to the team. He is a really nice person and it is very. It’s an important feature. He’s a quality player who can contribute to any team. If he came to us this season, it really helped, “he said.

“I want to continue Galatasaray”

Babel said he was very happy with the Istanbul family, “I want to continue Galatasaray, but I don’t know that at this point. The new management didn’t even discuss it with me. I don’t know. But I love Istanbul and I love playing in big clubs. Again, if it’s up to me, of course I want to play, “he said. ..

“It’s a shame to talk about my salary, it’s not fun.”

An experienced soccer player also spoke about his salary story.

“It’s not good to talk about someone’s salary where I came from, and it’s rude. Even among us players, we don’t ask how much each other pays, it’s not polite. I I think it should be interpreted from a technical point of view, not the contract. I think it should be interpreted about how I played on the field. I won the contract and I got the right deal for it. It’s not my fault, it’s something between me and the club. “

“I can play soccer for more than a couple of years”

Babel said he was ready for an offer from abroad, “My family is in Istanbul so I would like to continue here. But if there is any offer, I will think about it. I can, I’m ready for the adventure. I think I’ll be able to play for another couple of years. I’m happy in Istanbul, and I want to stay here, “he said.

Regarding the mention of his name on the Hull City and MLS League teams, the Dutch said, “I don’t have any information about this and can’t comment.”

“There are no special goals for this season.”

Asked if there was an unforgettable match against Galatasaray’s jersey, Babel said, “At this point, I have no special goals. For example, the goal I scored in Marseille’s match was good, but that’s it. It wasn’t a winning goal. I wouldn’t have forgotten if it was a championship. For example, I missed the championship a little last season, so so far it’s a very special and memorable match for me. I don’t think it was, “he said.

“We are always with Maltan”

Experienced players have stated that the media claim that “Maltan is alone on the team” is not true and “is misrepresented that he is alone. We are always with Maltan. If you think he feels lonely, we are always trying to help him, but after all he has to learn English and that’s his responsibility. This is the world of football. Yes, this is one of the biggest clubs in Turkey. All players coming to Galata Sarai are aware of this and have to take responsibility for him. Maltan feels ready and has it. I think we need to focus. Players with flaws always have to do it themselves. This is what we expect at this level, “he said.

“Social media is a part of our lives”

A star soccer player known for his effective use of social media said, “Social media is a part of our lives and it is very natural to use it. From time to time, each of my posts. There is a meaning behind. There has been a misunderstanding over the last few years, but I don’t think it’s possible to say “don’t use social media.” It is a part of our lives and will continue to be so. I don’t think it’s a problem. “

“I don’t give investment advice”

Babel emphasized that he was trained in the crypto chain and has knowledge of it, saying: I learned about blockchain infrastructure. I think this is very important because there is a problem with the financial system. I have also experienced this in Turkey. Cryptocurrencies can suddenly lose value, and to prevent this, I believe that cryptocurrencies allow people who don’t make a lot of money to value their savings. As an athlete, I am careful about what I say, but I will share it when I get good information. But I don’t give investment advice to my teammates or others. But I always train them and share my knowledge. But I never told them “take it” or “do not take it”, “he said.

“We can’t wait by our fans”

Finally, an experienced soccer player who sent a message to Galatasaray fans said, “When you want to send a message, be catchy and look at it from a different angle. For example, at the beginning of the season,” I won. Sometimes it’s easy to support a team, but when you lose, it’s time for real fans to show up. ” Continue in the same way. Whistling while playing at home is unacceptable. This player is not an opponent. He is your player and you need to motivate him. Some of our players were afraid and felt more comfortable playing. Fans supported the European team in a very different way. Looking at this, you can see why you can’t see this in every match. It’s wise to support the team so that they can play better in each match, “he said.