Why is SAMP-T again? -Deniz Kilislioglu

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on his return from the extraordinary NATO summit that he “decided to continue his efforts to recreate the triple steps taken by Turkey-France-Italy” and return to cooperation. Openly stated. With EUROSAM, which produces SAMP-T missiles. This statement is not a replacement for the S-400 system purchased from Russia, as Turkey had previously believed that this cooperation would improve domestic production.

Simply put, a bid announcement for a long-range air defense system was made in 2010, bringing the Chinese FD-2000 system to the forefront in a bidding process in which China, Russia, the United States and Italy-France (EUROSAM) compete. .. It was decided to buy the S-400 from Turkey. The transaction took place in April 2017. (The first batch of S-400 systems arrived in July 2019.)

Despite the S-400 Agreement signed in April 2017, three months after this date, on July 14, 2017, Asselsan and Asselsan signed a framework agreement with EUROSAM for feasibility studies. , The defense ministers of the three countries are November 2017. With these agreements, Turkey had two purposes.

Providing foreign technology for the “Hisar-U” long-range missile defense system developed after 2007,

To prevent the risk of ballistic missiles reaching open areas if the S-400 cannot be integrated into the NATO system. The “Aster-30 Block-1” model manufactured by EUROSAM may provide an effective defense system against Scud, Shahab, and Fati-type missiles, so it may head to Turkey from nearby. I have.

It was also calculated that the top model of the Aster-30 Block-1 could be deployed in an air defense frigate. At that time, there was already discussion about this, but after that, the discussion was terminated. (Due to the 2019 Peace Spring Operation and the tensions of the Eastern Mediterranean Navtex)

In summary, Turkey has made great strides in the defense industry, but still wants to have the “know-how” for the domestic production of missile defense systems. The research conducted by the EUROSAM consortium is important in this regard. Of course, it is also meaningful to explore the ideal way of domestic production while the discussion of S-400 is continuing, and it is questioned whether the system will be fully utilized by this cooperation.

Why re-SAMP-T

SAMP-T Intermediate-range missile defense system

Origin: France-Italy

Range: 120 km

Missiles per launcher: 8

Length: 4.9 meters

Weight: 450 kg

Head weight: 15-20 kg

Next week’s proceedings

Next week, the world’s hottest conference is the OPEC Ministerial Conference. The main agenda of the conference is fluctuations in oil prices after the Ukrainian War, and current supply shortages could put the market at greater risk. The meeting will discuss the steps that can be taken to make up for the loss of supply in Russia. In this sense, attention will be focused on whether Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates decide to increase production to close the gap. Western countries will close Riad and Abu Dhabi all week, according to experts.

Why re-SAMP-T

In Valhelyi’s chant with Borel’s tongue

During the ongoing Ukrainian War, the European Union approved its “strategic compass” on March 21st. This reveals a security vision for the coming years. Just 10 days before the document was published, at the Antalya Foreign Affairs Forum, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Josep Borrell was asked, “Does the compass point to Turkey?” When I asked, Borel answered my question as follows:

“This dispute has shown that we need to strengthen our ties with Turkey. This war has revealed the importance of Turkey not only as a partner but also as a candidate. With NATO. Turkey is also our partner. Turkey is one of NATO’s most important member states because it has the second largest army and needs to strengthen its ties with Turkey. “

Underlined here are “candidates”. Because Borrell said these words to me in the evening of posting on social media by EU enlargement member Olivér Válheli. In that post, Barheli defined Turkey only as a “partner,” and she did not use the word “candidate,” eliciting a reaction from the Turkish authorities. In this regard, the headline of the interview was that Borrell described Turkey as “a candidate, not just a partner.” However, “compass” seems to have been reflected in Barheli’s chant, not in Borrell’s words. The “strategic compass” was not so surprising to me given the disagreements between the two senior officials of the union.

Why re-SAMP-T

Turkey is mentioned in two parts of the statement, and as part of its relationship with its partners, another paragraph is reserved for NATO members, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, although it is not an EU member state. Enter that paragraph for Turkey. In the next paragraph, he said, “We are working to build a mutually beneficial partnership with Turkey that contributes to the mission and operation of the Common Security and Defense Policy,” but with the addition of the sentence “however,” “this “Equal commitment by Turkey to ease tensions” has been added to the cooperation.

However, in a world of increasing security risks, Turkey attaches great importance to cooperation with its partners, but given the recent situation, unlike the state-based situation, the EU’s institutional awareness is still unclear. It seems that the same intention is not reflected. Visit to Turkey.