Why did Down Syndrome and sports workshops get so excited?

Sponsored by Basakshehir City on March 21st, Down Syndrome Awareness Day “Down Syndrome and Sports Workshop” Excited us. The reason for our excitement is that we always emphasize in these lines.What can we do about the participation of individuals with special needs (persons with disabilities) in social life? “ Answer the questions, the first steps to take next and the next …

Sustainability of primary consciousness

The results of the workshop held by the city of Basakshehir are relevant not only to the Basakshehir district and people with Down syndrome, but also to nearly 15 million people with special needs (disabled people) in various parts of our country. According to the news content of the workshop, the widespread realization of the workshop by 72 scholars, the Basakshehir Municipal Scientific Committee, and the experts within it. This means that the decisions made are not of the type to be ignored. Share the results to reach more “interlocutors”, take them into account by stakeholders and authorities, and follow up on whether they are being implemented …


Opinion is important

Universities in our country have more than 100 physical education and sports departments. Each faculty has thousands of scholars and tens of thousands of students. ‘All scientific research is important. ” You are the one who accepts the word. There is a certain amount of effort and effort in each task performed. The reason for reminding me of this is that it is a sports workshop with the phrase “Down Syndrome”, unlike the sports workshops held in the Basakshehir district. From all over the country72 scholarsThe opinions of all participants in the Final Declaration, especially their opinions, are important.

“Our brothers and family

Add value to their lives. ”

Regarding the workshop held in the municipality, we cherish the words of Mayor Basakshehir Yasin Cartre and attract the attention of the general public. What does Kartoğlu say? “At our Down Syndrome and Sports Workshop, we aimed to raise awareness of brothers and sisters with special needs. We would like to support brothers and sisters with Down Syndrome in the field of sports and add value to their lives. As the city of Bashakshehir, we will take the necessary steps in line with the report published at the end of the workshop. We will carry out activities to add value to the lives of our brothers and their families. We will take steps in line with the report and our brothers. And add value to the lives of their families. ”

While listening to these words of the President, I shared them again in 2018 with these lines. “How did they defeat Down Syndrome and Autism? ..” The article has arrived. I would like to share some of the articles I shared four years ago. “The life story of Sude Cherik with Down Syndrome, who attended the Basakshehir City Women’s Activity Center (BAKMER), has changed with sports. Municipal potential, family and trainer cooperation have added to Sude Cherik’s life. This change in BAKMER is reflected in the newsletter of the City of Basakshehir under the heading “The Down Syndrome Pseudo is happier than it is now”, and the details of the news are as follows.

First step installation …

As Yasin Kartoğlu, Mayor of Basakshehir, said, there is no activity within the municipality. The problem we want to emphasize is to keep up with the evaluation and practice of the workshop results. in the first place? Questions may come up. The top priority is the facility, followed by the training of trainers who are experts in the field. Regarding the establishment, Phasera Kyukluk Palace for the Disabled, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipal Special Education and Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled, Uskudar Municipal Center for the Disabled, Seljuk Autism Individual Education Center (SOBE), Bashakshehir District Can be taken as an example of a special education and rehabilitation center in the city of Chatarka in the border town. Trainer training can be done by scholars who have put their heart and soul into this task (for people with disabilities). Thus, the door to a healthy and happy life is open for individuals and their families with special needs.