Who was the bomb aimed at and why was the buyer not caught?

Type Istanbul Deputy Ahmet ChicMinister of Interior Suleiman SoilIn a parliamentary question submitted by’to answer’, he raised a police carrying a bomb, “Who did the bomb go to?” When “Why wasn’t the buyer caught?” I asked a question.

As a result of an investigation into the Asena analysis program by the Hackari State Police, a driver of an active police officer in Istanbul stopped at the exit of the Yüksekova district. During a search inside the vehicle, 133 52 kg and 500 grams of explosives hidden in a stash at the bottom of the spare tire pool were confiscated.

Interior Minister Süleyman Soyle said in a statement of questions about the subject matter of the television program he attended yesterday that the operation carried out by the Hackari State Security Agency was the result of an investigation conducted through the Asena Analysis Program. .. Soil told police in a statement that he had brought gold bullions, but said the statement was unconvincing, saying the target was Istanbul and the explosives were transferred from northern Iraq.

Soil said the suspected police officer had been dismissed from his profession in 2019 for a criminal offense related to the theft of cables, but returned to his duties by a court decision. “Then we handed it over to another place, from which he moved to a place in Istanbul. He’s a very nasty type. He robbed the cable. There’s a lot of this kind of cheapness. He was working here, so they did this and grabbed it. “” I used the phrase.

“Why were explosive buyers not caught by allowing controlled deliveries?”

The fact that it was the police who had the bomb led to a series of controversies.

Istanbul Deputy Ahmet Shuk of the Turkish Workers Party (TIP) answered 18 questions on this subject in a parliamentary question submitted by Interior Minister Süleyman Soyle to answer.

Şık asked how police, who were previously involved in crimes such as cable theft, returned to work.

Asking who the explosives are going to, TYPE DeputyŞık said, “Interior Minister Süleyman Soyle said the operation to seize the explosives was carried out as a result of an investigation conducted through the Asena Analysis Program. An investigation conducted under the Asena Analysis Program determined that the vehicle was suspicious. But why was controlled delivery allowed and the buyer of the explosive not caught? I used the phrase.

Ahmetshuk’s questions to Suleiman Soil are:

“Is the suspect’s police identity shared with the general public?”

1-Is the suspect’s police identity shared with the general public?

2-When did the suspect’s police begin their mission? Where and in which unit did he work?

3-Are there any imbalanced increases in assets and bank accounts of suspected police officers and their close relatives?

4-Have the HTS records of mobile phones used by the suspect’s police been investigated?

5-The allegations that a suspected police officer assigned to Zonguldak while working in Istanbul Maltepe took leave after submitting a report that he was scheduled to undergo surgery and did not go to his new place of work. really?

6-Is the suspect’s police allegation correct that a vehicle with explosives seized in a hiding place will be manufactured under license and 400,000 TL will be paid to him in exchange for a courier obligation?

7-The Interior Minister said, “This kind of cheapness is too expensive. Why did a police officer who was dismissed from the profession because of” cable theft “, which he described as a” nasty type “, in a court decision? Was it possible to return to duty?

8-Mayor of Istanbul. Social media accounts of non-government citizens will be scrutinized. Ekrem ImamogurIn the words of the Minister of Interior, in an era when the political situation exists. Why were “difficult types” of police officers fired for cable theft and similar criminal affairs, intelligence agencies not following, and no action taken before the crime occurred?

9-Is the type and origin of the explosive in question determined by laboratory inspection?

10-Have the suspect’s police ever served a courier?

11-Did the suspect say in a statement to the police that he thought he had carried cargo to Istanbul on the same route and had previously brought gold bullions?

12-What did the suspect’s police say during the first cross-examination? Who was he blaming? Who is the accomplice?

13-Who or from whom did the suspect’s police receive the explosives in question, to whom, or to whom?

14-Where and for whom are explosives used? Will there be many casualties if an attack is made?

15- Interior Minister Suleiman Soil said the operation in which the explosives were seized was carried out as a result of an investigation conducted through the Asena Analysis Program. An investigation conducted by the Asena Analysis Program determined that the vehicle was suspicious, but why was controlled delivery allowed and the explosives buyer not caught?

16-On September 11, 2007, the then Prime Minister was in the Kurtulus multi-storey car park in Ankara. Recep Tayyip ErdoganIt was alleged that some vehicles had been stored with bombs loaded for assassination. A few days after the incident, he was traveling by bus from Eskisehir to Ankara. 0054dris Nakçi He was detained for having a SIM card on the phone of a vehicle loaded with bombs, and as a result of investigation, he was with Nakushi. Mustafabayar When Alisayan I was arrested. According to HTS records, mobile phones and SIM cards found in bomb-laden vehicles were used in Van’s Guroymac and Bachesaray districts, and it was determined that Idrisnakshi was in Eskisehir on the day Erdogan was assassinated. .. Also, his lawyer submitted a list of all the streets he walked for two days before his client, Idris Nakshi, was detained in court and asked for MOBESE and private camera records, but the records were deleted. It became clear that it was done. His client was in Eskisehir. However, at the end of the trial in Ankara 11th Higher Criminal Court, Idris Nakshi and Ali Sayan were sentenced to severe imprisonment, and the decision was upheld by the Supreme Court. Later, the incident became apparent as a conspiracy by the Feslalist police. Police, members of the Fethullah Gulen community, first loaded 580 kg into the van. He took a minibus containing explosives to Ankara, placed it in a multi-storey car park in Kurtursh, and was announced and claimed on September 11, 2007, as if he had been caught in the parking lot. There was a plan to assassinate Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Is there a conspiracy similar to a power center nested in a past state, as seen in this case study?

17-Did this operation make a bloody plan that one wing of a focal struggle in the power struggle between the state and power was destroyed by the movement of the other?

18-Leader of criminal organization Sedat PekelSuch an event occurred when Interior Minister Süleyman Soyle was criticized for the image of street torture and police violence against Adana’s Fulcan Foundation members, often mentioned in disclosures and confessions. Is it a coincidence? of. ??