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Tino Kadewere was finally on the agenda at Galatasaray and is continuing her transfer studies. Kadewere, who was caught by the yellow-red team radar while playing in the French league two-team Le Havre, was abandoned in Lyon when Alexander Lacazette returned home. So who is Tino Kadewere who has passed Okan Buruk approval, and how old is he? Here are the careers and stats of Zimbabwean soccer players …

Biography of Tino Kadewere

Philana Tinotenda Kadewere, her full name, was born on January 5, 1996 in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. He is 26 years old as of July 2022. The 1.83 tall striker will play in Olympique Lyonnais, one of the French league teams. The player’s contract here will expire on June 30, 2024.

Career and stats

Philana Tinotenda, like many of Zimbabwe’s peers, wanted to be a soccer player. But his success in education was also remarkable.

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Accepted from Prince Edward High School in the capital Harare at an early age, Tino Tender continued to play sports on the one hand and did not interrupt her education on the other.

Tino Kadewere, Olympique Lyonnais


The second oldest high school in Zimbabwe and listed as one of Africa’s top 10 high schools, the institution provided free education to bright children in the country. Tino Tender was one of 1,200 children at the time who could be considered lucky.

Interested in out-of-school football, Tino Tenda was soon selected for the Prince Edward High School school team. From 2011 to 2014, he struggled in Greenfield for the success of his school.

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The city of Harare, playing in front of 60,000 people in Zimbabwe, has long watched over the young Tino Tender. His positive efforts, abilities and speed on his last hit were enough for him to step into the pros.

Djurgården from Tino seen in Sweden at the age of 18

During the summer 2014 transfer, when the Harare transfer team approved a young soccer player, he had no choice but to accept him at Prince Edward High School. Entering the professional stage at the age of 18, Tino became known for his goals beyond Zimbabwe.

The Swedish team Djurgården was initially away from the player and hired him for a year. Tino Tenda took advantage of the opportunity she was given to make a fruitful start in Europe.

Tino Kadewere Goal Celebration

He proved how close he was to the goal by contributing double digits in the first season and five goals in 13 games in the second season. The Djurgården delegation found a midpoint with Harare and received Tino’s testimony.

Zimbabwe, who played 19 games against Djurgården in 2017-18, was able to make it to the transfer list of most European clubs by contributing 16 goals this time. Le Havre tied Tino, who had a market value of 800,000 euros at the time, to his color by paying 2 million euros.

High up with LEHAVRE

An African striker who went to France at the age of 22 contributed 12 goals in 2018-19 and 24 goals in 24 games in 2019-20. In his second year at Le Havre, he closed League 2 with a top scorer title.

The League One, Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A and even Riga clubs wanted Tino Tender to have a great season in French League Two at the age of 24. Galatasaray was one of those who wanted him.

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Olympique Lyonnais quickly paid Le Havre € 12 million for Tino in January 2020. Africans who finished the season in Le Havre joined Lyon for the 2020-2021 season. However, the Olympics failed to live up to expectations in Lyon.

Zimbabwe, who had the opportunity to play 33 games during the football period from 2020 to 2021, contributed 13 goals.

Lyon coach Rudi Garcia gave Tino 20 chances last season. African soccer players were able to swing the net only once in 20 games.

Alexandre Lacazette will join the team for this performance, but Tino’s departure from Lyon is believed to be certain.

Leo Dubois, Galatasaray

Galatasaray’s next target, which has strengthened its front line with Harris Seferovic, is claimed to be Tino Tender. Symbomb, who tied Lyon’s Leo Dubois to his own color, can hire different players from the same team.

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