Who is the murderer of the Dolmabahce tree?

The plane trees along the road are called “wooden paths” by the general public and are said to have been logged by IMM. Odatv learned the truth after many newspapers criticized IMM for this case.

Platanus, which stretches along a road known to the general public as a “treeed road” around the Dolmabahce and Ciragan Palaces in Istanbul, is reported to have been logged by 0054BB. Odatv learned the truth after many newspapers criticized IMM for this case.

What they wrote

After the news of Barış Savaş from the Sabah Newspaper, newspaper writer Mevlüt Tezel wrote an article entitled “Are there tree slaughter when IMM cuts it?” Mevlüt Tezel called the logging of plane trees along the road a “genocide” in his article, but he criticized the IMM administration.

In addition to Mevrut Tezel, who criticized the logging of plane trees, the Calendar newspaper also wrote about the event, stating that the IMM had logged trees, claiming they were cancerous.

AKP Istanbul State Chair Ottoman Nurika Bactepe also shared his message on his social media account. “I don’t know how many times I’ve passed this street without taking my eyes off the giant plane tree. I’m talking about the Dolmabahce-Ciragan line called” Ağaçlı Yolu “. It’s one of my favorite streets … The logging of plane trees changed my face. They destroyed another beauty of Istanbul. ” Said.

So why were these trees really cut down?

Reason explained

The Istanbul Park and Garden Green Area Division issued a statement after newspaper reporters criticized logging. In a statement made on a social media account, the reason for cutting plane trees along the road was shared with the general public.

It was said that sycamore logging was not new, but it was emphasized that it has existed since 2007. It is also stated that logging of Sycamore trees began during the time of AKP Istanbul President. In other words, the situation was not new, it was an event that had existed for years.

In a statement, the Istanbul Park and Garden Green Area Division said trees that had been cut down due to a disease called “Sycamoregan” had been cut down.

“112 trees have been logged since 2007.”

In a statement to Odatv on this matter, Dr. Yasin Çağatay Seçkin, Director General of 0054BB Parks and Gardens, talked about the reasons for cutting plane trees.

Çağatay Seçkin states: Logging in Ciragan is due to a cancer diagnosis of sycamore. In our country, this cancer has been present in trees since 2007. ” Said.

Chaatai ​​Sekin explained that tree cancer treatments have continued since the AKP administration in 2007, stressing that the news that 112 trees have been cut down does not tell the truth. He added that logging was approved after 2020 and the total number of trees felled is 112.

“Wood Road” on the Dolmabahce Road

“A new tree has been placed in place of the finished tree.”

Since 2007, people working at IMM have stated that cancerous trees have been continuously detected until 2013, with a total of 56 trees being cut down and new trees being planted by 2013.

Çağatay Seçkin emphasized that a very serious amount of cancer disease was detected in sycamore control performed after 2018, with trees planted in place of trees cut down for cancer in 2018. He said that cancer was detected.

Çağatay Seçkin, who said authorities had applied to the board at the time in 2018, added that cancers detected in trees were said to be treated without delay.

“There is no cure for cancer”

Chagatai Khan emphasized that there is no cure for Sycamore cancer, saying: Historical plane trees die within 7 to 8 years, while small plane trees die within 2 to 3 years after infection. “

Sekin continued, saying that trees planted in 2013 instead of cancerous trees are cancerous, unfortunately our trees are not resistant to cancer.

We work with experts

Çağatay Seçkin, who said he has been working with tree experts since 2019, said he worked with historians and tree doctors on plane trees. Historians also said that if the Dolmabahce tree was cut down, historical problems would arise.

Çağatay Seçkin said he continued to plant sycamore even after historians opposed planting different types of trees in the area and warned that it would damage the texture of the area.

Included via route

It was stated that the reason for the cancer in the newly planted trees to replace the diseased trees around Dolmabahce was due to the transmission of the disease through the roots.

Director of Dr. IMM Parks and Gardens Presidenty. Yasin Çağatay Seçkin said that according to the new decision, a new plane tree will be planted in August to replace the 39 removed plane trees. He advised experts to use “WEST PLANE”, which has the lowest disease transmission rate, for planting.

“We do the project without cutting the tree”

Chaatai ​​Sekin said cutting a tree is the same as killing a person, and emphasized that after cutting a cancerous tree, a new tree will be placed in its place in a healthier way.

Mr. Sekin said that since 2019, one diseased tree has been identified, and after observing the symptoms of the diseased tree, he will prepare a report, submit it to the regional committee, and apply for the future of the tree. rice field.

He said the process began after the Natural Heritage Conservation Commission made the necessary decisions for cancerous trees, and the Commission recommended logging sick trees after evaluating the report. He added that practices for the future of sick trees are the same around the world.

Causes of cancer imports

Çağatay Seçkin stated that tree cancer disease originated from plants imported in 2007, “a document surveyed between 2007 and 2013 detected cancer disease in 56 trees.” He also emphasized that the necessary decisions were not made on the trees. In the year after these dates.

He emphasized that 73 of the 112 diseased trees became ill in 2007 and 2013.

Çağatay Seçkin said cancer disease is transmitted by imported products from Spain and Italy, and the Government of Spain is trying to prevent the disease by cutting off all diseased trees from the roots. He said.


Çağatay Seçkin stated that trees with cancer were not logged between 2013 and 2018. In 2013, protests against logging at the Gezi Park in Taksim, Istanbul spread throughout Turkey.

Due to the sensitivities experienced at the same time, the IMM administration stopped logging of cancerous trees between 2013 and 2018. This further spread the cancer to the trees. Regarding this, Chaatai ​​Sekin said: “By 2013, 56 plane trees had been logged and new plane trees were planted in their place. Between 2013 and 2018, there was no tree intervention and the cancer incidence of trees in the region was high. It has been observed to be increasing very seriously. Logging as needed is a precautionary measure to prevent the loss of more trees. “

We are working with ministries

According to Çağatay Seçkin, cancer disease in imported trees was not very common at first, and cancer disease was detected for the first time in a long time.

Çağatay Seçki states: Therefore, before importing trees, we are researching the necessary information on health issues in each country, whether or not they are ill. He continued.

“Cut the symbol is not an easy decision”

“Cuting Dolmabahce sycamore is not an easy decision.” Çağatay Seçkin says that in the past we had to cut down a diseased tree in Yıldız Grove and plant a linden tree that was not infected. He said that if the disease of the trees around Dolmabahce is not resolved by scientific results, we need to replace the trees with another species.

Talking to Odatv about the plane trees around the Dolmabahce Palace, you need to cut between them. וBB Parks and Gardens Directorate Director Dr. Yasin Çağatay Seçkin said no one contacted them to get information on the felled trees, “We strive not to damage the smallest branches of a single tree. Why do we need to damage trees? Our only concern is to bring the beauty of monumental trees to the future. “He continued.

In a post shared by 0054BBY eşil וstanbul on his Twitter account, the reasons for logging Platanus are explained one by one, and the reasons for logging are listed as follows:

-What is Sycamore Gun?

-How is Sycamore cancer detected?

-How sick are the Sycamore trees?

-How does the disease spread?

What is Cinard Cancer?

Tree fungus disease, which is considered to be peculiar to the United States, is a tree disease that has been seen in Turkey since 2005. Fungi that infect trees are wound parasites that cause poor water movement, ulcers, and tree death after a rapid infection of Sycamore trees. The disease can cause sudden death of the canopy, and trees 30-40 cm in diameter die 2-3 years after infection.

How to Detect Cinard Cancer

Infected trees are green and look healthy, but fungi injected into the trees can dry and kill Sycamore trees. The health of a tree is determined by the “acoustic tomography system”.

How long have the plane trees been cut down?

Plane trees cut in Istanbul have been sick since 2007, and infected trees are known to have been cut since then.

How the disease spreads

The epidemic of tree cancer caused by urban pollution and weather conditions increases the susceptibility to sycamore pathogens. Diseases that spread from the trunk, bark, and branches kill creatures shortly after they land on the roots of the tree.

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