Who is Muhsin Bayrak to buy Chelsea … Source of funding-now

Roman Abramovich, the Russian billionaire who owns the Chelsea Football Club, has announced that it has sold the Chelsea Football Club. The most talked about current developments are the acquisition of Chelsea by Turkish billionaire Musin Byrac. Who is Muhsin Bayrak in the news? What is the source of money? The question was considered.

At the European headline

Newspapers from Sun, The Telegraph and Mirror reported the headline Mussin Bayrak. The Sun, The Telegraph, and Mirror newspapers contained the words of Musin Bayrak. He raises the Turkish flag in London. He was mentioned in the news as a little-known businessman. He was a successful businessman, but the headline stated that he wasn’t rich enough to buy Chelsea. His funding sources were stated to be from the construction, cryptocurrency, tourism and automotive sectors. The Premier League CEO Richard Masters also suggested that the sale could be approved promptly, perhaps within 10 days, if the parties could reach an agreement quickly. According to news headline news, Muhsin Bayrak last offered $ 2.5 billion, but Abramavich rejected the offer. According to some reports, Musin Byrac has a net worth of $ 11 billion and is easy to buy Chelsea. According to Express news; if Byrac buys Chelsea, his first transfer will be Turkish soccer player Merih Demiral.

New York Times suspect

New York Times journalist Tarık Panja first announced the news that Bayrak will acquire Chelsea. Punja is questioning Byrak’s desire to buy a club. The reason is that little is known about the flag. Panja wants to know what Bayrak’s true intentions are. In a previous report by ESPN, more than 300 parties asked Roman Abramovich to find buyers to sell their clubs. Although there were many purchasers, only 10 companies were confirmed to be reliable. In this case, you must first pass the reliability test to get the flag club.

Tribble leader

The Muhsin Bayrak family is one of the most well-known families in the Turkish industry. Originally from Bitlis, Muzhin Bayrak is the leader of the Mutoki tribe of Bitlis, one of Turkey’s largest and most populous families. Mussin Bayrak, who emigrated to Istanbul with his family in the 90’s, completed his education here. Muhsin Bayrak, who graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering, founded the company in 1999. He participated in domestic and international projects. Muhsin Bayrak is known as the “Aga that institutionalized the tribe.” Investment in many areas, from large family industries to automotive and printing, construction to biomass and cosmetics, is under the umbrella of AB Grup Holding.

We were village farmers

Muhsin Bayrak, President of AB Group Holding, talks about his company and his own short stories. We are always looking for jobs and trying to educate young people. We are 13 siblings from one mother. I’m from Bitlis. I came to Istanbul in the 1990s. We were village farmers. “Bylac said. “My dad has seven villages, he was Aga, but left everything in the 1190s and came to Istanbul because of geographical issues. When we came, we were ourselves. We were able to bring our digging shovel and work on the construction with our brothers. “

How much wealth

Muhsin Bayrak is a Turkish entrepreneur who is the chairman of a company called AB Group Holding, which was founded in 1999. AB Grup Holding operates in Italy, Greece, Spain and Turkey with international investments in many areas, from energy to construction, tourism to marina.

Little is known

Little is known about his past and he now lives in Istanbul. Many publications such as The Sun, Eurosport and The Mirror report that millionaires have a net worth of $ 8 billion. However, this information has not been confirmed. According to written; the flag is not rich enough to buy Chelsea. This number has not been confirmed by Forbes. But according to Forbes, Chelsea football clubs are worth an astonishing $ 3.2 billion. In other words, Muhsin must have at least $ 8 billion in property to buy a club.

Greek power plant

Musin Bayrak, who has a power plant in Greece and built the Athens Marina, and finally, a world-renowned award-winning architect professor. In addition to Madnasa Türkbükü and Madnasa Zirve designed by Barbaros Sağdıç, the AB Group Holding Technology Base, built in the form of the Turkish flag, has invested $ 150 million in Bodrum Türkbükü. Muhsin Bayrak is also attracting attention for its investment in London, the capital of the United Kingdom.

Cryptographic investment

Bayrak is Chairman of the Board of AB Group Holding, which invests in the crypto sector. His net worth is currently unknown. They are based in Istanbul, active in many European countries and have funding in the United Kingdom, especially London.

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