Who can replace Nikita Mazepin with Haas?

Haas had a tough season with the 2021 VF-21, which was barely developed last year, and this year has high expectations. But in pre-season testing, things started to go wrong. Both the problems they experienced in the vehicle and the impact of Russia’s attack on Ukraine robbed the American team of optimism.

After the Ukrainian crisis, the team had to part with their main sponsor, Uralkali, and lost significant money. Allegedly, the annual revenue of the contract was close to 40 million euros.

Nikita Mazepin came in second, primarily due to this agreement, and Mazepin was also sent by the team after the party broke up.

Currently, the second seat is vacant. There are allegedly two prominent candidates for Haas’s second seat. The first of these is Pietro Fittipaldi and the second is Antonio Giovinazzi.

Fittipaldi was considered the team’s first choice, but recently it has become clear that there are some discussions between Ferrari and Haas for Giovinazzi. Also, if Haas chose Fittipaldi directly, he could have announced that he had placed Fittipaldi on the race seat shortly after the announcement. Instead, they chose not to say anything.

This suggests that Haas is considering another name, and you can imagine Guenther Steiner ringing both the former F1 driver and the other drivers trying to get into F1.

One of the highest odds is that Haas may want to take part in the first few races with Test and Fittipaldi and gain time to choose the main driver to race with for the rest of the season. .. Therefore, they will both look at Fittipaldi’s performance and choose the main driver that will bring more bias to the team.

Let’s take a quick look at the potential candidates.

Pietro Fittipaldi

Emerson Fittipaldi has been a longtime Haas and a reserve driver for the team. Having a long-term knowledge of the team has important advantages. He raced twice on behalf of Romain Grosjean in 2020 and did not do a bad job.

From this point of view, Fittipaldi seems to be a good choice in the short term. However, the question remains whether he is competent enough to compete in the main seat in the long run.

Haas said his first choice was Fittipaldi, as he was always around as a spare driver whenever he needed it. However, the team has a lot of data about Fittipaldi. If he were a superstar, the team would have put him in his seat by now. is not it?

However, it is very likely that he will go to the first race with him to see his performance.

Pietro Fittipaldi, Test and Reserve Driver, Haas F1 Team

Photo: Carl Bingham / Motorsport Images

Antonio Giovinazzi

Giovinazzi, who has had multiple practice sessions with Haas in the past, is nothing new to the team. Giovinazzi, who is also Ferrari’s reserve driver, stands out as a logical candidate for at least the 2022 season. He knows the Ferrari engine, knows part of the team, drives 2022 cars in the simulator and uses the latest technology in F1.

Given that there are only 15 days left until the first race, it’s hard to find a better candidate than Giovinazzi. The only suggestive thing is the instability of Alfa Romeo. But apart from that, he may be the right candidate in many ways. For example, he may even be a good candidate to see Mick Schumacher’s level. Not to mention the fact that a good relationship with Ferrari helped to develop further. There may even be discounts on engine trading so that Giovinazzi can race.

Giovinazzi has a contract with the dragon in Formula E, and it can be difficult to terminate the contract with Penske. Still, sources suggest that his contract had a dismissal clause.

Antonio Giovinazzi Ferrari

Antonio Giovinazzi Ferrari

Photo: Carl Bingham / Motorsport Images

Nico Hulkenberg

Nico Hulkenberg will have his final full season in 2019 and has only raced three times in the last two years. He currently has a contract with Aston Martin and is actively working on the team’s simulator.

The team is unlikely to leave Hülkenberg at this point. If you send him anyway, they leave only Nick Yelloly on the simulator mission.

If Haas really wants to trade, it’s probably a fixed amount, and if Hülkenberg fails, he’ll be a good candidate for the rest of the year. But Haas isn’t in good financial shape anyway, so it may not be possible for them to do so.

Basically, Hülkenberg’s outlook seems to be tied to his contract.

Nico Hulkenberg, Reserve Driver, Aston Martin

Nico Hulkenberg, Reserve Driver, Aston Martin

Photo: Mark Sutton / Motorsport Image

Oscar Piastri

It was a big surprise that Piastri, who has won three championships in the last three years, is not on the grid this year. But given that Alpine isn’t a client team, that doesn’t make any sense. Piastri is currently working hard on the simulator and will be a spare driver for Alpine throughout 2022.

Even if Piastri does not race on the course, it plays an important role in Alpine’s planning. But if Fernando Alonso wants to stay on the team next year, Alpine will have to race with Piastri elsewhere, and Haas could be an option.

Racing an American team with a Ferrari engine complicates things a bit. But if Alonso continues, Piastri will have to race with another manufacturer anyway. So why isn’t that year 2022?

Of course, if you do, you will need to make changes to your simulation work. They also need a spare pilot now. But just as Mick is Ferrari’s reserve driver, Piastri may be Alpine’s reserve driver …

It seems to me that Alpine has to pay a lot of money for such transactions.

Oscar Piastri, Alpine Reserve Driver

Oscar Piastri, Alpine Reserve Driver

Photo: Alpine

Colton Herta

Colton Herta’s name is often associated with F1 in recent years because he has a great job in America. In fact, he is said to have made a faster lap than both Antonio Giovinazzi and Kimi Raikkonen in last year’s Alfa Romeo simulator.

But he’s racing with IndyCar and breaking that contract can be harder than you think. It’s hard to predict, especially when talking about Andretti’s future in F1.

Also, IndyCar is a completely different series from F1, and it takes time to get used to it. This may not be what Haas has wanted since last year.

But if Andretti persuades Gene Haas to sell the team … then things change!

There is something else unknown about Hertha. For example, is it easy for Haas on Hertha to break up with Mazepin? It’s a difficult equation. Therefore, it cannot be completely rejected, but the probability is not very high.

Colton Herta, Andretti Autosport, Curved-Agajanian

Colton Herta, Andretti Autosport, Curved-Agajanian

Photo: IndyCar Series

Other candidates

Robert Shwartzman is considered one of the candidates, but he is also a Russian, so it is unlikely that he will form a team. Callum Ilott is another name mentioned and was actually on track last year. But he also has a contract with IndyCar.

I’ve heard the name of Sauber Driver Academy driver Theopul Sher, but Alfa Romeo didn’t make it to F1 in 2022 because he “did not want to burn”. Therefore, it doesn’t make much sense to think that they will race him in Haas.

Experienced the 2022 car, but let’s be the only name that won’t be in F1. In other words, Robert Kubica. Polish drivers competed in two races last year and this year tried the 2022 Alfa Romeo. Oren mainly supports Alfa Romeo thanks to him. It is unlikely that Oren will leave Alpha and move to Haas, as the deal has already taken place. But perhaps Kubica may come to Haas’s agenda because of his experience. Still, it doesn’t make sense for them to choose Kubica over Giovinazzi.

Callum Ilott, Test and Reserve Driver, Alfa Romeo Racing

Callum Ilott, Test and Reserve Driver, Alfa Romeo Racing

Photo: Mark Sutton / Motorsport Image