While being threatened with a gun in Konya, he created the center of his injured work

A “certificate of success” was given to a 1.5-year-old doctor and other health care workers who treated one of the three injured in an armed struggle that killed three people in the threat of a gun and moved their hearts. ..

The two groups, who met around 04.30 yesterday at the entertainment facility in the Kadinhani district of Konya, allegedly argued for debt problems, then left the venue.

ŞakirÖcal, Kerim Turhan, Musa Akdoğan, FazlıŞ. , ŞakirÇ. Kentucky was injured.

The injured were taken to Kadinhani State Hospital by ambulance and car.

Governor Konya Ozkan gave healthcare professionals a certificate of success Video

Killed a young man injured on a stretcher

Nurettin Turhan, who was involved in the incident, drove his father, Kerim Turhan, who was injured in an armed struggle, to Kadınhanı State Hospital.

Tahan entered the emergency room and first shot two bullets at the head of one of the injured, Shakir Okar, who was lying on a stretcher claiming to have shot his father, and killed him.

He moved his injured heart while being threatened with a gun in Konya # 1.

Bullet created from doctor’s knee

Nurettin Turhan then pointed his gun at the head of the emergency physician Furkan Berktaş.

A 1.5-year-old doctor, Berktaş, wanted to intervene in his hand and drop the gun to the ground.

Meanwhile, a bullet from the firearm grabbed Berkutash’s knee.

“Leave all the scars and care only for my dad.”

Then Berkutash wanted to enter a nearby room and hide.

Tahan, who came behind him and opened the door, pointed his gun at Berkutash again and said,Let go of all the injured. I’d like a dad. “ He threatened.

Kerim Tahan in the car was taken to the emergency room. Berktaş also intubated Turhan and moved his heart.

While being threatened with a gun in Konya # 2, he made the center of his injured work

Die again

The armed man was detained by police while the life-threatening injured were transferred to Konya.

Kerim Tahan, who was taken to the Selchuk University School of Medicine Hospital, died despite the intervention of a doctor.

One of the injured, Musa Akdoğan, died at the Serchuk University School of Medicine Hospital and was taken there.

4 Detention of suspect

In addition to Nurettin Turhan, FazlıŞ was discharged after treatment. And ŞakirÇ. KY was also detained.

Two pistols, one shotgun, many empty and full cartridge cases were confiscated.

As the suspects continue to be cross-examined, the number of detentions will increase.

Kerim Turhan and Musa Akdoğan, who died in the attack, were buried in Kadınhanı yesterday, and Şakir Öcal was buried in the city center of Konya.

While being threatened with a gun in Konya # 3, he made the center of his injured work

Certificate of success from the governor to healthcare professionals

Governor Konya Vahdettin Özkan, doctor Furkan Berktaş, and health care workers who were in the emergency room at the time of the incident. ‘Certificate of achievement’ Gave.

Governor Ozkan said that violence against health workers was unacceptable. “Our doctors and medical workers who intervened in Kadinhani’s injuries were exposed to violence. We will never accept this event. We will effectively conduct all administrative and judicial investigations. Governor of Konya As I personally follow this inquiry. In a very difficult environment, our doctors and healthcare professionals really treated the injured with great courage and foresight. They have shown a high degree of self-sacrifice by giving medical care to their perpetrators’ relatives without hesitation. Hopefully all of our healthcare professionals will be exposed to such events again. Will not be. “ He said.

Moved the injured heart while being threatened by a gun in Konya # 4

While being threatened with a gun in Konya # 5, he made the center of his injured work