Which platform is available to watch S Sport?This is S sports live broadcast information

Watch S Sport live non-stopWhat’s wrong S Sport 1 When S Sport 2 Various tournaments such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, motorsports and martial arts are held with sports fans through the channel. Although S Sport is encrypted and broadcast (except Digiturk), it is broadcast on all terrestrial and digital (online) platforms and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. S Sport Plus The platform brings the fun of sports to a wide range of bases.

Where to watch sports?

The S Sport channel is available on all platforms except Digiturk.

Platform broadcast by S Sport 1:

* D-Smart Channel 78

* Tivibu Channel 73

* Cable TV channel 240

* Turkcell TV + 77th channel

* Vodafone TV 11th channel

* S Sports Plus

Platform broadcast by S Sport 2:

* D-Smart Channel 79

* Tivibu Channel 74

* Cable TV channel 241

* Turkcell TV + 78 channels

* Vodafone TV 12th channel

* S Sports Plus

Which league does sports offer?

It is one of the five largest leagues in Europe, followed by football fans. English Premier League, Italian serie A When Spanish LigaMoreover Portugal Super League, USA National Football League (MLS) And the Champions League of South America Libertadores cupBroadcast on SSport1 and SSport2 channels.

S Sport does not openly broadcast over satellite and can be viewed on paid platforms. Equation 1, NBA (US Basketball League), WNBA (American Women’s Basketball League), NFL (US National Football League), ATP 500, CEV Volleyball Women’s Champions League, EuroCup, UEFA Nations Cup, FIFA World Cup Qualifying And many other sports organizations are broadcasting.


Meanwhile, SSport’s internet and mobile applications “S Sports Plus” The digital broadcasting platform also serves sports fans. S Sport 1 When S Sport 2 You can also watch live and replays of all sports competitions live on the S Sport Plus platform.

How much is the Sports Plus membership fee?

S Sports Plus; This is an online platform that broadcasts over the internet and is accessible from web browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari, and also has a mobile application.

If you want to watch sporting events broadcast on the S Sport channel but don’t have a platform like D-Smart or Tivibu, you can subscribe to Saran Holding’s S Sport Plus digital platform.

All sports organizations and studio programs will be broadcast live on the SSport1 and SSport2 channels. You can watch it on SSport Plus..

Of the SSportPlus platform The one-year membership is 180TL and the monthly membership is 22TL. As decided. Also note that no commitment is required during the membership process.

Your platform, iPhone App Store When Android Google Play Store In addition to mobile apps, there are also apps for Apple TV and Android TV.

Why aren’t you in Sports Digitak?

The fact that Digiturk, which has millions of subscribers in Turkey, does not meet the contract requirements has rebelled sports fans.Owned by Saran Holding S sports The departure of the TV channel from the Digiturk platform because the debt was not paid has evoked viewer reaction.

Saran Holding has announced that it will leave Digiturk because “Digiturk’s management has failed to meet its past obligations and take positive steps for the future.”

Many sports fans who expressed their reaction on both social media and Digiturk’s customer service said, “We subscribed to watch these broadcasts, how are we going to see them now? Is it? ” He asked to cancel their subscription.

The “Leave Digiturk” statement by S Sport is as follows:


The agreement between S Sport, the publisher of the world’s most important sports organization, and the Digiturk platform within the Bein Media Group, which brings a different vision to Turkish sports broadcasting, expired on August 30, 2020. ..

Broadcasting of the SS Sport channel on the Digiturk platform was interrupted on September 4, 2020 at 18.00, as Digiturk’s management failed to meet its past obligations and take positive steps for the future.

Who is the sport?

With the acquisition of SporSmart 2 channel, which broadcasts exclusively to businessman Sadttin Saran, S Sport’s Saran Holding D-Smart platform March 18, 2017 I changed the name and started broadcasting life

It broadcasts the world’s most important sports organizations, especially the British Premier League, Spanish La Riga, Italian Serie A, Portuguese Super League, Chinese Super League, Formula 1, NBA, WWE and UFC.

Delivered to viewers through the D-Smart, Tivibu, KabloTV, Turkcell TV + and Vodafone TV platforms. S Sport also displays famous club TV channels such as Barça TV, Juventus TV, Bavarian TV and Ajax TV on the screen.

The official broadcaster of the English Premier League in Turkey, which football fans are interested in following, is SSport. It is included in the sports package or super package of the digital platform and is encrypted and broadcast in Full HD quality.

Where is the sport and what is the address?

The contact information for SSport is as follows:

Hacıosman Bayırı, No: 16, Postbox: 34453, Sarıyer / Istanbul

S Sports Contact Number: 0-212-363-04-04

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