“Whether they go”

MHP Chair Devlet Bahceli evaluated the agenda at his party’s weekly group meetings.

In his speech, Bercheri targeted CHP leader Kemal Kılıdarır and the Turkish Medical Association.

Despite the words about Erdogan’s doctor, “If they go, let them go.”The People’s Alliance has always been a supporter and partner for doctors and other healthcare professionals. Baseri said, “They say our doctors are leaving Turkey. They are touched by the love of the country and the country. Our doctors don’t go anywhere or plan to go anywhere. I don’t know. If anyone needs to leave this country, it’s a handful of separatists and anti-Turkey rooted in TTB administration. Let’s go. ” Whether they go or not ” I used an expression.

Bahceli Heading:

In addition to its many implications, the March 14th Medical Day, celebrated yesterday, shows how loyalty, abandonment, virtues, and unique and unparalleled dedication are demonstrated by all medical professionals, especially doctors. It’s a special day to represent. What we do and say to doctors, nurses, midwives, and those who are proud of medicine is not enough. Repaying gratitude to them is not easy. The first case of coronavirus in our country was announced on March 11, 2020, and the first death occurred on March 17, 2020. In two years, we have been exposed to the serious consequences of the epidemic. Unfortunately, the loss of life continues, despite the declining number of cases.

From politics to trade, culture to art, international affairs to diplomacy, economy to working conditions, epidemics have dominated everywhere. Mankind has been upset and faced with all the denials of difficult and difficult processes.

Of course, it is God who gives life. It is God who receives or receives it. Human duty is to take precautions first and then trust. In the fight against the coronavirus, our doctors and healthcare professionals fought with superhuman efforts at the expense of endangering their lives. Thank you to everyone. Thank you to everyone. Day and night, they became a monument to the sacrifice. If Turkey has a praised success in the field of health, there will be doctors, nurses, midwives, patient caregivers, technical staff, and proper management and accurate infrastructure investment.

We are aware of the basic issues and legitimate demands of healthcare professionals. In fact, we consider it much more valuable and pleasing than the five good news that the President announced yesterday.

MHP and People’s Alliance are always supporters and troublemakers of our doctors and other medical professionals.

To TTB: Whether they will come

It is a clear fact before us that TTB sticks to all lies and accusations as the center of the discord in which this black propaganda takes place. These are humiliations that violate the Hippocratic Oath and damage the reputation of medicine with a vicious ideological obsession.

Now they say our doctor is leaving Turkey. They do not know that our doctors, who are touched by the country and the love of the country, have gone or have no plans to go somewhere. If anyone needs to leave the country, only a few separatists and anti-Turks have settled under the control of the TTB. Let them order. Whether they go. Anyone who goes beyond these knows the joy. Like Mevlana, we said, “Don’t let them think we’ve fallen. They don’t think we’ve fallen. We just drop the leaves for the next spring.” say.

Congratulations to all healthcare professionals on March 14th Medical Day. I condemn violence against health care workers. I’m glad to approach the end of this cursed illness. There was a morning every night, and the light of that morning appeared on the horizon.


On a two-day Diyarbakir tour, CHP chairman followed in the footsteps of the oppressors who came to Canakkale, saying, “Our history is dirty and we must confront it.” It is timidity and gratitude to call our history dirty. It is a country and a lack of love for it. I don’t know the dark history of Kılıçdaroğlu. If what he means is the history of Turkey and the Turkish state, I encourage him to first look at Canakkale and then review his humiliating ambitions to reach his senses.

Turkey has no history to blush you. It is the continuation of the enemies we defeated in Canakkale that claim this. Canakkale is consciousness, the horizon, pride, and the victorious trust of the martyr. This trust is in our heads, it’s our honor, it’s never polluted.

Kılıçdaroğlu can face himself, his own history. This is also expected. However, if there is an intention to confront the history of Turkey, it warns that this is not the history of Kurti Darul. There is no right to it. Politicians who speak differently in Diyarbakır and Yozgat are unreliable.

If Kılıçdaroğlu is brave, see if he is squinting, take the soaked broad beans out of his mouth. Listen to him explain where he wants to go. Let him explain to whom he works and let him know his true face. Tell Mr. Kurti Darul who the Turkish people apologize to. What is your problem? Who mobilizes you this way?

Kılıçdaroğlu should appear in front of the country and immediately apologize and state that he regrets his crooked words and rotten political ambitions. Otherwise, he has to suffer the heavy consequences of calling our history dirty.

When we say Canakkale, we pay attention to and be careful of people who do not have tears in their eyes. They do not belong to our country essentially and spiritually because they do not come from us.

Russia-Ukraine War

We are the 20th day of the war. Immediate establishment of a ceasefire involving Russia and Ukraine is the only way to build lasting peace through diplomacy and dialogue. There is no choice but peace. The international community needs to take the initiative. Landing the new Syria north of the Black Sea will not benefit anyone. We do not intend to prioritize one of the two countries over the other. Our attitude is a principle. Circles that force Turkey to impose sanctions on Russia are not honest and honest. Our country has closed the passage to Russian warships. Whatever is required of us is disproportionate. They are one-sided expectations that do not take into account the special conditions of Turkey. We find that some politicians frequently bring S-400s to the agenda and act according to other agendas. How they got involved in the hidden agenda of the West was revealed in all its clarity. This is not true, it is not in Turkey’s interests. Affect control, lack of mobility, and coming to fill foreign policy can lead to very dangerous breaks. Dominating the state is one thing, directing the wind to all the sails. Turkey’s Russian and Ukrainian policies are balanced. It is rational and successful in our country’s goals and interests. No one speaks in memorization. No one should see development through foreign lenses. This country suffers from more Americans than Americans and more NATO than NATO members.

International organizations lost credibility and threw towels. The facility was injured in every part of the system. Nothing could be done about the UN organization to stop bloodshed and establish peace. New reforms are needed now, which are inevitable.

Everyone has heard of a Ukrainian girl who said she didn’t want to die in 2022, but no one heard the words of a 3-year-old Syrian girl who was injured after the heavy bombardment in 2014. “.

Turkey mediation

Turkey is making extraordinary efforts to restore peace between Russia and Ukraine. The President’s diplomatic transport and the efforts of the Foreign Minister deserve a blessing. Turkey, which can speak to both Russia and Ukraine, is in the spotlight. Looking at the identities of the heads of state and government who visited Turkey last week, we can see that these are not coincidences. Turkey shines like the North Star.

The historic meeting in Antalya on March 10, 2022 provided the basis for the first gathering of foreign ministers. The table established in Antalya is the table of hope. This table is not round. This table discusses peace between the two countries, not humiliation. The Antalya Summit will be the first step in the peace process we expect.

Some columnists’ assessment of nothing coming out of Antalya showed that their aching stomach suffered from digestive problems. Once you’re proud of your country, don’t be afraid, you can’t be a member of the AK Party or a member of the MHP. You are only human and you only prove that you are a member of the Turkish people. Either of these types is ill and needs to be treated. Or if he is a traitor, the necessary steps should be taken immediately.

“What does this emoji mean?”

Turkey set a table of peace, but Kılıçdaroğlu’s visit to Diyarbakir on March 9 followed in the footsteps of nine marchers, as of March 10, while the world was talking about Antalya. His remarks that confuse those who hear it are a state of humiliation that is often overlooked.

Last week I asked Kılıçdaroğlu three questions. Are you in favor of the four-part Kurdistan? After meeting the terrorist Demirtash’s family, do you meet the Imral murderer’s family? May I ask Gillette’s partner if they are great Kurdistan supporters? He quoted a Twitter message from us and replied with an emoji. What does this emoji mean? Kılıç daroğlu, stop using emoji and stop acting like a teenager. What is your purpose and what is your goal?

You have declared that you are aware of the so-called Kurdish problem. I have another question. Did you meet a PKK terrorist in Diyarbakir? Have you ever considered reciting Fathiha to our martyrs? My question is open. Your time is limited, know that silence comes from stability. When you didn’t answer my question, you said yes to all of them. Emoji can’t save you either. Kılıçdaroğlu did not dare to go to Diyarbakır Mothers. Fear surrounded the mountain and Kılıçdaroğlu escaped from his mother. Please give him a word. Today’s CHP is a costumed HDP, so I can’t. Today’s CHP betrayed St. Ataturk and scrutinized its past.

Kılıçdaroğlu, what should you say to your words in Diyarbakır while Turkey is being pointed out all over the world? There is already peace in our country, and while everyone sees it, Turkey is far from seeing the dissidents alone. Kılıçdaroğlu, you are on your side again, you are on the opposite corner again. He was trying to solve the Kurdish problem. It is a terrorist problem in Turkey. I ask you, do you release Okaran’s murderer? How are you going to do this, you are neither a judge nor a prosecutor. Is this your view of justice? Kılıçdaroğlu lost his balance and broke his belt. The rudder of this disgraceful alliance broke, its compass broke, and its logbook broke. Turkey cannot be handed over to humiliation.

Election law

We believe that our bill will be discussed and accepted in a short period of time, and we encourage you to actively participate in the activities of the General Assembly.

Details are approaching …