“Where do you swim when you can’t cross the dam?”

CHP Chair Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu evaluated the agenda at his party’s group meeting.

Kılıç daroğlu said, “The PPP project will be a tragedy for the country. There was a problem of interest, but now there is a commitment problem. There is no money in the state. He must not sit down.” Said. “That chair that we say we pay from state funding.” By God, we don’t know your trick, “he said.

The highlights of Kılıçdaroğlu’s speech are:

We need peace, tranquility, living together, accepting, doing what Nowruz needs. Do this. I promise to all the citizens. It is my duty to strive for peace in this country for all citizens. I will do it with the Nation Alliance.

The villagers of the forest are in us. Forest villagers are one of the weakest economic connections in society. One of our goals is to support them, provide the support they need, accept them as workers and insure them by OGM. Do this. I promise here.

Between July 27 and August 12, 2021, according to the issue of the European Fire Information Service, according to the OGM (Directorate General of Forestry), our forest is 240,000 football fields, 187,000 football. It was the size of the place. I hope you will never encounter a similar incident again. Otherwise, if you can’t put out the wildfire, your conscience should hurt.

Students from the Bosphorus

Looking at the pictures in Turkey reveals how important I say. Students at Bogaziçi University protested against the appointed president. They had trials. Unjustly and illegally, lawyers and students were banished. The judge is gone … a complete freak has come out. Successful students should go abroad. Their foreign ban is still ongoing. From here, I would like to talk about the entire management of Boğaziçi University. Also, I would like to call for power. If we’re illegally destroying the democratic atmosphere of the university from top to bottom, and if faculty have been asking for their rights for months saying “I don’t want this administration,” we’re newly opened. We will close all faculties and programs we are in power. Bogaziçi University really becomes Bogaziçi University. By appointment, we will terminate the work of those who have torpedoes. You go exactly to your old place.

“If these voices are strong, we will be very happy.”

The retired Admiral was tried. The Admiral, who emphasized the importance of Montreux, was brought to justice. They stood upright and served well. They take the same position when they retire. There are military students who have been around for years. please do not worry. Osman Kavala, Demir Tash. Today, the AK party has begun to hear a voice saying, “We must follow the ECHR’s decision.” I would be very happy if these voices became stronger.

“Power used disproportionately”

Showing and seeking justice is one of the basic rules that all democracy should have. Constitution 34 states that “everyone has the right to organize unarmed and peaceful meetings and marches without prior permission.”

Whether they like the Full Khan Foundation or not, they want to take a walk. An imbalanced force was used. For the first time in the history of the republic, a decapitated woman faced such severe persecution. This is my promise to them. You will see in our power, we respect everyone’s thoughts, beliefs, identities and lifestyles.

Answer to soil

Last week I talked about the crash. I talked about financial, commercial, social, cultural and political collapse. I tried to explain that the situation in Turkey was not good at all. I said there, “No drug trafficker is in jail.” The interior immediately made a statement. They accused me of saying, “This is ignoring police efforts.” The above person doesn’t understand what I’m saying. Police who captured drug traffickers, police who handed them over to the public prosecutor’s office, judges, arrested, imprisoned, and released judges. Why are you taken away? My police brothers know me very well, they also know Soil very well.

New policy regulations

The most important feature of the Baron is that you should buy a politician. I stood on it. We never hold the hands or arms of the police with the help of people. Wherever there is a drug deal, we kiss each of you with your forehead. They give the Baron an amnesty. They say they bring money to Turkey for people who traffick people.

They will criticize us about the police. Regulations have been put in place and the police are very uncomfortable. They constantly change places. What about his wife and children? Wherever he goes, a new school, a new teacher … my police brother sent a good saying. They say, “Three moves are worth the fire.” Fix this.

“Power did not bring peace to the country.”

The government did not bring peace to Turkey. He allocated Turkish resources to moneylenders. We are paying so much attention. “Lower interest rates,” he said. He lowered his interest, while he put more weight behind the public. None of the banks lowered interest rates.

They finally borrowed $ 2 billion on March 17th. I do not have any money. We borrowed money in dollars with an interest rate of 8.62%. Who will you pay this interest to? Give it to a handful of usury. He will give 84 million. Why are there such high interest rates? The government’s international reputation is zero. They are not looking at the future of Turkey’s economy. They want high interest rates.

Since July 10, 2018, we have paid interest of $ 68,249 million. Interest paid to foreigners. They sentenced a handful of people to 84 million. They do not run the state and are chasing other businesses. They made Turkey an area of ​​exploitation.

You serve London moneylenders at the expense of the poor. Did you disagree with your interests? They are trying to lie to people and get votes. People are now facing reality. These are a handful and serve the palace company.

Now they go to the Gulf countries to beg for money. Have you ever seen another government in the history of the Republic of Turkey begging for countries that insulted you until yesterday?

I said the PPP project would be a tragedy in this country. There was an interest issue, but now there is a commitment issue. He said the state wouldn’t make money from his pocket. He shouldn’t sit in a chair that says we’ll pay another second from state funding. He says Kemal’s head can’t touch them, I swear he does, we don’t know Ali Sengiz’s game. For years, when the country lied that there would be no money in their pockets, and finally they said we would pay them if there was a difference … why you sit there Are you a brother?

I have repeatedly said what a city hospital is. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge … 9 billion lira comes from the state’s financial resources. Osmangaji Bridge, Treasury guarantees $ 15 billion. Zafer Airport … they also have no faith. These coins aren’t just the money sent to the five gangsters. If you say “I will vote for AKP and I will vote for MHP” in the next election, you will be a party to this robbery. The 5 gang patron and marketer is Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

He says he will not send Syrians. What does it mean to not send? That means I give them citizenship and let them vote.

I have only one question. Where do you swim when you can’t pass the dam?

Reaction to Minister Nevaty

We have reached such a point. There are also finance and treasury personnel. When they say ministers, they think of them as former ministers. They have no will. They are so miserable that in France they say: “If something goes wrong, you can contact us right away. We will fight together and overthrow bureaucracy. There is a president behind us, relax, we are the law Will change, “he says. why? To protect their seats. I’ve never seen a bureaucrat so humiliated.

What does Barcheri say to this? Tomorrow Nevaty will say, “If he gets in the way, we’ll beat Bercheri,” while the bureaucracy is heavily criticized. So what do you say? Why doesn’t a stranger come despite him? “There is no life and property security in your country,” he says.

I’ve always said that this build-operate-transfer model would be a disaster for this country. Every time, Prime Minister Erdogan said, “No, this country, state has no money in their pockets.”

Years after collecting votes, the man who came to what I said confessed, “Yes, I’ll pay this from state funding,” and don’t sit in that chair for a second. “Mr. Kemal’s head isn’t in these things,” he says. I swear that is not the case. How do you need to know about such an elegant game? They are wearing devil shoes behind them.