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The transfer process from Göztepe Sports Club to Sports Rebuplic will continue. As the process progressed, the club’s former president and shareholder, Mehmet Sepil, made a statement to the media.

Sepil said that only sports rebrick companies were offered as foreigners during the transfer process. “Some Turkish investors wanted to be investors. In fact, their offer was more economically attractive. But my most important criterion here is Göztepe’s proper management. It was to establish this partnership in a way that was done. If we hadn’t signed with the Republic of Sports, I didn’t want to remain a shareholder of the club. But the Republic of Sports would keep me a shareholder. Under this agreement, the Republic of Sports will not pay the existing partners of the Goztepe Club. By investing in the Goztepe Club, we have agreed to create a more comfortable Goztepe Gyoztepe. , Sports Rebuplic will account for more than 7% of that. “ Said.

“I think the era will end before the season begins.”

Mehmet Sepil said the Republic of Sports will be responsible for managing football at the Gyoztepe Sports Club. “It’s not easy for a foreign company to come to Turkey and become a partner. For this reason, many legal and financial investigations are being carried out. Usually these inspections are 3-5 by the time they are completed. It can take months, but we promised to hand them over a debt-free club. We are transferring clubs where all past guarantees are covered by us. It was possible to make the review faster. I think the transfer is complete and will be official before the season begins. This process does not cause any problems in managing football. Currently Sports Rebuplic is all about football. They worked on the technical team of the soccer team. An important part of this team was adopted by the Gyoztepe Sports Club. When the process was completed, Rasmus Anchorsen I will discuss these issues. Therefore, I will not go into the details of these issues. He talks about his plans and projects for Gyoztepe.k “he said.

“They can do the same for Goztepe as they did for Midtjylland.”


Sepil explains why he chose the Sports Republic for the partnership, saying: “The Sports Republic has a very important track record. It’s clear what they’ve done in the last decade. To predict what policies will be taken in Goztepe, we need to look at the example of Midtjylland. He turned a team like Midtjylland into a European club to play for the championship. We would do this to Goztepe with the same policy they led this club to this situation. Is thinking. ” I used his remarks.

“I offered Rasmus to be Turkey’s first foreign president.”

Mehmet Sepil said he offered to become club president to Rasmus Ankersen, the owner of the Sports Rebuplic company. “I’ll talk again when it’s over. If this happens, he will not only be the first foreign investor, but also the first foreign club president in Turkey. But we are still decisive with him. No agreement. Wait for the process to end and wait for the day when the first board of directors elects the chairman. ” I placed his text.

Goztepe’s goal

Saying that Sports Rebuplic first looked at the infrastructure, Sepil continued his words:

“They asked us for background videos and information from the youth team. Some players from our youth are included in Team A. Both improvements and enhancements are in our team. It’s done on the contract of some players. It’s not just a transfer, it’s an important process. Gyoztepe’s goal is for Gyoztepe to achieve the success that Mittilan has achieved. This year is the new start year for Gyoztepe. It’s clear that this year isn’t an easy year. It’s a transitional period. However, this doesn’t mean that the youth team will be inadequate during the transition period. Everyone dreams of it, very much. Efforts will be made to systematically establish a successful future-oriented Gyoztepe. In addition, funding has been arranged for the sports academy to be established in Torval. We will implement it. “

What does Mehmet Sepil do at Goztepe?

“There is no inside about my football” Mehmet Sepil says, “But I still have something to do. One of them is the Torval Sports Academy. All the problems I experienced there have been overcome and I am trying to complete the entire project within two years. One is for me to open. The other part of the stadium Helps the Gulsel Axel Stadium Club, Turkey’s most important stadium, become an active stadium We also had a gym goal, complete it Let’s make it even more important that all amateur branches are met As far as I know, the Göztepe Sports Club is the club that hosts the most amateur branches as far as I know. There are examples like Ferhat Arıcan in gymnastics. We aim to make Göztepe the center of attraction for the amateur branch of Izmir.“He declared.

Meanwhile, Sepil said he would take action in Izmir to instill Göztepe’s love for children, working at school and forming a children’s tribune next year at Gulsel Axel Stadium.