When will the operation end?Viklov announces the situation in Russia

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“We have always supported diplomatic solutions to all kinds of problems,” Viklov said. “When Zelensky proposed negotiations, the president agreed and negotiations continued. The Ukrainian delegation was the first. Despite starting negotiations with, then certain dialogues took place: “Americans are always in the hands of Ukrainian delegations and do not allow us to accept our request. This is absolutely minimal in my opinion, but despite all, the process continues. “

“West is an unreliable guarantee”

In touching on the relationship with the Western countries and the attitude of the Western countries towards Ukraine, Viklov said: After all, the Normandy format was created under the initiative of the French. They ensured that the Russians lived there normally, and that the West did everything to normalize the situation. Western countries are unreliable guarantors in resolving this crisis. Because they continue to support anti-Russia. “Even if we are isolated from the situation in Ukraine, the situation of sanctions, Western action is a country that can store gold reserves as part of the world where major currencies are produced, as an economic partner.” Said.

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“There is no other option to protect Ukrainian Russians”

Viklov defended that their security proposal was not taken into account by Westerners and that they had no choice but to work in Ukraine, saying: Meanwhile, Western nations refused to discuss NATO issues with Ukraine. In these situations, when the bombardment began in Donbus, ready for battle, we had no choice but to protect the Russians in Ukraine. We approved the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic, signed a mutual aid agreement with them, and the President ordered a special military operation at their request. How our worst concerns were identified about plans to seize Donbus, which may have been prepared and avoided by special operations, and new facts that indicate the existence of a very dangerous military biological program. I’m sure you know that it was carried out by the Department of Defense in many cities in Ukraine. “We have succeeded in confusing the Western anti-Russian project,” he said.

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“It’s really hard for me to take the policy of the Ukrainian government seriously.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is Jewish, defended his decision to support the Nazis, and Viklov said: It is really difficult to take the policy of the Ukrainian government seriously. Similarly, he is in the first stage of the president’s power, his mind that the Russian language can be harmed in some way, even while playing in the theater or filming a television series. I guaranteed that I didn’t exceed it. Here, life proves how valuable the word is. “

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“We were open to Western relations in Putin’s first year.”

Recalling Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin’s early approach, Viklov, referring to his relationship with the West of Russia, said: We were even ready to cooperate in the way the president said he was close to the alliance. Unfortunately, that didn’t work. Of course, we remain open to cooperation with all countries, including Western countries. We’re not going to take action in situations where the West behaves this way, but let’s see how they get out of the deadlock they’ve entered.

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“Many countries, including Turkey, threats”

While referring to US anti-Russian policy, Mr. Viklov pointed out that many countries interacting with Russia are also threatened, saying, “Many countries are how to move away from the dollar because of their international attitude. It happened today, so it could happen to someone else tomorrow. They (USA) send their diplomats all over the world. They make their demands to their diplomats. They tell the diplomats of the country in which they are to break relations with Russia. Otherwise, they threaten sanctions. Such studies are done in small countries, but at the end such It is a very valuable complex for US colleagues to lose their sense of reality when notifications and requests are directed to China, India, Egypt and Turkey. This situation has already exceeded all standards. “