When I left the Fenerbahce team, I declined all offers.

Fraport TAV Antalyaspor, who hasn’t lost in the last eight weeks in the Super League, is preparing for the Altai match on the street in the 31st week of the league. The red and white team continues to work at Atila Veviconuk Facilities under the supervision of football manager Nuri Shahin. Injured Ufuk Akyol, Admir Mehmedi and Harun Alpsoy, as well as Dogukan Sinik, Freddie, Bunyamin Balti and Gekdeniz Byrakder, who were in the national team camp, did not participate in the training.

“Mother directed soccer”

Sinan Gumush, a 28-year-old winger who joined the team from Fenerbahce with the Akdeniz team on the final day of the interim transfer period, made an impressive statement in the March issue of Club Magazine. Sinan Gümüsh said his mother led him in football. Gumsh said: He lived a daily life by going to after-school sports and he wanted us to learn that discipline at an early age. I started playing soccer at the age of three and played handball and soccer together. My brother played soccer and my sister played handball. I went with them while my sisters went to handball practice and games. Then I became interested. Then my mother registered me with both branches. One day there was a handball game and the next day there was a soccer game. I liked playing both, but after a while it started to progress and sometimes the matches started to play at the same time on the same day. “I had to choose one, I chose football,” he said.

“The Stuttgart teacher said he liked me.”

Gumsh said of his move to Stuttgart: “I was playing for the U17 team in Stuttgart. We were doing very well and approaching the championship. In Germany people were talking about us. We Was supposed to meet Stuttgart at home. I assisted and scored a goal in that match. I had a good match. After the match, while in the dressing room, Stuttgart The coach came and called the coach. They talked, they called me. They said they liked me and wanted to invite me to practice. “

“I came to Galatasaray and made the right decision.”

Sinan Gümüsh said he came to Galatasaray after his contract with Stuttgart expired, saying, “He was preparing a professional contract in Stuttgart, but my steps will be a little slower. Team A. It seemed like I was late to wear my jersey. But it would have been faster to train for Galatasaray’s A-team. That’s why I chose Turkey. After all, I’m improving myself. I think I made the right decision. My first match was the Turkish Cup match. Everyone was interested in my performance of the day as I scored a lot of goals on the A2 team and started to get attention. I was playing with Balçova Yaşamspor and won the match with a different score of 9-1. I scored one of those goals. I was so happy to be golden so I cried. I couldn’t hold back. “

“Antalyaspor was the right decision.”

He pointed out that he was very strong mentally and that Gümüş did not read anything about him before and after the match. Sinan Gümüsh explained that he went to Genova at the beginning of the 2019-2020 season, saying: Besides, there was a change of coach. I had no problems with harmony, but there was no peace in the community. I also love and care about peace so much that I wanted to come to Antalyaspor on a loan. There was a brother in the Antalyaspor community that I loved so much. We have always had good dialogues with Ali Shafak Ozturk, Serbet Chavschuol and Eldin Abi. When I decided to leave Genoa, Chairman Ali Shafak and Serbet Abi called me. When they called, we made a decision in a day or two. For me, Antalyaspor was the right decision. “

“We rejected all offers after they were released in Fenerbahce.”

He noted that he returned to Genoa after the loan period at Fraport TAV Antalyaspor and then transferred to Fenerbach, and said Gumsh was pleased to return to Antalyaspor during the interim transfer period this season. Gumsh said, “In fact, after being removed from the team, I received many offers, but always refused all of them and always said that I wanted to return to Antalyaspor. Of course, this process took a little longer. Because I wasn’t the only one to make the decision. Almost in the last hour, my transfer was revealed. We hurriedly signed the signature and came to Antalya the next day. I knew, I knew the city. In the past, I was very happy in Antalya. Even my family loves it here. Already in the first 6 or 7 months, I have proved to everyone what I can do. I want to prove the same again. This season, I will first get in shape, get out of this difficult situation with the team, stay in the league and come to Antalyaspor. I want to raise it to the right points for the season. Also, one of my personal goals is to be called to the Turkish national team as soon as possible. I think this city deserves good football, top position and victory. For this, we need our fans the most. There was incredible support for the Karagum Luk match. There is no doubt that we will overcome all the problems with this power. It should be. “

“Nuri Shahin leads the football science market”

Nuri Shahin, who is in charge of football at the top of the team, said it was one of the biggest factors coming to Antalyaspor, Sinan Gümüsh said: It was the one I knew before. Although he hasn’t worked with him for a long time, he is a teacher who values ​​his work. I believe he will leave a mark in football as a coach. Our team also has a very good name. Of course, newcomers have a period of adaptation, but whether it’s Lewis or Fernando, it was a very positive message that they came to the match. Upcoming matches are much more important to us. If you have a good relationship, you can mark the league with the remaining time. “