When and on which channel will the UEFA Europa League Galatasaray-Barcelona match be played?

-3 undefeated on the field in a match

The yellow-red team was not defeated in the last three official matches on the field.

Not having a good season in the league, Galatasaray gave a 2 wins and 1 draw by signaling recovery in the last three games on the field.

Galatasaray, who experienced his final defeat in the field of Trabzonspor in the 23rd week of the Super League, drew 1-1 with Yucatel Kayserispor in the 25th week. The yellow-red team defeated Chaikle Rize Spor 4-2 in the 27th week and Besiktas Derby 2-1 in the 29th week.

The yellow-red team will struggle to continue and move forward with this graphic in the Barcelona match.

-The only missing Arda Turan

Captain injured in Galatasaray Arda Turan There are no missing players.

Arda, who couldn’t play due to the injury of the yellow-red team in the last five games of the Sport Super League and the first away match against Barcelona, ​​will not be able to spend time again.

Not included in the UEFA list Omarela Buderaui He will not be able to fight Barcelona.

-Motivated by the derby victory

The yellow-red team boosted their morale with Besiktas’ victory in the Super League.

Galatasaray was unable to return to Istanbul due to bad weather after the match against Barcelona on March 10. The yellow-red people who came to Izmir met Besiktas at the Derby match on March 14th. Black and white did not react positively to Galatasaray, who demanded a postponement, but Derby was played between the duels.

The yellow-red team, who played against Besiktas at Nef Stadium, boosted their morale by winning 2-1 before the match against Barcelona.

-Look at Pena and Kerem

Galatasaray goalkeeper Inaki Penha When Kerem Akturkoglu’Their performance has been carefully awaited.

Pena, hired by Barcelona’s yellow-red team, played a key role in the 0-0 draw saved in the first match.

Kerem, who scored two goals in Besiktas Derby in the 29th week of the Sport Super League, is drawing attention as the team’s most important offensive leg this season.

The performance of the two players will determine their chances of success on the lap with Barcelona.

-Barcelona, ​​Turkey 20 years later

Barcelona, ​​one of the most successful teams in football in the world, will play an official match in Turkey 20 years later.

Barcelona, ​​who have played against the Turkish team a total of 15 times, have played against Besiktas, Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor twice and Galatasaray nine times.

The Catalan national team, who played seven games in Turkey, played six games in Istanbul and one in Trabzon. Finally, facing Galatasaray again in Turkey on September 24, 2002, Barcelona will be a guest of the yellow-red people again about 20 years later.

Barcelona won the match 2-0.

-Barcelona finished third in the Champions League group

Barcelona failed to achieve the desired results in this season’s UEFA Champions League.

Barcelona, ​​who finished third in LaLiga last season, went straight to the Champions League group. In Group E, Germany’s Bayern Munich, Portugal’s Benfica and Ukraine’s Dynamo Kyiv teams were played, and the Spanish national team finished third in six games with two wins, one draw and three losses.

Barcelona, ​​who continued to play in the UEFA Europa League, became a rival to Galatasaray, beating Naples with 1-1 and 4-2 scores in the last 16 playoff stages. The Catalan national team left the first match, where he was shown as a favorite against Yellow-Red with a 0-0 draw, leaving his hopes for a tour in Istanbul.

In LaLiga, Barcelona had 14 wins, 9 draws and 4 losses in 27 games. The Catalan team, under the control of Xavi Hernandez, won eight wins and four draws in the last 12 games of the league and won and draws in two games against Naples in the last 16 rounds of the UEFA playoffs. I did. Europa League in this process.

After defeating Osasuna 4-0 in the last league, Barcelona is energetically coming to Istanbul.