When and on which channel will the Trabzonspor Antalyaspor match be played?This is likely to be a match lineup

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Trabzonspor, who lost only once in the last 16 Super League games hosted by Antalyaspor, suffered the only defeat in November 2016 with a score of 1-0. After this defeat, the Black Sea team scored a total of 11 goals, losing only one point in four games hosting their opponents. Antalyaspor, who defeated Trabzonspor 2-1 in the first half of the Super League, wants to achieve a double against his rivals for the first time in the history of the tournament. Unable to win the last two Super League matches at home, Trabzonspor wanted to win in the final period from March to September 2020. Antalyaspor, who won the last three games at Süper Lig, was unable to return unharmed from four consecutive games in the history of the club. Antalyaspor, who has not lost the last 12 games in the Super League, will take the field to repeat the longest undefeated streak in the history of the club.

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Trabzonspor, the team that scored the most goals in the first half of this season’s Super League match, scored only two of the last nine goals in the division. Trabzonspor is the only team playing in the Super League this season and has a shorter scoring disadvantage than Antalyaspor. Andreas Cornelius, who scored the most goals in the 2021/22 Super League season with Trabzonspor, wants to double his third opponent this season. Antalyaspor striker Hajirite has scored goals in the last four games and recorded the longest consecutive win in his league career. This is the name of Antalyaspor, who hits the ball most this season and shoots accurately in the opponent’s penalty area. Fatih Terim, Mustafa Denizli and Şenol Günes are the three players to reach this number earlier than Trabzonspor’s Abdullah Avcu, who won his 200th Super League victory over Adana Demirspor last week.

What channel and what time does Trabzonspor Antalyaspor match?

The Trabzonspor Antalyaspor match begins at 20:30 tonight. The battle will be broadcast live on the beIN Sports 1 channel.

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In the 35th week of the Spor Toto Super League, leader Trabzonspor declares the championship, makes a one-point history calculation from the host Antalyaspor, declares it and goes into history. It begins at 20.30 and the battle takes place at the Medical Park Stadium and is managed by Atilla Karaoğlan. Kemal Yılmaz and Serkan Ok will be Atilla Karaoğlan’s assistants. The fourth referee in the match is Ibit Arslan. After Fenerbahce defeats Gaziantep FK, Trabzonspor declares a championship with one point against Antalyaspor. If the Bordeaux Bruce loses the fight, the championship will be next week.

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What time is the Trabzonspor Antalyaspor match and on which channel? The possible match lineups are as follows.

He wasn’t twisted in the field

Trabzonspor has been successful in the home field this season. Bordeaux Bruce was undefeated in the 29th week of last season as he lost to Alanyaspor 3-1 on March 8. The Black Sea team achieved 15 wins and 8 draws in 23 games played on the field after the aforementioned games. Trabzonspor is the only undefeated team in the homefield games of the 2021-22 season.

Full ground training

Trabzonspor, who will be competing in the Super League tomorrow, will score one point in the match against Fraport TAV Antalyaspor and declare the championship if the final pre-match training takes place in front of 20,000 fans. Thousands of fans dedicated to the Burgundy blue team watched over and created colorful images.

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Trabzonspor, preparing to declare the championship in the 35th week of the Sport Super League, will face Fraport TAV Antalyaspor at the Medical Park Stadium tomorrow. The club, which had been closed for two years due to pandemic restrictions, began its final pre-match training and experienced the enthusiasm of the next championship with fans.

A fan has entered

Trabzonspor players working in front of 20,000 fans at the Medical Park Stadium were amazed by the enthusiasm of the enthusiastic fans. The Burgundy Blue team, accompanied by torch-burning fans, was ready before the championship battle.
In the training with extensive security measures, some fans jumped on the field and ran towards the players. Security forces took the fans out of the stadium.

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Weapon warning from President AĞAOĞLU

Trabzonspor President Ahmet Aoul answered press questions before training at the Medical Park Stadium, which is attended by nearly 20,000 fans of the Burgundy Blue Team.

“This is a great pleasure.”

President Ağaoğlu said that if Trabzonspor scored one point in tomorrow’s match, the enthusiasm of the championship would be experienced with all fans, “minutes are not only counted in hours, but points are also counted. We will experience this enthusiasm together at this stadium during the Super League season. Our teachers started training for the first time after a long break. Fans have had such demands for a long time. I am enthusiastic. Especially the plane that arrived in Trabzon last week, there is no place anywhere for the last 2-3 days. The city’s population has almost doubled. I worked abroad but haven’t taken a vacation for 5 years. Fans played in the last three games. They played from abroad that day. The enthusiasm of the championship at Trabzonspor is a little bigger than the championships of other teams. It’s different. It’s very different in my opinion. Probably not. I hope that when our team becomes the champion, the whole of Turkey will understand what I mean now. “

What time is the Trabzonspor Antalyaspor match and on which channel? The possible match lineups are as follows.

“We celebrate with 61 pair balls”

President Aoul, who called on fans to “don’t turn the joy of the championship into sadness,” said, “Let’s not let the enthusiasm, excitement, sadness, and tears weep. I promise to celebrate the championship. “Celebrate with three fireworks. Please be satisfied.”

“I feel deprived of my nerves.”

He said he had mixed feelings about Trabzonspor’s next championship, and Aoul said, “I’m not in a position to express my feelings right now, because I don’t even know that. You’re that in life. When you experience something like that, you may not be able to answer when you ask the plane pilot how he feels when he holds the plane on his shoulder and lands on the plane after a rather tedious journey. When asked how they feel, it’s us who are responsible here. It’s a heavy responsibility. There was something I couldn’t forget. The first time I came was the third and fourth games, which ended in a draw. A girl 6-7 years old was constantly crying from behind the A Tribune. She was in her mother’s arms. The mother told my daughter, “Don’t tell me, tell the president. Please. ” In myself. There is a living group of fans where a 7 year old girl is crying and a 77-80 year old grandfather is also crying. Emotions are set aside when you are doing such a heavy responsibility work. When I asked him how he felt when he participated in the championship when there was no management team, it was very fluffy. I’m a little nervous now. When I’m done with my work, I’ll see how I feel together. “

“Soccer fans can apply to Trabzonspor positions”

Ağaoğlu said, reminding him that when he took office, patience from the fans wanted to reach the championship. race. 3-4 years in the championship for sustainable success. I asked for your patience. Finally, “Turkey as a whole will praise Trabzonspor in three to four years.” Today, if not all of Turkey, football fans, our people who love football, the position of Trabzonspor today, that is I think it’s the process that went through, and today’s process. ..