When and on which channel will Fenerbahce-Trabzonspor play? (Fenerbahce Trabzonspor starting from 11)

The most important matches of the 28th week in the Super League are Kadikoy, Fenerbache with Ismail Kartal, Trabzonspor with Abdullah Avc, who wants to win a Champions League ticket in second place in the league and is not happy with it. I will. Despite widening the point difference every week, I am chasing the record. Canary, who won the last three games, is doing calculations to defeat the Bordeaux blue team and continue the series. Storm, who competes in the championship with stable performance, wants to beat his opponent at home in the first half of the league and end his longing for 24 games.

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When and on which channel will Fenerbahce-Trabzonspor play?

Zorbay Küçük manages the Fenerbahce-Trabzonspor match at the Ulkar Stadium. The news is a 90-minute live score follow-up, starting in 19.00 and being broadcast live on beIN Sports 1.

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Fenerbahce-Trabzonspor 11s:

Fenerbahce: Altay, Osayi, Serdar, Min-Jae, Szalai, Crespo, MertHakanYandaş, Zajc, 0054rfanCanKahveci, Rossi, Serdar Dursun

Trabzonspor: Ugurkan, Perez, Denswill, Ahmetkan, Puchatch, Siopis, Abdulaziz Omur, Bacasetas, Bisca, Nuwakaeme, Cornelius

Kadikoy is a sold-out box office income!

In this week’s match, Fenerbahce will host one of his rivals, Trabzonspor. Fans of Yellow Navy Blue will not leave the team alone in this important match. It turns out that all 44,000 tickets for sale in the canary have disappointed fans with the results of the season, have been removed from the Turkish Cup, Europa League and Conference League, and have lost their championship claims. Sold out. Fenerbahce football fans who are with the team despite the negative results are expected to occupy their place with about 50,000 stands. This is the first time I have achieved this.

The first was a Besiktas match.

Ulker Stadium will be full for the first time in the league this season. The match had a spectator with 42,589 tickets. It was previously drawn 2-2 with Besiktas. Players and technical teams also recognize that winning over the leader will make the spectators very happy and create a whole new source of motivation for the rest of the season.

3 points or more

For Fenerbahce, who had to leave expectations for the league championship in the next season, the most important goal now is to finish the season in second place and win a Champions League ticket. In the week when Konya played against Galatasaray yesterday and Basakshehir will host Besiktas tomorrow, the Yellow Navy Blues are aiming to defeat Trabzonspor and score more than three points. Wanting to conclude this week in an advantageous way, Canary won the last three games of the league and won the series for the third time this season.

For the first time you can do 4 out of 4

The students of Ismail Kartal had to finish their second three consecutive victories with a 3-1 defeat in the turbulent Trabzonspor (he was the leader of the league at the time). He wants to pass. According to statistics, Fenerbahce has won 13 wins and 11 draws in the process, not losing to the last 24 Super League games that hosted the Black Sea. Aiming to maintain an invincible title against his opponent, Fennell is only thinking of winning the final battle. This is very important to him.

Top Scorer Serdal Dulsan

Serdal Dursan is expected to play as the closest player to the goal against Trabzonspor. Selder, who has been doing well these days, is the top scorer for this season’s team. The 30-year-old, who aired his opponent’s net nine times, is the owner of the last three goals Canary scored at home … Selder is delighted to score once against Altay and twice against Hatayspor. Had

Trabzonspor wants to close their 24-year-old account

It’s time for Trabzonspor to defeat Fenerbahce in Kadikoy in the semi-finals of the Turkish Cup on June 16, 2020. It’s time for the league … Bordeaux Mabililla, who won the last league victory on the street, has their 24-year account today against their rivals on August 23, 1997. I want to close it. Storm, who has walked step by step towards the championship and has been in the lead for 19 weeks with an unprecedented point difference, has rematched in the last few weeks. The Black Sea team, which defeated Galatasaray, Konyaspor and Alanyaspor in the first half of the season, advanced to the semi-finals by eliminating Antalyaspor, who suffered one defeat from the Turkish Cup within a week.

Istanbul does not forgive!

Storm that gave in to Galatasaray and Besiktas in a league match in Istanbul. If he beats Fenerbahce today, Abdullah Abju will be the first Trabzonspor coach to make a name for himself in history and win three big away games in the same season. Breaking many records since last season, Avcı won eight of nine games in Istanbul and drew in one of them. Aiming to continue a great series with a victory at Kadikoy, successful coaches want both to be historic and to ignite on their way to the championship. On the other hand, if Avcı wins today, he will be the second coach in the league to defeat Fenerbahce both domestically and internationally in the same season, as Ozkan Sümer did from 1990 to 1991.

Marek Hamsík also went to Istanbul

Marek Hamsík joined an away team of 23 people who went to Istanbul. The Slovak star, who was not at risk for Fenerbahce because his injury was not completely healed, did not leave his friend alone. Experienced soccer players will be applauded again for this action and will be one of the most important sources of energy and motivation for the pre-match team.

Abdullah Avc’s big match scorecard in Trabzon

Defeating Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Besiktas this season for the first time in Trabzonspor’s history, Abdullah Abju has won for the first time in four games against three big players. Bordeaux-Mavililer lost only two of the eight derby that played under Avcı’s control since last season, resulting in a four win and two draw.

There are 5 names for card limits

Like last week, the Black Sea team is still within the 5-star limit. Ugurkan, Janini, Bacasetas, Perez and Siopis will not be able to play in next week’s Goztepe match if they win a card in Derby. Trabzonspor’s technical committee has warned all players to stay calm and not engage in unnecessary dialogue with the referee.

There are no bonuses in this game

Trabzonspor, at the top of the league, wasn’t preparing for the Fenerbahce match. Throughout the week, Abdullah Abju said: “Every match is the same. The goal is always 3 points. We’ll look at it again. There’s no doubt that it will do what we need with the same beliefs and motivations.” Don’t put extra pressure on the team. To ensure that, management does not apply special bonuses to Fenerbahce Derby. In case of victory, 60,000 TL determined by the previous premium system will be distributed.