“When a decision is made, I don’t like it.”

“Dear friends, let me tell you that I broke up with HalkTV today. There are certain situations where everyone thinks they are right or themselves right. First of all, the channel” gives way “to me. Or it is not true to say “go”. You will read below what it is.
First of all, I have an overly strict stance on some issues. First of all, I would like you to discuss with me before making a decision on an issue that affects me. I’ll break up as soon as I want it, but I don’t like being charged after the decision.
Second, what you see around “YouTube did not close his channel and the road split” is not entirely true. If you look at my channel, you can see how few broadcasts have been on HalkTV since it started. After such a long and slow broadcast, I had no problems. “
Many of my followers have accused me of “ignoring myself,” they are right. Youtube has a unique, intimate, informal, more amateur side that I loved it, but it didn’t happen. Because I’m a hard worker for all kinds of publications. This takes time and energy.
To date, people have seen me on YouTube, and nothing like I earned a penny from those clicks. The money earned was used to pay for the teams and channels working for the broadcast. Anyone who knows me already knows this. So what’s wrong?
The first part of the problem is that the management who accepted my request “Don’t let my youtube channel die” while coming to the channel is now changing the mindset of everyone. But if the task for us was to “turn off your YouTube channel,” it’s also controversial to some extent, whether we agree or not.
I’m not a full-time staff member of the channel. The agreement from the beginning included “YouTube will continue”. Therefore, the channel does not have the right to impose such a thing on me. However, this may also be acceptable due to the constant remark that “in this situation in Turkey, it must be displayed on the screen”.
Channel managers want to bring YouTube channels under the umbrella of HalkTV and establish themselves as a platform (MCN). This may be it. But again, he presents a condition: “You will give me half of your channel revenue.” The thread breaks here.
Everyone told me, “Why don’t you accept it because you don’t make money? And you will make money,” he said. But the problem is not money. If the problem is money, I broadcast on that channel 4-5 times a week and make money anyway. There is a big ethical issue here and everyone ignores it.
Appearing on a channel, broadcasting on a YouTube channel, and providing half of that revenue to the channel (in fact, the channel buys revenue and provides it to us) seems morally correct to me. not. I thought it was humiliating and hurtful to accept such a thing.
If you first agreed this way, or if I was a channel staff member, or if you didn’t have a YouTube channel, or if you said “let’s set up a channel for you”, then something like this: did. I also created an economy broadcast of the channel to earn sponsorship income without any request.
Various solutions were offered and various bargains were made over the course of a month. The audience also felt something. But after all the compromises, the compromises have collapsed and we are back at the beginning. Let’s stab yourself here. I raise my hand every time after the first compromise is broken.
But the weight of my boss saying, “I’m watching whatever I broadcast anyway,” hurt and offend those who have been in the profession for many years. Then it doesn’t matter if I read the report or analyze and create the content day or night.
Thanks to all my friends for their efforts to prevent separation. Dear @AysenurArslantv Sorry, it didn’t work. But, as you always say, I’m “one of those who can, in principle, burn a kilt for fleas, not for camels.”
And I would like to thank all the viewers who watched all my broadcasts on the screen and supported me and made me say “it was worth the effort” with a very good rating. .. I have something to say; I keep saying these. We look forward to working with you in the future. thank you. ‘