What time is the Fed meeting? The Fed is expected to determine interest rates!

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While the whole world is focused on the Russian-Ukraine war, today it is very important from an economic point of view. Members of the Federal Reserve Board met a few years later to raise interest rates. A decision that will bring about fluctuations in the global market is awaited, as revealed by a vote of 11 people. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has announced in recent weeks that he will raise interest rates to curb high inflation. This will probably happen in March.

Market experts believed that the Russian-Ukraine war could delay rate hikes, but said no policy changes were made due to the Fed’s invasion of Russia.

First two years later

Two years ago, the Fed cut interest rates from 1.25% to 0.25%. The Fed, which hasn’t touched interest rates for a long time, was happy with the process of inflation in line with its original goals. With the recent slowdown in the coronavirus pandemic, the United States has also gained market share due to rising global inflation, especially rising oil prices. In addition, the money that the United States distributed to people free of charge during the coronavirus pandemic was also a factor in the formation of inflation. However, inventories were closed in a short period of time due to the significant increase in demand caused by the weakening of the coronavirus pandemic. Prices of new products have begun to remain high due to the chip crisis and soaring crude oil prices. This was the factor that increased inflation.

Today’s federal interest rate decisions cannot keep up with the 7.9% inflation rate, but inflation is expected to be curbed by rising interest rates in the coming months.

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What if interest grows?

With the US Federal Reserve raising interest rates, the global trend towards the dollar is expected to increase. The dollar strengthens as demand for the dollar increases, but the belief that it will cause commodity prices to fall is dominated by market authorities. The withdrawal from the Russian market, one of the world’s largest oil producers, due to the Russian-Ukrainian War has caused oil prices to skyrocket. In a short period of time, oil prices fell below $ 100 again, and it was found that correct pricing in the market was resumed.

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Eyes look at Powell

After the interest rate is set, Fed Chair Powell will issue a statement at 21:30. The valuations made are very important to the market process, but if the Fed uses hawkish tones, the dollar index may continue to rise. The Fed is also expected to revise its growth and inflation forecasts as inflation and PPI data grow.

See the gold seller

Gold prices began to fall, hoping that tensions between Russia and Ukraine would ease, negotiations would continue and agreement would be reached from the negotiations. Russian and Ukrainian representatives continue to negotiate to change the fate of the war, but Russian soldiers are waiting for orders to enter Kyiv. Meanwhile, the Kyiv people continue to form trenches with sandbags against Russian soldiers.

The slowdown in the rhythm of war also affected gold prices. In addition, with the expectation that the Fed’s rate hike could be tonight, it spawned actual pricing and lifted the bubble. One ounce of gold is currently trading flat at $ 115.

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Due to the sharp rise in ounces and the volatility of the dollar, the price of gram gold has also risen sharply. Gram Gold has lost its power as the market environment changes. Starting this week at 940 Lira, Gram Gold is currently finding a buyer at 904 Lira.

The whole world is waiting for 21:00 Market rush ... What about the Fed's decision?

Reaction in oil

Due to the influence of the Russian-Ukraine War, oil has begun to rise. Supply declined due to the inability to buy oil from Russia, but the declined oil in the market gained value when other oil-producing countries acted swiftly and did not increase supply. The flow of war began to change and oil prices began to skyrocket. Oil, which rose to $ 133 yesterday, fell to $ 97.50. Today, the increase in coronavirus infections in China has peaked for two years, and new measures are being taken in China. As a result of this development, oil rose slightly and traded at the $ 102 level.

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The whole world is waiting for 21:00 Market rush ... What about the Fed's decision?