What precautions should be taken when exercising in hot weather?


Excuses such as “It’s hot!” and “I can’t run…” will not be accepted. Here are some items that will help you create a running routine to survive the hot season!

Preparation: Elif Gulsoy

Let’s admit it. In general, some people use environmental factors as an excuse to delay activity. Like precipitation, high temperatures, etc… But these factors, which are part of natural processes, are no longer an excuse and should be normalized. Whatever weather conditions occur in our daily conditions, we have to adapt and adapt to these conditions. Our topic is summer heat and running. So in July and August, when the summer heat is at its highest, things can get a little more difficult. But like we said, unless it constitutes a very important health issue in our view, there is no excuse! Then you can run in hot weather. how? Let’s start listing items.

  1. morning or evening…
    If you’re someone who likes to sunbathe and tan, you know you shouldn’t be in the sun at noon. Running between 11:00 and 14:00 is not recommended. This is the afternoon when the sun’s rays fall at right angles and the most harmful rays spread. It is generally recommended to run early in the morning or late in the evening to night, as the negative effects of both the sun and humidity put your health at risk. If you have health problems, you should be more careful about the time you go jogging and the intensity of your training.
  2. protection from the sun
    With this title, you can only guess that we are actually conveying a general message. should be protected from harsh rays. Swimming in the summer and skiing in the mountains. Or when you go for a walk in the spring and fall… But in the summer, especially when you go running, you need to protect yourself from the sun with the help of a high-factor cream. Apply cream to all visible areas. Apply 20 minutes before running to prepare your skin to absorb sunlight and protect yourself from the sun.
  3. Light and comfortable clothing…
    Remember that choosing the right equipment and clothing is a very important factor no matter which sporting activity you’re interested in. Especially if you’re interested in activities that make you sweat, such as running or fitness. Be careful to choose clothes that make you sweat. If running is in the summer season, get help from something as light and small as possible. If you’re running through a field or trail in your clothes, be prepared for the surprise of the track. Tree branches and ground stones can cause injury on contact. Always be careful.
  4. Density reduction
    You can be a hard runner. You like to run long distances, and you might be running so hard that you end up drowning. But as we always say, health comes first and in some cases you may need to exercise a little self-restraint in your training. You can take measures to reduce the distance. No need to exhaust yourself more than necessary. Resume the routine. But don’t get too overwhelmed. If you typically run a 10km road running track in 45 minutes, slow it down a bit and stretch it to an hour. When the temperature drops a little more, we can start working to get back on track.
  5. lots of water!
    Every drop of sweat that is expelled means water is lost. Lost water should be replaced with new water every millimeter. In that case, it’s up to you, and you’ll need to be more careful with your water consumption than ever before. is required. You need to consume some amount before running as well as during running. But it’s best to drink water instead of waiting to be thirsty!
  6. shadow and tree track
    Have you ever felt cool? The wooded area, with its refreshing breeze, shields you from the sun and dazzles you with oxygen. One of the best places to run! Especially if you live near a forest where you can run early in the morning, you’re out of luck. If you can’t run, you can walk. The weather is perfect!
  7. Attention to pulse control
    Fortunately, smartwatches have been in our lives for a long time. Get most of the information from the water you drink to the number of steps you take. Another important feature is the ability to measure your heart rate. By tracking your heart rate, you can adjust your pace and intensity while running. All would be well if you had a smartwatch that could measure your heart rate to keep you healthy.
  8. runner sniffing the air
    Of course, it is not our intention to deprive weather engineers of their jobs. It would be nice to just have the latest daily temperature readings, but if there is a website or smartphone app that provides information on the temperature, wind, humidity, etc. at that time of day, you can be more prepared than ever before. I’m going to run.

Let’s talk about the benefits…
In addition to these factors, I should also point out that summer running training actually has some beneficial aspects. Because being able to run in the summer means better endurance and better conditioning. This means that a body accustomed to difficult situations will adapt better to future situations.


  • It promotes blood circulation and has the effect of releasing heat from the body.
  • Thanks to improved blood circulation, muscle tissue begins to produce more oxygenated blood.
  • The first steps are taken for your body to start absorbing vitamin D.
  • When you sweat in hot weather, your sweat contains less salt, which improves your electrolyte balance.

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