What movements are good for menstrual pain?Sports and Yoga Movements and Exercises for Menstrual Pain



There are very big differences in a woman’s body during menstruation. However, it can be stated that emotions are affected along with hormones. Pain, cramping, tingling, and bloating that begin before and continue during menstruation can cause negative mood states in women. It is important to do this; it can help relieve menstrual cramps and help you feel better mentally.

What movements are good for menstrual pain?

some good movements for menstrual cramps;

– Neck movement: During menstruation, women may feel numbness as their whole body contracts. However, it may be right to relax your neck muscles first. While sitting comfortably, slowly lower your chin toward your shoulders and from the same position, lower your head back and rotate your chin in a circular motion to the opposite side. I repeat.



– Pull your knees to your stomach: Lie on your back on the mat and pull it back. The back of your head and shoulders should be weighted toward the mat. Your knees should be pulled toward your abdomen and your arms wrapped around your knees. Place them little by little on the left and right. In this way, you should breathe while performing the movement.

– HAPPY BABY MOVEMENTS: Lie on your back, draw your knees toward your belly, and point the soles of your feet toward the ceiling. Your knees should be close to your armpits. Arms should be extended upward between his two legs, and the legs should be grasped by the outside edges. You need to slowly swing left and right and back and forth. In this way, movements should be done calmly and comfortably.

Sports and Yoga Movements and Exercises for Menstrual Pain

Some of the sports and yoga movements and exercises that are good for menstrual cramps.

– Rest pose: This movement is known as a stretching exercise and is done after many sports. Contributes to stress relief and works the muscles of the back and neck. To start the movement, you should sit on your knees and put your feet under your hips. Open your knees to the sides as much as possible and lean forward on your final breath. The trunk should go between the legs. It is important that your arms are extended forward and your forehead touches the ground. If the pain is severe, you can use a pillow. You can put a pillow between your knees and apply pressure to your abdomen. This movement can be done for 5 minutes.


– Bridge Pose: In this move, you lie on your back with your feet hip-width apart. Immediately after these are completed, you should bend your knees and press your feet into the ground. Your hands should be kept parallel to your body in this pose. You need to use your hands to lift your hips. important in this movement. The neck should not move from side to side during the movement. Hips; doing 2 sets of 15 reps with up and down movements is good.

– Bow Pose: For bow pose it is important to lie on the floor and bend your knees. You should slowly stretch and lift your hands, arms, knees, and face off the ground. Hands and ankles should be held. After 8 breaths, the body is released and the bouncing back and forth is the most important point of the movement.