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While the hot war in Europe with Russia’s attack on Ukraine on February 24 is on the world agenda, the role of Turkish-made Bayraktar armed unmanned aerial vehicles (S0054HA) in Ukrainian military inventory continues to be debated. I am.

The hugely popular Bayraktar TB2 in Ukraine became a source of morale with videos shared on social media and became part of the propaganda war. Vasil Bodnar, Ukrainian Ambassador to Ankara, shared an image of the destroyed Russian convoy with the Turkish text “Maşallah” on a social media account. About Bayraktarlar Songs created in Ukraine will be played on Youtube and radio. So what role does the Turkish-made Bayraktar S0054HA actually play in the war?

Low air raid tactics

Jack Watling of the Royal United Services Institute, a London-based defense and security think tank, said Bayraktar S0054HA was doing unexpectedly successful work when Moscow was unable to install an air defense system at the beginning of the conflict. increase.

Mr. Watling said that the Bayraktar TB2 is a low-speed aircraft with wide electromagnetic characteristics and wide radar cross section, and Russians with advanced air defense systems can actually attack them, which will have a great impact on this war. Said that it should not be given. S0054HAs. “Ukraine usually works by flying these aircraft at low levels, then climbing and attacking random targets.”

Keeping in mind that Russian troops have become more organized over time and have begun to use air defense systems more effectively, Watling said Ukraine’s opportunity to freely use TB2S0054HA is gradually diminishing. “That’s why we are now observing that Ukrainians need to be more careful about when to use them,” Watling said.

Stein: High advertising power

Meanwhile, Aaron Stein of the US Foreign Policy Institute said that Bayraktar S0054HA would contribute to the Ukrainian army as long as it flew and carried weapons, saying that his most important contribution was in the propaganda war. .. Pointing to images shared on social media, Stein focused on the power of high-definition video to display even airstrikes in high quality.

Aaron Stein Byraktar of the US-based Foreign Policy Institute expressed the opinion that S0054HA’s most important contribution would be in the propaganda war.

Stein points out that more affordable SוHAs such as the TB2 are successful consumable tools, noting their ability to distract expensive enemy fighters, and these aspects have long-term implications for war. Said to give. US experts say, “You can call it the Toyota Corolla unmanned aerial vehicle. It can’t do everything an expensive sports car does, but it does 80 percent of it.” Therefore, even for high-tech troops like the United States. The basic concept of attacking a good force using a bold and cheap platform has special value. ”

Çağaptay: Turkey is a “biased neutral country”

Soner Cagaptay, director of the Turkish Studies Program at the Washington Institute, describes Turkey’s role in the Ukrainian War as a “neutral country of pro-Ukraine.” Turkey said it wanted to act fairly and end the war, but said it helped Ukraine militarily, saying, “I think Turkey is actually at the forefront, but Turkey is not at the center of it, at least. That is the way it is in front of the people. “”

Soner Cagaptay of the Washington Institute is of the opinion that Ankara represents

Soner Cagaptay of the Washington Institute is of the opinion that Ankara has shown “pro-Ukraine neutrality” in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Turkey does not share the details of selling S0054HA to Ukraine and other countries with the general public. According to independent sources, Ukraine has 20 to 50 Bayraktar TB2UAVs.

Turkey started selling TB2 to Ukraine in 2019. It is known that Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Turkmenistan, Morocco, Algeria and Qatar are among the countries where Bayraktar TB2, which is estimated to be worth about $ 2 million, is sold.

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