What is happening in the Russian War in Ukraine and what is the final situation?Clear warning from Russia

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The war in Ukraine is day 13 … Kyiv announced that the medalized Russian general had been killed while news of the conflict continued to come from different parts of the country. A threatening warning came from Russia as the West was preparing to impose new restrictions on Moscow. “The consequences of blocking Russia’s oil for the global market will be disastrous,” said Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak. Novak argued that the price of oil per barrel could rise to $ 300.

This is what happened in the war zone between Russia and Ukraine.

08.10 Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a video message that conscription and reserves would not be dispatched to the front lines of Ukraine.

Putin conveyed this message in a video released on International Women’s Day. “Army soldiers will not participate in these clashes,” Russian leaders said. The assigned mission will be carried out by a professional army, “he said.

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After the declaration of mobilization in Ukraine, tens of thousands of reserves were hired. “He understands a woman who is worried about her loved one,” Putin said in a message.

07.44 The World Bank has approved a $ 723 million grant and loan package to help Russia-occupied Ukraine.

The bank also announced that it is working on a $ 3 billion support package. The World Bank has announced that it will provide additional assistance to countries adjacent to Ukraine for their role in the refugee crisis.

Support packages can be used to pay salaries and pensions for Ukrainians in important positions such as hospital workers.

06.05 Ukrainian military intelligence has announced that Ukrainian troops have killed a Russian general near the besieged city of Kharkov.

While emphasizing information that this was the second highest commander killed during the war, the killed general was announced to be Major General Vitaliy Gerasimov, the first deputy commander of Russia’s 41st Army. rice field.

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It was stated that Major Vitali Gerasimov, Chief of Staff of the 41st Army, participated in the Second Chechen War and Russian operations in Syria.

It was also reported that Gerasimov, who was allegedly killed in a conflict near Kharkov, received a medal on his return from Crimea.

05.55 Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Kreva has expressed his hope for Ukraine’s accession to the European Union. “Ukraine is very close to joining the EU,” Kreva said.

05.38 Rating agency Fitch has ceased operations in Russia.

05.31 Additional sanctions have been imposed on Japan. The Treasury has announced that Japan has frozen the assets of an additional 32 Russian and Belarusian officials and oligarchs.

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04.42 Russia’s UN ambassador, Vasily Nevenzia, said his country would ceasefire at 10:00 CEST on Tuesday morning and open a humanitarian corridor to evacuate citizens from Kyiv, Chernigov, Smy and Mariupol.

Warning from Russia: Double price

04.39 Russia threatened to stop supplying gas to pipelines reaching Europe via Germany if embargoes were imposed on oil sales.

“The consequences of blocking Russia’s oil in the global market will be disastrous,” said Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak. Novak argued that the price of oil per barrel could rise to $ 300.

Experts described this situation as a nightmare scenario for the global economy, but the United States announced that Russia’s oil embargo had been discussed with the European Union. However, Germany and the Netherlands, which are heavily dependent on Russia’s oil, are openly opposed to the possibility of import bans.

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Immediately | Ukraine-Latest Trends in the Russian War ... Clear Warning from Russia: Prices Double

The European Union buys about 40% of natural gas and 30% of oil from Russia. Novak argued on state television that Europe would not be able to find an alternative to Russian oil in a short period of time.

“This will take years, but it will be even more expensive for European consumers,” Novak said. After all, they will suffer the most in this step. “

Russian politicians have threatened to reduce gas to Nord Stream Line 1 in retaliation if an embargo occurs.

04.10 The Government of Japan has announced that all Japanese embassy staff in Russia-occupied Ukraine will temporarily leave the country.

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03.45 The Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU), led by France, has announced that the EU has begun the official phase of candidate applications submitted by Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. Therefore, it was announced that the European Council has approved that the EU Commission has examined the files of the countries applying for candidacy and expressed its views.

Immediately | Ukraine-Latest Trends in the Russian War ... Clear Warning from Russia: Prices Double

02.05 IBM, a US-based computer company, has announced that Russia’s military operations against Ukraine have ceased all activities in the country.

01.08 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he stayed in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and did not escape, saying “I am not afraid of anyone.”

00.30 Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a message on the occasion of International Women’s Day. In his speech on television, Putin said conscription and reserves would not be dispatched to Ukraine.

23.58 In a statement on his social media account, Ukrainian Chief of Staff Valeri Zarzini announced that he had shot down a Russian fighter in Kiev: “The enemy plane was shot down in the airspace near Kyiv on 21.10.” Said.

Prior to this announcement by Zaluzhni, it was reported that a fighter belonging to the Russian Air Force and running on the Jitomikr-Kyiv highway was shot down by Ukrainian troops.

23.47 Russia has adopted a “silence regime” for the evacuation of civilians in the Ukrainian cities Kyiv, Kharkiv, Chernigif, Sumi and Mariupol as of 10:00 Moscow time.

23.40 Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Russian troops haven’t made significant progress in the last few days. “Russian soldiers are trying to occupy the city of Kherson and surround Mariupol, but they were unable to maintain control,” Kirby said.

23.16 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will address the British Parliament tomorrow at 17:00 local time through a video conference from the Russian-occupied Ukrainian capital Kyiv. Zelenskiy’s speech stated that the British Parliament’s official duties would be suspended and that the speech would no longer have a Q & A section. It was announced that Zelensky’s speech will be in Ukrainian and will be translated into English at the same time. It was reported that a screen would be installed at the meetinghouse so that lawmakers could see Zelensky’s speech.

Immediately | Ukraine-Latest Trends in the Russian War ... Clear Warning from Russia: Prices Double

23.15 Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said he hopes Zelensky and Putin will meet in person.

23.10 White House spokesperson Jen Psaki has announced that US President Joe Biden has not decided to ban the import of Russian petroleum products. Also, spokesman Pusaki, we’re talking about Polish planes … these are the fighters they’re asking for. We are working with Poland on this and discussing it with other NATO allies. This is an independent decision in Poland. “We never oppose the movement of planes from Poland to Ukraine,” he said.