What does Rutte demand from Erdogan?

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is coming to Turkey today to meet with AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In this close diplomatic contact with the Netherlands, which will take place just eight years later, the priority is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In a statement from the Bureau of Communications, within the scope of Rutte’s visit, “Especially in Ukraine, there are plans to exchange views on current regional and international issues.” The statement was included.

Now, how has Turkey-Netherlands relations recently gained momentum after the deportation of Family and Social Policy Minister Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya from the Netherlands in 2017? Why does Rutte want to meet Erdogan? Why is the discussion between the two leaders important?

RTL, one of the leading Dutch broadcasters, has published an article that analyzes the situation before an important meeting and discusses what Rutte really wanted from Erdogan.

Erdogan responded to the “fascist”

The article emphasized that the relationship between the Netherlands and Turkey was not so long ago, because in a speech given by Erdogan 4 after Minister Kaya was expelled from the Netherlands, the Netherlands a few years ago. The person was called “Facist and Nazi” and was shown the words he said “remaining”. It was emphasized that mutual skirmishes escalated the crisis and caused a great diplomatic disagreement between the two countries.

Since then, the two countries have begun to gradually regain contact. In September, Dutch Treasury Minister Sigrid Kaag came to Turkey to discuss the situation in Afghanistan. But when the Netherlands became one of the countries that responded to the imprisonment of Osman Kavala and the ambassador’s crisis broke out, relations between the two countries entered a new era.

What does Rutte want from Erdogan?

“So why is Rutte visiting Turkey now?” According to the RTL, the main topic of today’s talks is the war in Ukraine. It is important that the two leaders meet before the NATO summit scheduled for Thursday in Brussels. At the meeting between Rutte and Erdogan, we will also discuss sanctions against Russia.

Eric Jean Turcher, a Dutch Turkish expert, believes that Rutte’s main reason for visiting Erdogan was to bring Turkey closer to the western side. According to Zürcher “Rutte wants Turkey, which has not participated in sanctions against Russia, to be as harmonious as possible with NATO and the EU.”

“Turkey benefits from sanctions”

A Dutch expert emphasized that Turkey’s neutral position causes problems in the West, saying: “Erdogan’s attitude invalidates sanctions. Turkey, especially Istanbul, has become the route of Russians who have escaped from the army in the hope of reaching the outside world. Meanwhile, Russian tourists continue to come to Turkey. Via Turkish airports, Russians can easily fly to Europe, the United States, and even Asia and Africa, which invalidates the sanctions. “ Said.

Olaf Cohens, an RTL reporter and one of the people who followed Rutte during the trip, also emphasized that the discussion between Rutte and Erdogan was “very sensitive.” “Turkey supplies Ukraine with a very important UAV. However, Turkey also purchased the advanced missile defense system S-400 from Russia, which caused a major conflict within NATO. Now, re-doing this system There is talk of building, but given the situation in Ukraine, it’s not that easy. “ I made his comment.

“For new economic problems …”

According to Dutch analysts, the conference is also very important for Erdogan as the 2023 election approaches and the Turkish lira loses its historical value. Turcher said in the midst of the economic crisis, Erdogan may face more difficulties due to the war.

Zulcher, “Turkey has a lot to lose economically, but a lot to gain politically from this war.” Said. Turkish expert, “Turks have good relations with both Ukraine and Russia. Russian gas and grain are very important to Turkey. Therefore, the war poses new and major economic problems for Erdogan.” Said. Zulcher emphasized that Erdogan’s role as an “intermediary” in the Russian-Ukraine war gave him the opportunity to strengthen relations between Turkey and the West. “So he wants to make his country an attractive investment center for foreign currencies again.” I made his comment.

Rutte used the phrase “Turkey is very important for the defense of the East” in his speech about the importance of NATO members continuing intense debate with each other.