What are the problematic aspects of the “election bill” presented by AKP and MHP?

Süleyman Bülbül, a member of the CHP’s Justice and Development Party, noted an article on the Election Commission, stating that the election law amendments submitted by AKP and MHP to Congress had many problems. “AKP, which takes over the judicial system and appoints its own judges and prosecutors everywhere, wants to remove elections from the field of democracy and hold them in a partisan atmosphere,” said CHP’s Bulbul. I have. ” Bülbül said students studying in different cities would have difficulty voting on the expected changes in the electoral rolls.


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Bills on the election of parliamentarians and some amendments to the law were submitted to the chairman of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, co-signed by AKP and MHP agents. According to the proposal, the election threshold for countries applied as 10 percent in elections will be reduced to 7 percent.

If the total number of votes received by the alliance exceeds national standards, the calculation and allocation of constituency members will take into account the number of votes received by each party within the constituency’s alliance. The number of members issued by each political party in the alliance is determined by the general D’Hondt method based on the number of votes obtained by each political party in the alliance.


A political party qualified to participate in an election retains the right to participate in the election only if it does not ignore the district, state, and conference more than once within the time specified by the party. .. It is specified by law and party bylaws. Establishing a group in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey is not one of the sufficient conditions to participate in the election.

“Election security issues”

With the details of the proposal in question announced, the “election security” debate began. Evaluating the proposal to Bir Gün, Süleyman Bülbül of CHP believes that the proposal poses a serious problem in terms of election security.

Bülbül also spoke of a proposed arrangement to determine the chairman of the state and district election commissions from among the leading judges, noting the appointment under the AKP rules. Recalling that AKP has appointed its own judges and prosecutors everywhere, CHP’s Bulbul said the government “has taken control of the judicial system.” “AKP wants to remove elections from democracy and hold elections in a partisan atmosphere,” said Bulbul, “what problems have occurred before and system changes.” Is it done? ” In this election, this should be questioned and it should be announced to the public. “


Election dam

Süleyman Bülbül rated the election threshold as “totally for the show” from 10% to 7%, which is the same as the anti-democratic 10% election threshold. Our suggestion is to lower the threshold to 3%. If they really want to take a democratic step, elections will be based on this ratio. “

Another notable item of the proposal presented is “In elections conducted in accordance with the Election Law of the Local Government, Neighboring Chiefs and Presbyterians, the renewal procedure is carried out in the electoral list of the previous year created. According to the address. “

Young people will have difficulty voting

Evaluating this item on the electoral list, Bülbül said it would be difficult for many women suffering from violence and students from different cities to vote.

Buru Buru clarified her words as follows.

“Previously, we could have regulations even when the voter list was in the suspension process, but the desired regulations introduced a one-year requirement. For example, students from the first year of college are after taking office. Even if elections take place within a year, you may not be able to vote in the state you are studying. Another example is a woman who forcibly changed her address before the election day due to violence. You need to vote by address, which will deprive most women of their right to vote. “

“Regulation is a problem, but power cannot win again.”

The government said the law puts the security of elections at risk, Bülbül said: No matter what the palace is doing, you cannot win with this change. The will of the people will change this government with a ballot box. “

Example to Erdogan

Bills that regulate bans during the election process have attracted attention. The word “prime minister” was removed from this article, but there was no mention of propaganda bans on party leaders.

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