Western Zelensky Concerns! “It’s sending a different signal, we’re confused.”

The mixed signal given by Ukrainian leader Zelensky about the process of the war, negotiations with Russia, and the implementation of the secrets of the negotiations caused panic in the United States and Europe. The concessions made by Zelensky were a matter of great curiosity for the West, as the outcome of the negotiations between the two countries would also affect the security of Europe.

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Today is the 24th day of Russia’s occupation of Ukraine. The war that began beneath Europe was far beyond expectations. Faced with the astonishing resistance of the Ukrainian army and its people, Russian President Vladimir Putin is angry at the extension of the process and the failed movement of his army, but the situation on the front line of Ukrainian leader Zelensky is even more complicated. Is.

Negotiations are confidential and the elements of the negotiations are still US and European secrets

The increase in deaths in his country has forced Zelensky to make concessions to Russia to end the catastrophic conflict, but Ukrainian leaders are not yet willing to surrender. On the other hand, the basic elements of peace negotiations between the two countries remain secret to US and European leaders.

While secret discussions between Russian and Ukrainian negotiators hold the key to ending the conflict, the decisions made can have widespread implications for European security. If Russian President Vladimir Putin can use military force to force political change in Ukraine, he can use the same tactics elsewhere.

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What will happen to the sanctions if the contract is concluded?

NATO members are opposed to a peace agreement that makes too many concessions to Putin and are afraid of messages about sovereignty and violations of international law. In addition, potential deals would include support from the West that would have to lift sanctions on Moscow in exchange for the withdrawal of Russian troops.

We are confused!Zelensky sending a mixed signal

Western diplomats say the outlook for short-term transactions looks bleak, but Zelensky’s mixed signal raises concerns about the process of negotiations.

The mixed signal given by Zelensky also caused an unspoken panic among Western leaders.U.S. officials “There is no sign on our side that the Ukrainians are retreating so far. They want to fight.” Said.When asked about Ukraine’s optimistic message about negotiations “We are also confused about this. We receive mixed messages.” Said.

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Zelensky under incredible pressure

Another official said Zelensky and the Ukrainian people did not reach a firm conclusion about what they were willing to accept in exchange for a ceasefire and the withdrawal of Russian troops.

“In Ukraine, some say,’I don’t want to hear, I want to fight to the end.’ Some say,’at least try to negotiate.’ Zelensky is under incredible pressure. now.”

Talking to ABC News earlier this week, Zelensky “I’m ready for dialogue, but we’re not ready to surrender.” He promised to fight Russia as much as he needed.

A senior diplomat talking about Zelensky’s talks with the Prime Ministers of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia in Kyiv. “Zelensky showed little interest in the negotiated agreement and said Ukraine should continue to fight until Putin changed his demands.” Said.

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Zelensky gained popularity during the war

An analysis by the Washington Post pointed out that Zelensky became a very popular leader during the war, but less popular during peacetime, including the following statement:

“The difficult mission facing Zelensky has cornered him. If he makes too many concessions in the peace agreement, he will appear to be sold out to his own people.”

Meanwhile, former MP Alex Riabchyn, who is currently advising the government. “The Ukrainians believe that we have won this war, so they may not accept the painful compromise. They may think this is a betrayal.” Said.

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Currently, all eyes are paying attention to Zelensky’s decision, with the door closed on his face regarding NATO and EU accession. The Ukrainian leader’s decision will determine the future of both his country and European security.