Western countries are planning to eliminate Russia from the G20, and Putin is planning to attend the G20 Summit!

It turns out that Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has received various sanctions from many countries during the Russo-Ukrainian War, will attend the G20 summit. Along with this amazing information about Putin, another news that fell behind the scenes drew attention. According to diplomatic sources, the G20 is considering removing Russia from membership …

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Ambassador to Russia Jakarta Ludmila Borobyowa has announced that Putin is considering attending the G20 summit.

Russia’s ambassador to Russia, Jakarya Ludmila Borovyowa, said Putin was also considering attending the G20 summit, saying, “Not only the G20, but many organizations do not want Russia.” Western actions are absolutely disproportionate. “He said. The 2022 G20 Summit in Indonesia this year will be held from October 30th to 31st.

Western allies and the United States are discussing whether Russia will remain in the G20 group, including major economies, after the attack on Ukraine.

The announcement that Putin was going to the G20 summit caused a turmoil.

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Russia is excluded from the G20

According to reports from US sources, the US and its western allies are looking for ways to eliminate Russia from the G20.

According to information leaked from the lobby, G20 members have already begun discussions on how to eliminate Russia. There are even rumors that Poland officially reported this to the United States yesterday. The United States was alleged to have turned its attention to this Polish offer.

After this meeting between Poland and the United States, US officials made the following statement:

“We have received the necessary information regarding this Polish attitude. We have not yet decided on this issue, but we believe that this request to Poland is correct and valid.”

The Western world has introduced numerous sanctions in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Some of these sanctions, which are usually economical, envision Russia’s diplomatic ignorance and the ignorance of major military forces around the world.

Western countries plan to eliminate Russia from the G20, Putin plans to attend the G20 summit

A snapshot of last year’s G20 summit

Which country do you disagree with?

So far, there may be only three countries that are not kind to this proposal for the G20. They are believed to be Saudi Arabia, China and India. If this happens, G7 countries could even boycott the G20 Summit in Indonesia as a protest.

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Before these rumors were confirmed, China was the first country to react. According to AFP news, China has revealed that it does not support the oral decision of Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin. Wang Wenbin “The G20 is an international economic union, Russia is an important part of this alliance, and no member state has the right to expel another country from the alliance.”

According to Jake Sullivan, US National Security Adviser, the situation in Russia on the international stage this year will be very difficult.

Despite all these developments, the announcement of Russia’s Indonesian ambassador Vladimir Putin to attend this year’s G20 summit was a big surprise.

Russia was part of a group that was expanded as the G8 in the 2000s, but was excluded after the annexation of Crimean in 2014. The group name has also changed to G7.

Western countries plan to eliminate Russia from the G20, Putin plans to attend the G20 summit

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Putin and Trump at the G20 Conference in Hamburg (2017)

Message to India

“The diplomatic issues of Russia’s existence in Indonesia have been clearly communicated,” EU officials said. He reveals the seriousness of the situation. Meanwhile, Indonesian fronts say they are not yet on the road to eliminating any country.

Meanwhile, sources from G7 members believe that countries such as Brazil and South Africa can support Russia’s decision. If G7 countries do not attend the G20 meeting to protest, this is believed to be aimed at sending a particularly strong message to India.

All unions are aware of liberation from Russia

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Russia’s presence in other international organizations is also controversial. Officials of the World Trade Organization in Geneva avoid meeting any form of Russian officials.

Western countries plan to eliminate Russia from the G20, Putin plans to attend the G20 summit

Ukrainian leader Zelensky has called on Western countries and NATO since the first day of the invasion

One of the people involved in the organization said: You can see this reflected in international organizations. ” To tell.

According to unnamed sources, the countries that do not meet Russia at the World Trade Organization are EU member states, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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LAVROV’s words heightened tension

Efforts to open the forefront of diplomacy in the war between Russia and Ukraine continue to be difficult. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergeń≠ Viklov said in a statement today, “Negotiations with Ukraine are difficult because the Kyiv government is constantly changing positions. Sending peacekeepers to Ukraine could lead to a direct conflict between Russia and NATO. There is sex. “

“It is the UN Security Council’s duty to document crimes and criminals. I am very worried about this issue. I need to know the views of both sides. Violations of international rules. Both sides. We should not only consider, but also within the framework of our own interests. ” He made a statement.

Western countries plan to eliminate Russia from the G20, Putin plans to attend the G20 summit

Viklov’s latest statement about NATO created horror

NATO pressure rise

Meanwhile, there is news that Poland has summoned a Russian ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and 40 Russian diplomats have been deported.

Neighbors fear the end of the war, but Estonia wants NATO to deploy permanent troops in Eastern Europe in response to Russia’s aggressive actions.

Western countries plan to eliminate Russia from the G20, Putin plans to attend the G20 summit

Soldier practicing in Norway. NATO and member countries have increased their activities in the region

Prior to tomorrow’s NATO summit, Estonia’s Permanent Representative Jonatan Vseviov said: A new Ukraine is born, a new Russia is born. And of course, Europe also changes shape. No more chances to return before February 24th. He explains the reason for their request from NATO.

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, more than 20,000 NATO troops were deployed, primarily from the United States, to the Baltic States, Poland and other Eastern European countries.

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