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Besiktas President Ahmet Nur Chebi said of Dutch striker Wout Weghorst, named Besiktas, “I will try a few more transfers. The most important of these is the striker. Besiktas gives a positive answer. I didn’t receive it. I can say I shook hands economically. It’s just the family process and his quote. “I’m sure he has the offer he’s waiting for. We told him we have a lot of options. If we didn’t sign another name he came back to us in this process so we can continue with him. From today we will search for us. I started, “he said.

A three-year conch piercing sponsorship agreement has been signed between Besiktas and Papara, an e-commerce and payment service company. Chairman Ahmet Nuru Sebi, Member of the Sponsorship and Marketing, Human Resources and Management Committee, Mehatap Mutrusan Ferra and Emre Kenchi, Chief Executive Officer of Papara, attended the ceremony at Vodafone Park.

Focusing on the importance of sponsorship, Besiktas President Ahmet Nuru Chebi said, “Thanks to Papara’s company, especially the back, sleeve, back, front and legs of the jersey are almost complete. Probably completed. Shorts will be sponsored next week. Therefore, we value the space in the jersey. This is our jersey. “This is an important process for us. The contribution of these valuable companies to us is invaluable. It puts a strain on the club. I’m trying to overcome them with sponsorship. Thanks to a friend who knows that the Besiktas brand can increase the importance and value of Papara’s company. All my friends and managers for this job “I also thank you I know our fans are contributing to the sponsorship of Papara. It’s like a family. Not a manager or a professional. If you are also excited to contribute to Besiktas, you are the biggest fan of Besiktas and the biggest fan of Besiktas, “he said.

“I hope all boards will resign.”

“The TFF management has begun to work, especially the TFF has gone through a very tedious process to run for the election,” Sebi said, saying it should be left to the younger names of referees other than the TFF board. We wish you good luck, the new president, but on behalf of Turkish football, as Besiktash, we will support the newly elected administration and provide the president with the necessary support. Turkish football and Our club. Last year we found that no one would benefit from the turmoil. If so, both the institution and Turkish football would be harmed. I had all the boards from the beginning. One of those who resigned and said that a new start should be made. It should be done before the election decision is made. I hope all the boards will resign and a new board will take office. Maybe it will be an application in an election that will take place a year later, such as being elected in an election. This will be even more beautiful. I personally have a process where one or two resigns and one or two continues. I don’t accept. I say the same to the referees. It’s a new season, so I’m watching old referees give up their seats to young people. I hope the referees will be updated and the process for young people will begin. “.

“To play in the World Cup, Besiktas players are important to Besiktas’ brand value.”

Sebi said his hands were strengthened to sign a contract with Rocky after the rules for foreign players were announced, “Ativa is our beloved name and has served Besiktas for many years. As well as the TFF paved the way for the team, the 8 + 3 rules, the fact that there are 14 foreign players, strengthened our hands to be able to sign Ativa. In principle, the problem Has been overcome, but we begin a process that needs to be overcome economically in Rocky. The economy of Besiktas is also very important to me. Rocky also contributes to this economy. A member of a family who knows to be part of me. Ativa can go with him this process as he pleases and he can accept it, and Ativa will be with us for another year. He continues. He especially wants to play in the World Cup. Playing in the World Cup is a Besiktas brand. It’s worth it, but tell me I don’t ignore the economy of the business. Bear. ” He said.

“I think we made the right transfer between Gedson and Scythe.”

Pointing out that Gedson Fernandez and Sais are the right transfers, Ahmet Nursebi said, “There is a finished transfer. Sais … Both Turkey and the world admit that this is an important transfer. Gedson is young and promising. “I think we’ve transferred. Scythe’s captain, family paternity, and football manship show that he’s the right transfer,” Scythe said.

“We didn’t get a positive reply from Weghorst.”

Having never had a positive reaction from Dutch striker Wegost, Chebi continued his words:

“I’ll try a few more transfers. The most important of these is the striker. I didn’t get a positive response from Wegost. I could say I shook hands financially. The family process and he’s waiting. There is only an offer, I guess, but he told him that Besiktas is free through Seifun Kazanchi, “he said. Now that we’re back in the process, we can continue with him. Starting today, we have started our search. “

“Not the only alternative Sollos”

Ahmet Null Sebi states that there are many options for forwarding lists, saying:

“Cellulose is not the only option. Such perceptions are generated by fans and the media. And they all think they are very valuable. They are worth it, but we are an option. Cellulose is the striker Besiktas wants. He’s the name we want like Wegost. But there are too many choices. There are good ones, so we’re the best. Transfers are not considered a successful transfer to me, no matter how good the people are. Conditions of management. There are people like Mureka and Mureka on our agenda, but they He’s not the only choice. He’s a player we like. Our scout team, coaches and Ceyhun Kazancı all have invaluable players. Conditions and we have our economy converge. Transfer to the mouth. ”

“There is also demand for ERSIN.”

The transfer of Ludvan Yırmaz was shortly afterwards, and goalkeeper Elsin Destanol was also offered, Chevi said: “Elsin and Ludvan are assets from our infrastructure. There is demand for Elsin, especially in Ludvan. The transfer is nearing the end. There is little about Ludvan. There are remaining points. Our opposition, known for Ludvan’s transfer, allows us to experience a process that does not do what we do right. The amount is close to 4 million euros and the other 2.5 million euros have a realization probability of over 90%. I think it’s over 6.5 since I calculated it, but there are still one or two points left in the payment clause. I think it will end later this week. We need to encourage these young people to leave the country and give way to newcomers from both the club’s economy and infrastructure. From this idea, I’m going to do something cyclical. You have to choose. Government and clubs. “

“There are 20 or 25 soccer players on our transfer list.”

Soccer players such as Abdülkerim Bardakçı and Kazım can Karataş have been announced to be on the list, but there are alternatives, and Chebi concludes his words:

“The announcement of the transfer immediately after it is signed is very important for the well-being of the club. We will try not to educate you too much at such meetings. You will of course try to do the opposite. Your interests need it, and “I want to talk to my fans, clubs and managers. I want to talk to my fans. I want to know. Most. It’s a natural right, but as the name spreads, the best transfer becomes difficult, and I’d like to make it clear that Besiktas is suffering from this. Work on all the names just mentioned continues. We have nothing to do with Larin alone. .. Is it tomorrow or maybe? We are not currently in a meeting. Abdülkerim Bardakçı is included in the list. If not, there may be someone else. Brother Kazımcan is on the agenda. list. The most beautiful day of transfer, the day you signed KAP. There is a statement made in. Both fans are injured. Soccer players fall into dreams and we fill the manager’s tanks. I don’t do anything else. “

EMRE KINCI: We want to move from applications used by young people to applications used by society as a whole.

Papara CEO Emre Kinchi said he was proud to sponsor Besiktas: “Today is a day of pride. Besiktas is a team with a special place. Sponsoring a club like Besiktas. Doing is a huge success for a company with a six-year history. We are proud of that. Not only the sport’s achievements, but also its history, supporters and stance. Papara is a financial technology company. There are many financial activities, especially one of the most used applications. Young people. Planning to expand overseas. Trying to grow in advertising. Did not work. Products. We focused on growing in development, but as we continue to make progress, we aim to be a channel. A place where people can recognize the brand at the national level. We have reached this maturity. This is a three-year contract. Knowing that we are permanent in the industry and will not go anywhere should give us some confidence. People are signing up. This sponsorship is intangible. And it’s worth sponsorship. This is the first time we’ve done it. We’ll see how it works. We want to move from apps used by young people to apps used by society as a whole. “