Weekly Horoscope Comments: March 28-April 3, 2022 Weekly Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and Other Horoscope Comments

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This week’s agenda

  • March 28 Venus and Saturn confluence in Aquarius
  • April 1st New Moon in Aries
  • Sun Chiron conjunction in Aries on April 2nd
  • Mercury Chiron Conjunction in Aries on April 2nd
  • Joining Sun Mercury at Aries on April 3rd


Dear Aries and the constellation Aries, the combination of Venus and Saturn in Aquarius provides the support needed to close March strongly. You can solidify your initiative and see its feasibility and results more clearly.


Dear Taurus and signs of rising Taurus, the union of your dominant planets Venus and Saturn may signal a lasting decision on your career. You can set your own new posture and working style.


Dear Gemini and Gemini Ascendant, the combination of Venus and Saturn in Aquarius allows you to sharpen your line on issues that you need to improve yourself. It may be a week in which you reveal yourself and your outlook on life, follow them, and deal with your income returns.


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Dear Cancer and signs of rising Cancer, the combination of Venus and Saturn in Aquarius can reduce your financial burden. At the beginning of the week, you can address the issues that cause economic problems and complete attempts to find a definitive solution.


Dear Leo and Leo’s ascendant, the lunar course in Aquarius, and the confluence of Venus and Saturn in Aquarius at the beginning of the week may draw attention to the final decision on your relationship. Your thoughts on how to continue your life and how much you should cherish may go beyond that.


Dear Virgo and Ascendant Virgo, the combination of Venus and Saturn in Aquarius, you are strengthening the order you have brought to your work life. If you have a job or health problem that keeps you stuck and prevents you from being in a better condition, you can come up with a lasting solution.


Dear Libra and the constellations of Libra, your controlling planet Venus meets Saturn at the beginning of the week and makes important decisions in your love life. You can focus on your own priorities and the details that make you happy. This may be your standard for the people you bring to your life. It may be possible to take the time to turn this time into a profit and ensure permanence.


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Dear Scorpio and Constellation Scorpio, the union of Venus and Saturn in Aquarius can draw attention to your family life issues. You can go for changes and new decisions regarding your real estate and lifestyle.


Dear Sagittarius and Signs of Rise During the week beginning with the union of Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius, Aquarius, you can spend time working on your commerce and financial resources. There may be important messages from the difficulties you are experiencing.


Dear Capricorn and the Capricorn Ascendant, the combination of Venus and your dominant planet, Saturn, may offer you new possibilities for your financial resources. This time, I will act harder than before and get out of my usual daily life. Instead of quitting or returning to your own way when you have a hard time, you need to focus on your responsibilities. In addition to new job opportunities, you can make important arrangements for your current job, engage in joint ventures, and get support from women.


Dear Aquarius and Ascending Constellation Aquarius, a combination of Venus and Saturn in your constellation, you can reach the truth about yourself. Your experience in relationships and the points you reach in your career give you a new message. You can enter areas that improve both your love life and your personal realm.


Dear Pisces Ascendant, you may find that the combination of Venus and Saturn in Aquarius shifts control. While letting go of it, you can learn that you shouldn’t do it just with your emotions and intuition.