We started exercising instead of sitting.

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Paddle in the Golden Horn, skate and surf in Cadebostan. It is a well-known fact that the abundant oxygen ingested in outdoor sports accelerates metabolism and burns more fat. In addition, it’s exciting and fun … there are many alternative sports we can do outdoors in Istanbul. I recently found a place to learn these popular sports and talked to business professionals.

Wave surfing

Training days and times: Training takes place during the day, depending on the sea suitable for surfing.
Participation fee: The basic training package includes equipment for a total of 4 hours of 4 lessons. Those who know how to surf can rent equipment such as surfboards, spring, summer and winter wetsuits. Surf training package: (4 lessons + equipment) 2,000-3,000 lira.

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“You can surf with just a swimsuit and sunscreen.”

* Surf School Istanbul, founded by families who love surfing, has been providing education at Kyrgios’ Tulumata Beach since 2013.

* Those who have surfing experience can use their own equipment or rented equipment. This sport can be played for 12 months. Winter wetsuits protect your body temperature in the colder months and cold water in the winter. In the summer, you can play this sport with a swimsuit and sunscreen.

* 4 At the end of the lesson introductory training, you can reach the level of catching and surfing the waves yourself. Each lesson lasts 1 hour. After a little technical information about the land, the lessons are done directly on the water.

* It’s a very fun sport. It not only helps us look healthy while having fun, but also helps us to be healthy and healthy. It has a meditation effect. It is away from the chaos and stress of Istanbul. In addition, surfing means aerobic exercise.


Training days and hours: 8.00-21.00 daily.
Participation fee: Private lesson fee is 200TL. Package and group training fees are different.

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We started exercising instead of sitting.

“First we teach you to overcome your fears.”

Volkan Ülker-Paten 34 Sports Club Founder and Trainer

* Our center is located in Cadebostan on the Suadier coast, but our instructors can go to any area decided by the students.

* Anyone from 3 years old can participate in skating training.
There is no age limit. At the end of one lesson, allow students to follow their steps without assistance. At the end of the four lessons, we guarantee a safe tour along the coast.

* The first lesson devoted itself to safe autumn training. First of all, we teach people who start this sport to overcome their fears. Our students also come to the education area for socializing.

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* May burn more calories than running or cycling. It is also one of the rare sports that you will never get tired of doing alone.

Kite surfing (kite surfing)

Training days and times: Class times are determined by wind conditions. The season lasts in Kyrgios from April to November. People who don’t feel the cold are even said to be able to ski for 12 months with proper equipment.

Participation fee: Course fees vary between 3000 and 4000 lira.

We started exercising instead of sitting.

“It keeps you energetic and healthy”

Surf School Istanbul AyşeŞenünver Kite Surfer

* The basic operation is the same as the paraglider. It is a sport that balances the surfboard with the power of the wind and the equipment of the kite.

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* The basic training for this sport takes 6 hours, but it may vary depending on your level and ability. After 12 hours, you can start the run yourself. Apart from Kilyos, the southwesterly wind blows on the Anatolian and European sides of the Marmara coast.

* Kitesurfing keeps you healthy and energetic.


Training Dates: Depending on the time of sunrise, we will serve club members from 7.00-12.00 to 17.00-19.00 in the winter and 6.00-12.00 to 17.00-20.00 in the summer. Each member can do one hour of water training a day if they are not ready for the competition.

Participation fee: The initial trial lesson fee is 150TL. Unlimited monthly membership is 600, 2 days a week is 450, and private lessons are 1.000 lira (8 lessons).

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We started exercising instead of sitting.

“Land and water training in Haskovo, Jogging and fitness exercises in the Belgrade Forest “

* Since 2016, we have been servicing members and licensed athletes who love rowing on the campus in Haskovo, Halych. We do theoretical and technical training in Haskyoy as land and water training, and running and conditioning training in the Belgrad Forest.

* For those unfamiliar with boats, theoretical training is given first.Then, at a practical level, put the boat underwater and fix the paddles
Information such as the application of technology is transmitted.

* Boating is a sport that is performed as a team while interacting with nature outdoors, and 90% of the muscles of the body function. Active aerobic exercise. It also stretches your muscles and stretches your body.

* Helps you breathe with proper breathing control and can benefit from fresh air. As it is a sport that requires endurance, it strengthens the body and leg parts. Individuals are lively and energetic during the day as it results in a serious increase in condition.

* This is based on belief and dedication, as each line is more difficult than the previous line. In this respect, it contributes to a person’s personal and mental development by making him believe in himself.


Training days and hours: The club is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 12 months. Training and rental services run from 9am to sunset.

Participation fee: The discounted price for the windsurfing 5-course initial training package is 1.150TL.

We started exercising instead of sitting.

“Suitable for anyone from 7 years old who can swim”

Ege Kocaoğlu-Istanbul Windsurf Center Club Coordinator and Trainer

* Extreme water sports that appeared as a combination of windsurfing, wave surfing and sailing. Suitable for people from 7 years old who can swim. After the first training of 5 lessons, you will reach a level where you can windsurf yourself.

* We have been serving in Cadebostan since 2005. In addition, organizations outside the town are also held every year.

* This sport is not only an excellent workout by training many muscle groups, but also brings about the development of decision-making ability.

* People need to be able to keep up with many variables (winds, waves, currents, etc.), make quick decisions, and be flexible in windsurfing. As you continue to play sports, self-development in this direction will also progress.


Training days and times: Training takes place seven days a week. They work with the booking system and go out to sea 9 hours a day. Students stay in the ocean for 3-4 hours each time they go out.

Participation fee: The fee varies depending on the content of the training program. Basic level sailing training starts at 1,400TL.

We started exercising instead of sitting.

“Rapid decision making and leadership skills …”

* Sailing is a sport that appeals to everyone who loves the sea, and you can use the power of the wind to carry a sailing ship from one point to another.

* We are at the Setur Fenerbahce Marina F9 pier. We meet here for training and go to the sea on the route of Karamish Bay and the Prince Islands.

* There are training programs from basic level to advanced level. At the end of these trainings, our trainees have the knowledge and skills to operate a sailing vessel without a captain.

* Sailing supports physical health, but is an activity that provides a positive reflection on academic education to improve analysis and reasoning, rapid decision making, leadership and team management skills, and motivation.

* Young people who have begun voyages from an early age gain confidence by having the opportunity to change their skills and knowledge in various aspects of their lives.