“We put together a humanely just order that is neither oppressed nor oppressed.”


Diyarbakır CHP Chair Kemal Kılıç daroğlu; He attended a ceremony held at the Sezai Karakoç Cultural Center for new members of the party. After his speech, Kılıçdaroğlu gave 55 new members one badge each. This represents 1,300 new CHP members. CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu said:

I am very happy to be in Diyarbakir and be with the people of Diyarbakir. I know the difficulties you are experiencing. You have a lot of problems, I know it. But I will definitely bring peace to this country. I will definitely bring peace to this country. I will definitely bring brotherhood to this country. Whatever the cost, this country needs peace. He needs to live with him. He needs a hug. And most importantly, he needs goodbye. Do this. I’ll do it together.

“You have overcome great pain, I am aware.”

You are suffering a lot, I know it all. You have problems, I know them all. There is unemployment, I know all of them. There is poverty in the house, I know them, I know them all. Keep this in mind: this country is a very rich country, we have the means. However, these opportunities are not being used in the right places. These opportunities are not used for the benefit of the public. It is used elsewhere and is used luxuriously. Can you imagine a house where a child sleeps hungry? Can you imagine the suffering of your mother? If your parents and grandchildren are unemployed at home, can you imagine the drama of that home? The social state must increase the resistance of this family and end the family drama. You have to do this.

“We didn’t come, we didn’t sit, we didn’t talk.”

CHP didn’t come to this area very often, I know it. We also know that CHP has not won many votes in Diyarbakır. But this is not the fault of the people of Diyarbakır, but our fault. We didn’t come, we didn’t sit, we didn’t talk. We didn’t drink your tea or coffee, we weren’t sitting at your table. We sat in Ankara and had the nice words, “Why don’t they vote for us?” If you want to vote, you go, you listen to the concerns of the public. Then you will say, “I’m going to solve your problem.” I came here. I aspire to your problems, I will solve your problems, we will solve them together. We will solve it together and provide all of this peacefully.

“Make sure it’s small”

Our President of Diyarbakır is a woman. I am familiar with how important women are in the region, how interested they are in politics, and therefore how active they are in solving national problems. I had breakfast this morning with a group of female leaders. When our president got the podium, he said, “I’m excited.” The excitement is beautiful. We should all be excited. I am looking forward to a good day. And we definitely need to make it happen. I will do it together with confidence. Don’t worry, it’s coming soon. Make sure it’s coming soon. believe me. It’s coming soon. And we will come.

“6 million young people will change the fate of the country.”

Everyone, I have two words. You are the one who changes the fate of the country. Six million young people go to vote for the first time and vote. Six million young people will change Turkey’s fate. When 6 million young people complain about unemployment, the color of the game changes. If 6 million young people want peace in this country, they will change the color of the game. If 6 million young people want peace at home, their game will change that color. 6 million young people changing the fate of Turkey. They go to polls for the first time and vote for political parties for the first time. My hopes and expectations come from young people. You will be a true guarantee of democracy.


“We avoid conflict”

We are proud of youth. The present and future of our country is left to young people. It’s up to you. I just fight to meet your expectations. I may look like me, but in reality you are the protagonist of this business. You will make Turkey a powerful country in the 21st century. Is it only here? No. Ensuring peace throughout the region. We live in peace with all our neighbors. Avoid collisions. Together as a whole region, the Middle East, we will live together peacefully as a whole region. We also want peace in these areas. I want the people who live there to live in peace. We want to live in peace with all our neighbors.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all my dear brothers and sisters who have joined the CHP family. We have taken an important step. I know that too. CHP has taken an important step towards becoming a party of people.

“Neither oppressed nor oppressed”

The late Ejevit said, “Neither oppressor nor oppressor. It’s a humane order.” Do the same. There are no oppressors or oppressors. Humanely, order together. Implement together. Thank you everyone. Being a member of CHP means taking responsibility. You express peace everywhere and friendship everywhere. You show your determination to overcome difficulties everywhere. Being a member of CHP has such a responsibility. We continue to walk with new executives, young people and women. I hope he is trying to rebuild a bright and bright Turkey. “