“We need to support our dreams”-TRTSpor

In a statement to AA correspondent, Dinçay recalled that a female boxer from Fenerbahce won five medals, four gold and one silver at the World Championships.

Dinçay said the dark blue athlete has been very successful and proud of it. “Our purpose is not to hinder their success, but we must say this. We are fighting a very important struggle. We will contribute to Turkish sports. As a Fenerbahce sports club, one of our only goals is to contribute to the sport of Turkey. We accept these children and this needs to continue more and more. Fenerbahce Although it is a factory for athletes, these efforts, which are a great deal of financial and moral effort, need to be further supported by our state. “ I used a phrase.

Dinçay said that for the future of Turkish sports, the club needs to reintroduce a tax withholding tax that can and cannot benefit for one year and continue as follows: rice field.

“Our president is putting a lot of effort into supporting our sponsors. Our branch goes one step further with Tüpras sponsoring the amateur branch with national awareness. The group provides very serious support for sailing. There are many sponsors for volleyball and basketball. We are walking with them. We have had so many successes in Europe. There is no precedent other than Fenerbahçe who caught the ball. Now we are in the finals in Europe and react differently when we lose. Fenerbahce is now accustomed to the finals and they are waiting for them. Looking back on Turkey, almost all the teams we participated in, with the exception of soccer, are banking teams, public institutions and local governments. Of course, they too, with hundreds of people in nine sports sectors. As a club that trains athletes, we seek support. These works of ours are actually for our country. Most of our athletes are national athletes and I We need to carry these with further records and achievements. “

“Fenerbahce will bear Turkey’s burden again in 2024.”

0054lker Dinçay drew attention to the success of Fenerbahce at the Olympics.

Recalling that the dark blue team is the club that sends the most athletes to the Olympics, Dinsai said, “Fenerbahce, try to bear the burden of Turkey again in 2024. Again, we will carry the best numbers.” I made that evaluation.

Dinsai said, stressing that Fenerbahce raised the bar for amateur sports and forced them to achieve these successes as an example of other Turkish clubs. “Looking at the beginning of success in amateur sports, it was Fenerbahce who led this bar to this point in basketball as well. First achieved in volleyball and then other successes. Banks and others. However, while they are forming, the team cannot get support while benefiting from very good tax incentives. This situation unfortunately leads to fraud. increase.” He said.

Dinçay said Fenerbahce athletes created a beautiful scene at the World Women’s Boxing Championships. “We went to the hall and saw it. Fenerbahce athletes became balls. They actually play individual sports, but almost all are Fenerbahce athletes. Have an opportunity like this. No other country has this number of athletes. Fenerbahce outperforms other athletes. There is no such thing in the world so be really careful. Of course, make a road plan for 2024. I’ve decided. Let’s say along with the possibilities. We need to support Turkey’s dreams. Sports. We definitely need more. We have dreams. ” Expressed his opinion.

“We burned as tears next to the dry ones.”

Ilker Dinçay states that tax withholding already exists and is necessary, saying:

“At that time, very important work was done and the law was passed. It already exists and its implementation is clear. Only approval is given here. I have benefited from the next year, but I will do it. There was a club and process that was abused. “I need to repeat this. I need to be able to get it again. I’m really lucky today. With the help of the amateur branch Tupras, I raised it to a certain level. You can actually pull this load out, but we need to keep increasing it. We need to be able to publish this message to everyone. It’s a really important issue. It’s really important. It’s a problem. “I hope our voice is heard now.

The manager of Fenerbahce concludes his words:

“We dream of developing, renewing and expanding the Dereağzı facility. Our president has an academy project on the football side. We raise the bar at all these Olympic chapters. I dream of that, but it has to be supported, which is why it is very important to resume tax withholding, at least as a starting point. “