“We made a good team” – TRT Spor


To mark the 112th anniversary of MKE Ankaragücü, the “Ankaragücü Painting Contest Award Ceremony in my eyes” was held at Elyman Stadium.

In his speech, the club’s president, Falk Koca, asked “children, the most innocent part of society,” to paint Ankaragyuchu with their pure feelings on the club’s founding anniversary. said he did.

Koca said the Bashkent team is the most important club worthy of a historic mission.“Because it was founded at a price… Founded by workers in the factories that made bullets in the Revolutionary War, this team is also a team of the children of those who died in the Revolutionary War. There is a moral burden at stake. Without a moral motive it may be more difficult to manage this club. increase. He said.

Recalling their promotion to the Super League as champions last season, Coca continued:

“We have built a good team to compete in the Super League and hopefully we will see this. Sometimes building a good team is not enough. It turns into a collective game and we have to go to the end. No. We do this with our teacher Omer as the start of the Besiktas match. We, our team, our players, we trust our teachers. Said at the beginning of the league; Our goal is to hit the Summit. This team knows it, the Summit.”


Expressing his gratitude to coach Mustafa Darci, who was crowned MKE Ankaragücü champion last season, Koca answered questions about his resignation process. “Mustafa’s teacher gave a farewell speech after the game in his evaluation with the players.Mustafa is ultimately a good person.I have always thanked him. I have made the decision to do no harm.” I accepted this savings in the evaluation I made at the Board of Trustees. It was the teacher’s own decision.‘ He said.

Referring to the false accusations made regarding the transfer process, Koca said:

“All of these transfers were monitored by the scout team for a long time. The players purchased by are probably new players.It is a Super League, but they are players who have played in Europe, so I would like them to demonstrate their skills on the field.We must aim to be football players, teachers, and community members. I always say very strongly, half of the motivation, that’s the motivation, that’s our goal in this league, the championship is the championship, going to the championship league is the championship. To go, to go to Europe is to go to Europe. “The Turkish Cup is to win the Turkish Cup. Of course, we will focus on this goal and motivate our players. Players, coaches take this club where it deserves I hope our community doesn’t succeed ‘Campaign to wear down the club on my personal account.This is a club.Ouch We believe in the team. I hope Besiktas games can resume. ”

Koca expressed that he felt the assessment of sporting director Emre Yilduz was unfair, saying: “Emre Yilduz is our professional employee. is a challenge, if the president and manager of the club have no problem , no one else has a problem.The damage to the club, the president and the manager. Since we came we have not wasted a single penny of this club’s money. Percent sure. Again, I challenge them to confirm one of the allegations regarding Emre Yilduz. One should do what is necessary, he said.

Omer Erdogan: ‘I want to succeed’

MKE Ankaragücü’s new coach Ömer Erdoğan said he was “thrilled and lucky to be here at such an important club” as he celebrated the club’s 112th anniversary. He said.

President Erdoğan thanked the administration for trusting him and his team, “During our first meeting with the president, we promised that we are here to succeed. I hope we can find our place on this important day.”” was evaluated.

Erdogan said he was very happy to be here.

“At the meeting with the president, ‘What is your goal?’ I said, ‘I want a championship, sir.’ But if people believe, work with integrity and provide the right environment, you don’t have to.I want to be successful here, especially in the first year of Super.” Tolga We have been very persistent. Tolga adds a lot of strength and quality to us. I hope you will work hard to carry this club where it deserves I’m here.

Tolga: ‘Physically very good’

The Bashkent team’s new transfer, Tolga Cielchi, also said his talks with President Faruk Koca and coach Omer Erdogan were positive. “I know very well how big this community is. Of course, I chose this place for him. I hope our start goes well for all of us.”” He said.

Finally, Tolga, who played for Medipol Basaksehir, said: “Physically, I’m actually very good. I’ve studied well, but I think I need some team training as soon as possible.” I want to be in the game.” He concluded his speech.

The event was attended by children and their families who participated in the Ankaragücü Painting Contest from My Eyes, with prizes given to the winners.