We live in the suffering of the revolution

The current situation is the pain of the revolution, and Murat Kurum, Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, pointed out that Turkey has a wonderful future.

Mr. Murat, Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, to contact Konya, The Regional Bureau of 0054lbank Konya attended the groundbreaking and collective opening ceremony of the service building.

The institution has achieved a collective launch of 14 services with an investment value of 154 million TL.

At the ceremony here, Minister Kulm spoke on the agenda.

“Don’t take it to someone who doesn’t have a dream”

Organization, “This love and passion is behind the success of accomplishing the work done in 20 years, ten times more than what was done in the history of the republic in this disgraceful paradise. I have.

Let someone see their service to the country and the country as a step in their personal career. Let them walk with the alliance they formed and the passionate people they gathered together.

Providing a cure for a single problem in this country, giving a single positive message to its future, providing a single hope for the well-being of the country, writing about goodness, beauty and goodness. Do not write. Don’t worry about people who don’t have a single project, investment or dream about the people our republic and country have established in their souls.

Everyone does their job, some are good and some are a brake on evil. Some increase good, others increase evil. We continue to invest and appear in front of our country every morning with new projects. Because this is a prerequisite for true love. ” Said.

“A wonderful future is waiting for us to forget all our problems.”

Minister Murat Kurum continued his speech at the ceremony:

“We are the Guidance Center that tried to silence the voice of the country, the people who set fire to the streets, the terrorists who struck this hometown we took with blood, our border-based traitors, And challenged the corrupt who turned the country’s weapons to the country.

Meanwhile, we relied on the Lord and trusted the prayers of the nation. We have been fighting the same economic struggle for some time. As if we had won in every respect, we will recover the economy and get out of this struggle with the country.

Murat Kurum: What we are experiencing is the pain of the revolution Video

“We are living the pain of the revolution.”

In the words of our president; “Don’t let anyone be fooled by these everyday or regular problems” Don’t be fooled by the tears of the crocodile of those who use their own problems as a source of their politics. Don’t.

Believe me, what we are experiencing now is the suffering of the revolution. Of course, we pay the price, but God is happy and a grand future is waiting for us to make us forget all these problems. Our children and our descendants are waiting. “

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“Strong Turkey will end the bills to pay problem”

Ministerial agencies also touched on the economy, “Strong Turkey; will end this bills to pay problem due to the global crisis, as it has overcome epidemics, terrorism and leadership. Our state no longer stops and directs operations both internally and externally. Not a country.

Evelallah is a powerful country that transforms the whole world into its own projects, its own routes and its own directions. We consider the independence and future of our country to be sacred to all.

For this reason, we are at stake and are filling 81 states with investment, production and new employment areas. Especially in the crisis of Russia and Ukraine, everyone in our region and the world will see, see and see the power of Turkey.

Turkey is the idea that time has come. With the departure of Allah, no one can now oppose this idea. Turkey, which rises like the sun, cannot be prevented either locally or globally. ” He said.

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